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  1. I went to the bavarian woods to escape the heat in Vienna. but before again, very simple dinner: feta creme, roasted radishes, butterleek, poppy seeds, sorrel
  2. another summerdish with very little cooking: braised leeks, vinaigrette with pomegranate balsamico, hazelnut oil, shallots and eggs mimosa.
  3. it is again so hot that I don't want to spend too much time cooking. quick and simple dinner salad: giant couscous with peas and mint, topped with some ewes' creamcheese
  4. @Smithy, it is very much used in Turkey and Greece. I use it to thicken anything, or with the coarse one I do a risotto style dish. I followed that recipe: https://www.thespruce.com/homemade-turkish-tarhana-3274337
  5. this little beauties are in season, so I eat them as often as possible. goulash from chanterelles, baked yeast dumplings with lots of thyme
  6. pimped potato salad: chanterelles, runner beans, cherry tomatoes and some crispy speck
  7. one of my favorite prawn dishes in summer, served in most restaurants at the adriatic sea. prawns a la buzzara
  8. first try to make vermouth at home. let's keep fingers crossed. I used very plain flavours, just cinnamon and lemon rind besides white wine and brandy. warmwood and thyme as herbs and some sugar.
  9. summer took a break today and I enjoyed playing around in the kitchen: lamb kidneys on creamed scarlett runner beans, bean salad with meyer lemon and capers.
  10. not much cooking lately, I was on business trips, ate extremely well in London. back in Vienna, it is so hot, that I can not turn on an additional heat source. chilled cucumber soup with frozen feta crumbles
  11. It was raining all day, so I needed some comfort food tonight. leftover pieces of cheese turned into Khachapuri. pickled jalapenos on top to have a reason for a beer ;-)
  12. @Anna N and @liuzhou that's how I made it: fill half sphere mold with softened butter, harden in the freezer, put two together to have a ball. bread twice with flour, egg and breadcrumbs mixed with porcini powder and parmesan. freeze again. deep fry at 160°C, wait 1 min or so, cut them open with pointed scissors and let the butter come out. done! I was worried that they might break, but they are quite robust. fill with whatever you like.
  13. today I felt like playing around in the kitchen. and, tata, I was successful, butter fried porcini, truffle sauce, one hour eggyolk, crispy porcini shell
  14. @Anna N, yes the onions are raw. this is very common at the balcan states together with any grilled meat.
  15. very simple dinner tonight, fried porkchops with ajvar, onions and a classical cucumber salad from Styria. sourcream and pumpkinseed oil goes give it a special taste.
  16. two component dinner, but it pleased my soul! first porcini in season, crispy potatoes and a salad on the side
  17. I bought the Citrus book from Catherine Phipps a few month ago and I knew I will make that dish when it is really hot. today the weather was perfect for fried citrus slices, joghurt, sumac and smoked paprika for dipping
  18. thank you @Kim Shook, your recipe is so far away from what I do. but I guess there are so many around as grandmothers ;-)
  19. it's too hot for fancy cooking. so tonight something quick and simple. striploin, lemony jogurt, radishsalad. very refreshing
  20. @Kim Shook I would love to know your ingredients list of your liptauer!
  21. tonights dinner: dear with baked yeast buns and spring onions. the yeast buns are traditionally served sweet with a vanilla sauce. I made the dough with very little sugar and lots of thyme. perfect for anything with sauce
  22. it is a kind of yeast dough, deep fried, with an oil/garlic smear, sour cream and grated gouda
  23. @Anna N I will ask my hungarian friend who made this to release the recipe. but this is one of those things I never make at home. this only works in big batches :-(
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