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  1. Anna, sister. Sing it. Edited to add: I think I might actually pass out just thinking about it.
  2. SLB

    Freezing Doughs

    I am having trouble getting a real rise in thawed dough, so it was useful to read the tip here about upping the yeast. I do fine with frozen breads that have already been baked. But I'm wondering about frozen biscuits? I brought frozen biscuit dough to NC Thanksgiving last year, and they came out like bricks. I was really shocked, and also embarrassed. I think I'm going to try frozen finished biscuits. Is this a fool's errand??? Any expert counsel on successful freezing of biscuits?
  3. From the looks of it, you might be able to shove that little bit in . . .
  4. Same, same. Trying to find one to put in the donation pile, since I'm out of real estate for cookbooks.
  5. Seconding the BRILLIANT. Thanks, guys. It's the tail end of the pepper season here (per the farmer's markets), and a friend who I'm planning to covid-visit (pre-game quarantine, testing, etc.), needs Shelby's Cowboy Candy as an arrival gift. So I am especially glad for this sleuthing. Meanwhile, you know what I need. I need one of those Master-Preserver types to update the recipes from the "Preserving" Volume of the Time-Life "Good Cook" series. There are some really interesting-sounding concoctions in there. But I think you're not really supposed to use outdated recipes, or whatever. Sigh . . . . Hang in there, everyone. It seems like it's gonna be a long winter.
  6. So, I went down to Union Square today, and sure enough there were quite a few tomatos there! Stokes did not have the paste tomatoes, but they had plenty others. I asked if I could come out to the farm to get a lot and they said sure, there'd be some there for another week. So I don't know what was going on with the email exchange. Maybe they just meant they aren't doing bulk picking orders anymore. And -- gawd, is Union Square a nice market. My office is kind of near there, and would get there periodically back when we went into the office 'n stuff. It's been a long time, I've been all and only Inwood through the whole summer. Inwood's great, and I have two key critical vendors there whom I'm really grateful for. But it's no Union Square.
  7. This.Is.ADORABLE. I bet all of us, every single one, wouldn't mind a do-over of this past year, too.
  8. Happy birthday, Shelby! I'm witcha on the weird pandemic b-day, I'm three weeks from my 50th. Which was supposed to be at Prune, here in NYC, with my nearest and dearest. Sigh. I am sad about it, and I am also mad. I'm trying to look for an outdoor situation with heaters, but it's kinda late and also, with our infection numbers ticking up, I'm not sure I want to gather folks. Most of my friends have kids who are back in school (with great trepidation) and . . . I think I just need to hope we can do something really fun and delicious later. Meanwhile. In a super-strange pandemic-turn, three days ago I got invaded by a sweet tooth. I don't mean the kind that fiends for pastries and desserts. I mean the kind that is fiending CANDY. ?! Egullet. I NEVER eat candy, save the occasional snickers. I don't even ever want candy. Until now. I'm afraid, very afraid. I've been eating up my stores of dried-sugared fruit which I put up for hiking and camping. It does not normally tempt me! But I've been eating it like some kind of reasonable SNACK!? [It IS a reasonable snack when you're hiking and hauling gear uphill in the cold, etc., which is why I have it; but it don't make NO kinda sense when you sit in a chair at a desk all day. And -- did I mention? I don't ever even really THINK about candy. Until two days ago.] Last night I was in the grocery store which had these hard green mangos. It's not even mango season, I wasn't even thinking about mangos! I was over there needing some limes! And it came into my mind like a vision, the kind that *spiritual* people report: something from a cookbook I haven't looked at in a decade: Diana Kennedy's green mango rolls. Almost two pounds of sugar. Two.Pounds. For two little sheets of dehydrated green mango candy. [In perhaps the MOST embarrassing part of this story -- I walked BACK to the store to get the sugar. Because I don't have a lot of sugar over here, did I mention, I don't really eat too many sweets? Dudes, I went to the store twice today. To make candy.] Everything went into the dehydrator at 10, dried all night. I had some candy with my breakfast. My breakfast which otherwise consisted of sensible salmon croquettes. Pandemic in the time of food is getting scary over here.
  9. I know; the thing is, tho -- the pan was brand-new at the time, hadn't accumulated anything. I scoured and scoured, greased and regreased, and gave up using it for eggs. Blanc Creatives asked me to send it back for them to inspect and try to figure it out; I never got around to sending it, tho. Which is kinda dumb, and not really like me, I'm normally a religious returner. But it has been working beautifully for non-eggs, for real.
  10. I stopped using it for eggs, so I don't know. I have been using it for meat, meat, and more meat. I'll do my eggs in it for the next few days, and report back.
  11. SLB

    jar spatula

    I have these, like 'em fine: https://www.leevalley.com/en-us/shop/kitchen/cooking-utensils/spatulas/76103-silicone-spatulas
  12. Alright, alright. Maybe I need to haul my butt down to Union Square. I never get down there really, but maybe I can aim for this Saturday. ETA: Stokes is done, I called them in the hopes of just going to them in Jersey.
  13. Well. I was trying to get like 30 pounds. Not sure it makes any kind of sense to pay NYC greenmarket prices at that volume, you know?
  14. I'm coming from NYC, but will be able to travel into Central Jersey if necessary. Sigh, late.
  15. Can you PM me too? I have too many chicken livers in my freezer, milked.
  16. Also? For blanching, I now basically only ever want to steam-blanch. **Admittedly -- you DO have to, uh, actually be more thorough when washing your vegetable, which I've been known to slack on when boiling-blanching. But not having to deal with all that boiling water.
  17. I've been ordering vegetables from a NYC service called "Chef's Collective," which thus far has been sending really high quality vegetables; it's one of these services that sprung up to redirect product that would've gone to restaurants to individual homes. Well, the shishitos are, apparently, dominating the garden right now because I got two quarts. I have no idea how a person eats two quarts of shishito pepper, so . . . I pickled them. Actually, the recipe entailed blistering them first, and them vinegar-pickling them. Meanwhile, I recently watched a webinar on "atmospheric steam canning" from the UMaine extension school. I may be a complete convert. It just seems like so much less hassle. Also? The kitchen is going to get WAY less hot.
  18. Thank you. I eat a lot of meat, so I'm on it. On the bacon query, from the next-oldest-generation in my very-frequent- bacon-eating family: Cook it in oil as if you were sauteeing. Then -- and this is the money quote, with emphasis on daily-cooking-fatigue -- "you don't have to watch it!". In my kitchen, you still have to watch it. But you get, like, an extra 10 second window to get it off the fire.
  19. Y'all. What is this??? It came in my vegetable delivery today. Farm fresh and everything. But the tininess of the amount made me think . . . herb??? Surely I'm not supposed to cook these five little lone stalks??
  20. <deepbreath> What is the difference between a steak pounded flat and a steak cut thin? ETA: I mean, what is the difference in outcome.
  21. The whole thing is *baffling*.
  22. SLB

    Breakfast 2020!

    Oatmeal stewed in pork stock; topped with sausage, onions & parsley. Not my usual ugly:
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