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  1. Whoa thanks for the tip on pathogens.....
  2. Thanks Paul. I was excited to join the 2021 penn state cohort but I guess that needs to wait until 2022 the earliest. I wanted to learn some more science and I heard the penn state has a great program on theoreticals that discuss characteristics and ingredients and their interrelations
  3. Hi Paul. Oh I agree about the gigantic work if we want to experiment first hand I’m so sorry pls note that I am not demanding you do all the work for us. I was merely trying to suggest topics hehe on starches. Personally I would be interested in how to balance them. Are they purely solids or do they affect the viscosity enough that you need to work out the stab emul balance you have. Something like if you make a rice based gelato or even a sweet potato gelato where you don’t just steep but you blend the actual ingredient into the mix on the commercial suggestion I wanted to clarify what I meant to say was commercial ice creams like for example if we take a Ben and Jerry’s pint what can we guess based on the ingredients and nutrition label pls do note I am not pushing for you to do those things I was just trying to make suggestions of possibly interesting topics to write about. I hope you didn’t think I was arrogant enough to do that
  4. Just to report back i used ap flour instead to remove the baking powder in the mix and went to soft peaks. Soft peaks is harder for me to actually distinguish it Looks like there is a long window for soft peaks so I don’t know when to stop hehe. My initial whipping was underwhipped I think because when I mixed the initial 1/3 it started to be runny again. So I whipped the last 2/3 some more to make it just a tad firmer. I added it in and the the whole batter was firmer than my usual runny watery mess so it worked! Thanks teo for the soft peaks tip. It was indeed easier to mix in. I was apprehensive though so I didn’t mix it too much and I had white blobs of meringue in the resulting pancake hehe. But it didn’t flatten out to flapjacks and had more lift. thanks too jimbo on the tip on baking powder I removed it just to make sure the activation didn’t break my structure. It’s also 1 less ingredient to use. plus I didn’t weigh the ingredients I just eyeballed it since I just wanted to see if my batter will be a runny mess but it turned out better. More practice to get it perfect but at least I now know where to focus on and that is getting the right meringue whip levels. I think it needs to be around almost firm peaks but not quite so i need to know more visual cues. teo would you have some tips there? It might be the level of the bow of the peak? thanks again for helping me trouble shoot
  5. Something interesting I saw https://www.gelarecipes.com/gelato-online-course also another book that looks interesting as well https://www.booksforchefs.com/en/professional-ice-cream-books/185-30-indispensable-ice-creams-jaume-turro.html theres another book by 4 gelato masters but it’s in Italian.....anyone speak or read Italian here to help in translation hehehe https://www.booksforchefs.com/en/professional-ice-cream-books/254-avanguardia-gelato.html
  6. That probably has a lot of sugar. I would say the benefit would be some level of consistency since canned retail products need to taste the same generally....each can needs to be in spec. This is hard to do using natural mangoes
  7. You could formulate your ice cream so that it’s actually at 70% frozen state at higher temps so that your wife can enjoy it more. You might need to let the ice cream warm up before serving but at least the wife doesn’t get melted ice cream for dessert
  8. Hi Paul always appreciate your posts there I’ve read your article as well hehe. Waiting for your next one........maybe the effects of starch and starchy ingredients to your balancing....if you use for example potatoes (that doesn’t sound good) or yams and even rice or maybe even a sort of short masterclass on stab/Emul. Like how to use them for very specific textural effects...for example if you want more chew then a blend of stab 1 and stab 2 would be good another one is breaking down famous brands using their labels. That could be a good exercise and see if we can break down the ingredients and the numbers into a working recipe as well as explain the components
  9. See. It’s already starting hahaha Sean will find so many things in his kitchen in the next few months
  10. Hi!! Welcome to the discussion. Lots of passionate people here and they know their stuff....me I’m a poser hahaha. Anyways can I suggest you getting 2 books. One is the latest perfect scoop. Simply because a lot of reviews on the recipes there are good meaning it will give you good results. The second one which for someone like me is more interesting AND will aid you a lot when you want to start being adventurous and spreading your creative wings is hello my name is ice cream i think having those 2 is a great combo. Be warned ice cream will drag you and keep you in its tantalizing delicious arms and you will probably end up buying a lot of things!! Cookbooks on ice cream become hard to resist and you’ll end up buying a lot just to see what they can do and how they do it. You’ll prolly look into the jenis books, then van Leeuwen, ample hills, salt and straw, bi rite etc etc etc. youve been warned!!
  11. Interesting. I don’t have an isi though and covid is just messing up everything!!! ill reply back here once I get this done. I can only cook things up on weekends hehe there are other recipes out there that use baking powder. Something like 15g AP flour and 5 g baking powder for 1 egg recipe. I was able to buy flour recently so I’ll go ahead and try using that too instead of pancake mix
  12. I’ll remove the vinegar next time. I don’t add anymore baking soda or powder but I am sure you’re 100% correct that pancake mix already has it. Since it’s a mix that needs to work and be fluffy out of the box. Thank you as well for helping
  13. Thank you so much for that great info!! It really makes a lot of sense!!!!
  14. Thanks jo. I hope you’re staying safe and well amidst all the craziness of the corona virus
  15. Thanks too I’ll experiment with that next weekend. Thank you for that. I didn’t even think about soft peaks since all the YouTube recipes called for stiff peaks. does this mean I just have lousy lousy technique in folding? The YouTube ones all did stiff peaks and they were able to successfully incorporate.
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