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  1. for those who use an immersion cooker to cook your base. how would the temps/times change when you use a mason jar to cook instead of a zip lock bag. im tired of throwing these things out. such a waste! im going to go use a 1L ball mason jar just to limit the waste but need the insights of those who have shifted. depending on the flavor and my mood i use 3 temps/times. 65c for 1 hour / 75c for 30 mins / 85c for 5 mins. these are all usinf zip lock bags though, i am wondering how it will change going to mason jars
  2. no reason why you cant. with your machine you can probably batch 400/450g and with overrun thats a little over a pint so totally doable. with my old ice 100 i ran 500g batches for testing and it worked well. your churn time will be faster which is good too
  3. cooking 2 batches of avocado ice cream. 1 batch only milk and another batch with some heavy cream to see how the taste would change. a bit of a tip which i learned the hard way before. do not cook your base with the avocado. it will turn bitter! i usually add fruit at the last moment before chirning but for the last batch i thought cooking would stop the browning and i did not know cooking avocados is bad hehe
  4. rose also uses a low amounr of chocolate only 44g of dark chocolate rated at 62% and 28g of cocoa powder. she uses 63g of glucose syrup and 94g of sucrose plus the sugar in the dark chocolate so again it means she is using majority sucrose to sweeten. and if my guess as of now is correct that long lingering sweetness carries the chocolate taste as well
  5. i am using 50g of an 85% bar and 30g of cocoa powder with 10% fat. i kept this constant as well as the brand i used so that they dont add additional variability. this experiment made me understand why jeni said it was her hardest flavor to nail and it took her years to find the formula she was happy with. i underestimated sugar in our formulations. i am also thinking that the extra coldness of the ice cream with lower solids and more dextrose might be a factor. i am trying to get inulin for another round of testing when we finish all the ice cream i made i made a lot lol. next round will actually be just cocoa powder to remove another variable. i will run a 7 percent fat qnd a 10 percent fat milkfat that is and then 1 with a higher sucrose level and another with a higher dextrose level. this is to confirm the findings. this is my 3rd set of experiments. the 4th set will use inulin to match the solids.
  6. hi there. yep im aware of pod and pac and this is why i adjusted the formula to be 18 percent sugar as that is way higher than my usual formulations. the experiment was focused on the effects of varying sugars and sugar level on the flavor perception of chocolate and i came out with insights that were contraryto what i expected. for example the formulation with oy 6 percent fat actually had duller chocolate flavor i assumed the flavor would be more pronounced given all the documents supporting that lower butterfat led to a more chocolate taste because you have less fat coating your tongue. i was also surprised how the change in the sugar type led to a dulling of the chocolate taste. i wasnt expecting that as i thought the change of sugars would simply mean lower fpd and od course sweetness. i am thinking that chocolate is really carried by sweetness more than anything else. the longer the sweetness lasts in your mouth the longer the chocolate flavor stays. this means using a higher proportion of sucrose would benefit it. now im thinking how do i make an upfront chocolate taste, i was hoping the lower fat is the answer but i havent done a low fat but high sucrose version yet. this is because i dont like super sweet ice cream
  7. hi. can i ask for some help in verifying an experiment. i made multiple batches of chocolate ice cream with varying amounts and types of sugar. what i found out is that the type of sugar had a substantial impact on the chocolate taste such that some batches tasted more chocolatey even if they had the exact same chocolate level. ill give you an example. i made a batch that had 10.2 percent butterfat and about 44-45 percent totsl solids. i used 30g of cocoa powder that had 10 percent fat as well as 50g of chocolate couverture that was 85percent graded so 85 percent cocoa solids. now 1 batch i used 180g of sucrose or 18 percent. in another batch i changed that 180g sucrose into 40g sucrose and 140g dextrose. the sucrose version because of the sweet taste seemed to hide the initial taste of chocolate but after a few seconds the chocolate taste seemed bolder and it lasted longer in the mouth. the dextrose version seemed a bit flatter tasting even if they had the same chocolate amount. can i ask if someone has the time to cross verify this? or at least explain why? i know for a fact that dextrose has a more upfront sweetness that lasts a short time versus sucrose that has a longer lasting sweet taste. i am thinking this might be the reason why the chocolate taste seemed to last longer. i am confused though why the sugar version seemed to have a bolder chocolate flavor. i half expected the dextrose to be stronger because of the smaller molecules getting to the taste receptors easier. at the least i expected the taste to be very comparable with just the sweetness level changing but this is not what i experienced from my tasting the dextrose version seemed dull. to add some complication, yes more confusion, i actually made a batch that only had 6.5 percent milkfat. this batch still had 40g of sucrose and 100g dextrose. this batch again still has 50g of couverturr 85 percent and 30g cocoa powder. i expected this to have a stronger flavor given the very low butterfat and lower sugar. guess what. it tasted the least chocolate of the batches! so im stumped why this is.....i was expecting the flavor to come through more given the lower fat and lower sweetness..... am i going crazy?? calling Paul!!!! pls tell me im not going loco 😜😜
  8. ahhh cool cool!! thanks Mitch!
  9. hello everyone has anyone tried making a buttercream frosting into an actual swirl? any ideas how i can do that? i want to make a birthday cake ice cream but have an actual buttercream swirl.....do i just make it runny by adding glucose? so it still tastes sweet and buttery but wont turn into hard chunks since its made up of like majority butter
  10. hi all whats a good book on the science behind cookies most especially how to balance a formula for cookie making? thanks all
  11. Which for me is the fun thing about it....obviously second to eating it
  12. Wonderful hobby we happened to take interest in. Who knew making ice cream was this involved hehehehehe
  13. Here’s the link paul https://www.journalofdairyscience.org/article/S0022-0302(43)92691-8/pdf
  14. I came upon an interesting article or study and the conclusion was cooking at low temp long time and high temp short time had minimal effects on body and texture. The more substantial factor on body and texture was the method of freezing..
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