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  1. I don't know why but I feel the quality of Mc Donalds has deteriorated.
  2. I write them in my cooking notebook. Or sometimes bookmark the webpages.
  3. I like this. This is a better option for using this dough.
  4. I like the red wine. Looks delicious and totally mouth watering.
  5. The legs were Frenched, the thigh bones removed and a foremeat made from the giblets, the “oyster” muscle, my lardo and herbs stuffed into the opened leg. The leg was tied and poached in a court-bouillon until tender and cooled in the liquid. The resulting liquid was whisked into a roux to make a suprême sauce, then supplemented with 3% gelatin (by weight) to make chaud-froid. The legs were glazed with the chaud-froid, like one would enrobe an item in chocolate and then an aspic fleur de lys découpage (cut-out) was placed on top, a piece of lemon zest for the band and 2 small parsley leaves. The aspic was made from caramelized onion consommé with 10% gelatin, poured in a plate then cut out with ring molds once cold. I did make a bloody-mary Jell-O mold with vodka, cocktail onions, pimento-stuffed olives with toothpicks in them, horseradish, pickles capers…the works. It was not deemed worthy of photographing for posterity, or consuming enjoyably. (The following have been posted over the years, forgive the cross-posting) I experimented with aspic decoupage later with the “5 scented ham with ink-truffle decoupage”. Squid-ink aspic was used to mimic truffle after not being able to find over-the-counter charcoal tablets and failed attempts with coffee and soy sauce. Squid-ink aspic with ham may be all the rage at progressive Jetson’s eateries in Chicago, but it is not a flavor that I crave. At all. Charcoal tablets and truffle juice were used back in the day to make “truffled” aspic without the heavy financial burden. I noodled with whole fish in aspic, clarified white wine court-bouillon (10% gelatin). Deboned through the back (got it ungutted from a Latin market) and stuffed with shrimp, my lardo and espelette. In hindsight, not the best choice of fish –too soft of flesh. Put a light coat of aspic on the meat (removed the skin) and shingled blanched carrot slices. Lined an oval dish with plastic wrap and made a mold of sorts. Melted away the excess with a torch. I revisited chaud-froid with “Chichen galantine with Robert Delaunay “Joie de Vivre” chaud-froid and Venn Diagram aspic”. Boneless chicken, stuffed, poached then coated in chaud-froid and decorated with pepper Venn diagram motif. Glazed in clear aspic at the end. I used food coloring to make a Swedish ham, and a blow-dryer to fuse the aspic –not the smoothest finish, and kind of crooked. I recommend using a scale and grams to ensure reliable and consistent aspics. 1.8% salt and either 8-10% gelatin depending on the body of the initial liquid. That's some brilliant garnishing you guys have done there. Loving it. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  6. Some really delicious recipes on this thread. Really mouth watering. Loving them.
  7. I had some Lay's chips a couple of days ago. They were the regular chips - not thick cut, no flavorings. I found them to be somewhat greasy and overly salty tasting. I suppose some people - maybe even most - like, or even prefer, that flavor profile, but it doesn't cut it for me. Plus, the thinness of the chip gave little substance - no real crunch and very little mouth feel. Yes they are thin and have a lot salt but still they are my favorite. In fact a lot of people seem to be their fan. I agree with the thinness part. I think if lays increase the thickness of the chips then the product would be even better.
  8. This is what I did with my crock pot apple butter for TGRWT (the theme was raisins)... tempura bacon - pickled raisins with garlic and jalapeno - toasted walnuts tossed with toasted walnut oil and smoked salt - apple butter - fresh thyme - cracked black pepper Looks delicious. What was it's taste like?
  9. I have heard that Nestle also produces some type of yogurt. Has anybody tried it?
  10. Thanks for sharing the news. Shaun Hergatt started to start his own business so that makes sense.
  11. Lol. I think drunks already have a very bad name. What more damage will this bring to them.
  12. My favorites are Lays. They are the best out their in the market.
  13. Would surely buy this new book. Looks good in my opinion.
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