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  1. TicTac

    Dinner 2023

    New spice rub of coriander, Thai chilli flakes, black peppercorn and salt.
  2. Not technically today, but recently; do not drink often anymore; but it should be good to have on standby for the times that I do!
  3. Unless you have the foresight (or much smaller ones) to put these on wheels (I have seen this done!), you ain't moving around a full 75 gallon pot 😛 Perhaps if you have a skid steer lying around....
  4. Yeeeah - @Shelby is an absolute workhorse! Wish I had that much space to garden, but we do with what we have! I like to plant lettuce VERY densely, (i.e. I want a carpet of lettuce!) as we pick leaves from the plants as they grow and eventually pull it all when it starts to go bitter. I typically will sow seeds 2-3x/summer season. Love that idea!!! Grow bags are awesome. I especially like the root pouch as they make them from BPA free recycled water bottles.
  5. Still tons of time @Shelby! This will be my second year of experimentation with the Root Pouch fabric pots. Some tomatoes fared better than others last year (cherries) and some things were an absolute puzzle to me (my Iranian cucumber grew about 500 flowers and produced only 3-4 fruit which I had to hand pollinate!). I think this year I want to try some sweet peppers in some, not going to bother with a zucchini in it again, I will dig a mound in the ground and chuck those in there. Have Richter's seed catalogue to go through and pick out some fun new items, but probably just tons of lettuces, herbs, tomatoes, some snap peas and zucchini...maybe ground cherries again. Too much white shit still on the ground to really think about it though - one can dream, however!
  6. I have never figured out fenugreek seeds, always find them hard as stones - what do you do with them!? I cannot even bite through one... The leaves however; are awesome. I add finely sieved leaves at the end of many curries - it adds this beautiful sweet/maple syrup'esque flavour that really rounds the dish out nicely. Always added at the end, though.
  7. TicTac

    Costco Meats

    It better be stellar after so many e.coli and other similar outbreaks due to their blade tenderizing practices 10 +/- years ago. And if supporting local farmers (or butchers who do) who raise animals in humane methods (see; Costco's roasted chickens) in (green) free pastures is not sufficiently valid grounds to feel groovy and righteous, I do not know what is!
  8. TicTac

    Costco Meats

    Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't Costco tenderize their meat? Certainly their beef products. Much prefer to support local farms vs. big multi-national conglomerates that don't really give a shit!
  9. Smells like some marketing genius at work. Do half the dinners per year (or a fraction) - charge exponentially more to make up for lost covers, so essentially making the same revenue for a fraction of the actual costs. Bravo.
  10. TicTac

    Dinner 2023

    I just invented it (the name, at least!) lol Sliced potatoes in half, skin side down in seasoned water that comes up half way. 'Braised' on medium - removed, skin peeled. Used the back of my knife to make the ridge lines that resembled a turtle shell. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
  11. TicTac

    Dinner 2023

    Turtle shell potatoes with the leftover beef bourg
  12. Might indeed be a Canadian thing, but Heinz Sandwich Spread had a fond place in my heart as a child. Usually it was Salami and sandwich spread, sometimes with hard boiled eggs. I recently tried the Kraft variety and found it revolting - nowhere near as good as what the now defunct Heinz version was.
  13. TicTac

    Dinner 2023

    cleaning out the freezer-found some cumbraes beef chuck, quick trip to the store to grab some of this turned into beef bourg, truffle mashed potatoes, foraged mushrooms (also from freezer!) served with this spectacular Pinot
  14. TicTac

    Dinner 2023

    The usual New Years spread Homemade gravlax & dill caper sauce, smoked trout pate, smoked mackerel pate (trout won), charcuterie, cheeses and some veg for good measure. baked A Camembert with some cranberry chutney choices Of wine or harder stuff for those inclined 😉 all the best in 2023!
  15. TicTac

    Dinner 2022

    Thank you kindly. Not sure of the variety, but my local farmer (local as in, he comes to the market from his place, so local to me!) has some really cool finger like variety of yellow flesh potatoes that worked well for this.
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