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  1. Mid point guidance is for overtopping your container not for electronics. It is also for the pump - so it does not suck air (happens during low water level) which makes a constant gurgling noise. So basically the only way you can mess up the device is by immersing all of it, colored part and stainless steel, in water? You could technically put the water level all the way up the stainless steel and it would be ok, but it would obviously overflow the container? Thanks!
  2. Just so I'm clear. Calibrating the sous vide means adjusting it so that what it reads is the true temperature of the waterbath. So when a thermapen reads 143F and the sous vide says 145F you can calibrate the sous vide to say 143F. Correct? In my mind I never thought electronic thermometers could be off, but then again I never really thought about it. This ability to calibrate the sous vide gets rid of the problem an earlier poster mentioned of his eggs being cooked incorrectly, right? Thanks!
  3. That is very strange. According to the manual, in a list of 18 safety points, the 3rd point warns not to immerse past the halfway mark and to reduce the water amount if splashing is above the midpoint. Perhaps Jeff will pop in here again and clarify things. I thought it sounded strange too so I'm hoping he pops in but maybe it is just to ensure you don't accidentally allow it to get too high, because if it does start overflowing the water could get to the colored part which could then affect the electronics, etc.? I have never held one in person so I'm just going off of pictures I've seen.
  4. Hey Guys, I'm new to these forums and have been thinking about possibly buying this Anova Sous Vide Circulator and I just wanted to add my two cents. I emailed back and forth today with Jeff from the Anova waterbath company and he told me that the lines on the stainless steel where the recommended surface of the water should be between is only there to help the user in not overflowing whichever container they are using. He did not mention the electronics at all and when I asked him about that he said the entire purpose of the lines on the stainless steel section of the sous vide was to prevent water from overflowing in terms of the movement of the water and when you add bags of food to it. I'm not sure if this is helpful or not to all of you but I wanted to share as a lot of you were discussing the issues of the water coming in contact with the electronics of the circulator, etc. I hope this was helpful and if I am way off in my understanding of this discussion then I apologize for wasting your time!
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