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  1. Took me half an hour to peel the lychees, but the end result is worth it.
  2. As it is the season, lychee icecream.
  3. Not really necesarry, but it's in the freezer now.
  4. My first sorbet ever, strawberry. Gave it a 15 minute swirl. It is scary, but these past two weeks I made more batches than I ever did in those five years with my krups attachment. Two important lessons I've learned until now: 1) keep your batches manageable => small quantities; 2) tell your family a.s.a.p. that the ice cream is ready.
  5. Sorbet tonight. Two batches. Strawberry and raspberry.
  6. Had the same thought two weeks ago. This Butter Scotch icecream is delicious...
  7. Result after running the ice cream machine for 15 minutes.
  8. Installed my new scrapers this afternoon. Now I want to see how well my Nemox Gelato Pro 3000 is performing. Therefore I'm playing it safe. Some will curse me for this. But if it fails, I want to make sure it's not me. Therefore, mixture, colourant and flavouring. All natural, if someone's asking.
  9. As mentioned a few days ago, I was still waiting for a set of new scrapers. They arrived just this morning. I needed them, but looking at the price I paid: $30... Let's see how well they scan.
  10. Europe. Yes, that's where I live :-). I bought the combi steamer about 10 years ago. Funny though, never used it. Had it in storage until now.... My kids and I had dumplings this weekend.
  11. Yes, also discontinued. Tefal only sell steamers now. On the other hand, Tefal is not the only one selling combi steamers over here.
  12. "Was sold", actually. But combi-steamers are quite common over here in the Netherlands.
  13. Born in Friesland, moved around a bit and now settled in Sleeuwijk. I'll be ordering our oliebollen this year as I replaced the frying pan with an airfryer :-). And no regrets there.
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