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  1. Which for me is the fun thing about it....obviously second to eating it
  2. Wonderful hobby we happened to take interest in. Who knew making ice cream was this involved hehehehehe
  3. Here’s the link paul https://www.journalofdairyscience.org/article/S0022-0302(43)92691-8/pdf
  4. I came upon an interesting article or study and the conclusion was cooking at low temp long time and high temp short time had minimal effects on body and texture. The more substantial factor on body and texture was the method of freezing..
  5. Best use an immersion blender....add more emulsifiers and stay away from safeguard the flavor profile isn’t worth the extra cost
  6. CAn you press them and make some sort of oil?
  7. Not a fan of the cooked milk taste? you can skip the texture agent part but I understand your love for custard hehe
  8. Have you tried Dana’s blue ribbon chocolate?
  9. I think so. It will add to your stabilizer emulsifier blend then. But you’ve been getting great outcomes with your normal cream so it may not play a big part. plus I think the recipes are high fat high solids so you get a lot of viscosity as well as emulsifiers in the multitude of yolks so it won’t matter in the end
  10. Paul. If you use LBG how do you hydrate your stabilizer mix if you don’t cook till 85C? I think your process for non chocolate base only pasteurizes in the mid 70s correct? do you just let it be and just don’t hydrate 100%?
  11. I made 2 different batches . 1 is cheese powder ice cream and the other cereal milk. I think I put too much cereal lol. I didn’t strain it out since I decided to make it a source of solids.....it didn’t work hahaha. I had to fix it by adding milk cream and sugar just to thin it out. Tastes wonderful though. So in the end it did work out but I went against logic on the amount of cereals to put. I placed 100g or 10% of mix weight at the start. edit : I retasted it and I think the cereal flavor is too weak now. If I remake this I will definitely steep and strain and not do what I d
  12. Enrobe them with chocolate or sugar syrup to act like a coating. That would stop them from absorbing the water and should stay crunchy
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