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  1. I've been so busy since January 1 filling up my freezer with "fast food" that I haven't had a chance to post. Sometime in those weeks I did get to make simple banana doughnuts. We call them bonelos aga (bo-nye-lus a-ga) on Guam. The batter is shaped and squeezed from one hand into the oil.
  2. Made cookies and candy for the holidays. Now I've got to package and ship them off to Guam: Jam thumbprints, raisin cookies, and chocolate-almond-toffee.
  3. Growing up on Guam, pumpkin pies are not popular...but fried or baked pumpkin turnovers are. Though the turkey and mashed potatoes made it to the table, most preferred our typical Guam bbq spread.
  4. I made buchi buchi, or fried Guam pumpkin turnovers for our upcoming Thanksgiving celebration (the red background). The uncooked pastry is in my freezer. I also made the baked version, or pastit, in Guam's native language (black background). Freezable desserts make life a little easier .
  5. Wow! That is calling my name. I love coconut! I'm having flashbacks that I might have tried this before. Did you use freshly grated coconut? I just Googled a recipe and will have to try my hand at making it.
  6. Yesterday, I finished making apple turnovers. My daughter walks in from school this afternoon, "Where's the apple turnovers?" I told her, "It's not to eat everyday." I love having "fast food" in my freezer because they are a lifesaver when I'm not in the mood to make a big to-do for meals. APPLE TURNOVERS
  7. I filled and formed apple turnovers yesterday. I can't wait to bake some hand pies today!
  8. I made siopao (show-pow) almost all day yesterday. This is siopao filled with Spam, cheese, and egg. Steamed buns are known by various names, but are called siopao on Guam and in the Philippines. It's normally filled with shredded chicken or pork on Guam, and adzuki beans in Japan. However, I ran out of filling and used what I had on hand. Most islanders have had an affinity for Spam since WWII when the US military provided it to troops and villagers.
  9. Making my freezer stash of turnovers/empanadas. This particular crust was too buttery...but they were delish! The left one had cheesy scrambled eggs n bacon. The one on the right is beef w/ veggies and potatoes.
  10. I took a yeasted dough recipe and made pantosta - hardened bread we like to dip in coffee.
  11. This was dinner on Sunday. The dishes are generally served at a fiest / bbq, L to R, clockwise: corn titiyas (tortillas), flour titiyas with Spam kelaguen (ceviche-like dish), marinated steak, red rice (achote), marinated onions in fina'denne' (sauce with hot peppers), shrimp kelaguen, crab and broccoli salad:
  12. Your food looks great! We've had our Egg for a year now and love it!
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