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  1. Agree with Palo, Anova is the easy way to go. I doubt there would be much difference in results using other makers, though you may find some bring the water to temp quicker than others.
  2. I am not familiar with it, but just looked at the webpage, and there page on hot spots concedes that there will be hot spots. They claim that since their product is thicker than some competitors, the hot spots will be less, though I think burner size and location would have an impact. I have a 4 burner gas top, and not all of the burners have the same output, and there is a pretty wide space in the middle with no burners, so I am sure I would see a variation in temperature on my range. How much variation you will see it tough to tell. It looks interesting , at the least, though it is jus
  3. Sorry to hear about the problem. I had a SIL with a Viking with a similar 2 piece floor, and the rivets - or welds, don't recall which, failed. I agree with the tech that nut and bolt would be a great repair. Something sounds wrong if the burner tube rusted out again - I could see that with a burner tube in an outdoor grill which is subject to tons of humidity, but I would want to contact BS to see if they can help with the cost of the part.
  4. Dtremit, the main difference, IMO, is that the 40 inch lets you lay out ribs full size side to side. The 30 inch is not only shorter, it is narrower, so you have have to cut the ribs to fit onto the shelf. I have the 40, but either one is plenty big for all the smoking I do. Another option, if you want to go up in price and quality is a Smokin it. The digital versions can get pretty pricey, but the analogs versions, like the #2 , are around $550. I don't have one , but from what I have read, they are built like a tank. Cost is quite a bit higher than the Masterbuilt, and it uses a
  5. Eugene, there are several makers of inexpensive electric smokers - Masterbuilt makes a number of models which are available for under $300 - paired with an Amazen tube and some pellets, it is pretty easy to get started - 1 minute to light the Amazen tube, then let it go for 5 to 10 minutes before you put it in the smoker, and the smoker is just a heating element with a control, so turn it on, and turn if off when you are done. Just did a smoked ham today, and since I kept it in a pan, there was no cleanup, and it came out pretty good.
  6. I don't have the Kamado Joe, but own a Bubba Keg , later called the Big Steel Keg, later called the Broilking Keg. Similar to the KJ in shape, and uses lump charcoal, not regular charcoal. Mine is steel with insulation between the two layers, the KJ and BGE are ceramic, and so is the Primo. Yes, it uses very little hardwood lump for 2 people - I usually fill a charcoal chimney around 1/3 to 1/2 full to use it like a grill. It is very easy to light the charcoal that way. There is far less ash than regular charcoal. My rough guess is that it would be about a 1/2 cup or less of ash, so
  7. While pellet grills are more popular lately, one potential downside is that some complain they don't give a strong smoke flavor to the food - though in fairness some like a faint smoke . The other issue is that brisket is often a very long cook, depending on the size, it can be 10 to 16 hours , for that reason, some prefer an electric or propane smoker . Of course , the electric and propane smokers can't do grilling, and that may be one of the reasons pellet grills are gaining traction lately.
  8. First, that is the neatest plumbing work I have ever seen , nice job. Second, while I understand the general idea, I find I am always adjusting the temp, and my assumption is the food pedal is only on off, correct?
  9. No knead works fairly well with high hydration bread. Pasta is normally much lower in hydration, and i have never heard of a no knead pasta recipe . Plus, kneading pasta is hard work, it can be done by hand , but it is much easier by machine, either a mixer or a food processor. Pizza dough falls between the two - some use a high hydration, others are in the low 60's , and do a liight mix, then a long cold retard , and for that, a mixer is helpful, but not required. The Ank is a great choice, hope you like it.
  10. While I was a fan of Anova and their first model SV ( and bought a second version later ) I find this statement in their description of steam cooking somewhat misleading However, cooking in a humid environment is a very different story. When air is at 100% relative humidity, it can’t absorb any more water. It’s full. Evaporation comes to a halt. That means that the water in your fish has no choice but to stay put , in your food, where it belongs. My understanding is that the amount of moisture that is retained in a protein is primarily related to the internal tempera
  11. Sorry, I don't have a spiral, so can't help there, but there are a few posts here https://www.pizzamaking.com/forum/index.php?board=48.0 on Famag and Sunmix spiral mixers, though many are using them primarily for pizza dough.
  12. I have a BS rnb and love it, but I think the salesman was puffing a bit, there are other manufacturers that make good products. The first question you need it to ask is do you want all gas? Some prefer an electric oven, and that means either going with a dual fuel range, which is much more expensive, or going with induction. Many suggest induction is faster and more responsive than gas. I prefer the BS because it is dead simple, not a lot of computer boards to go bad. As for your wife, IMO, the BS does not have a clean look, it is flat black grids on flat blat grates and there are lots
  13. I don't have the oven, but I think Anova claims it is not better then SV, but easier. You don't need to seal the food in a vac bag, you don't have to bring a container up to temp, etc.
  14. Jason's , I would not blame the bending pans on the oven, I have the same issue with my combi and normal flat hotel pans. The deep ones - like the 2 1/2 or inch ones don't warp, but the flat ones normally warp once in the oven at high temp, then come back to normal shape when cool.
  15. Jason's , incredible work on your part. Yes, the Miele options seem overwhelming. I assume the Anova will allow you to regulate the amount of steam - When the Gagg, Wolf, Thermador and Miele combi ovens were just starting to get some acceptance, there were a few posts on whether having light steam, medium steam and full steam was enough, or whether you needed more control - I don't think I saw any consensus. I know that light steam is very helpful - it lets you reheat without drying out. Full steam is of course helpful - but I am not as clear as when you would need 40% or 60% - or s
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