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  1. FeChef

    Dinner 2022

    Thats a nice Crumb. Do you frequent any pizza related forums?
  2. Are you people serious? WOW. I am without words. I can not imagine an American Thinking Hershey Chocolate is like baby vomit? Ya'll are crazy. You all need to watch the history of chocolate.
  3. Had to google that. So $9 per 2lbs. So $4.50/lb. Kinda pricey from what i buy.
  4. Can you post that in american measurments? I usually go to my local Asian market and buy a 20lb bag of High end rice. It doesnt cost me more then $20 so $1/pound.
  5. Brine like you would beef tounge, then slice thin and serve with Rye bread, and cheese. You add some mustard, or go the cuban route.
  6. Then i stand corrected. I guess if you can hold the rice at a low temp that wont over cook the rice, and not let the rice spoil, the you essentially are doing the same as sous vide. More power too you, but rice is cheap, i would not go through all that trouble.
  7. I would imagine it would get dried out overnight if held at 135F+ (to prevent it from going bad) unless that Zojirushi machine has a seal feature maybe it wont dry out. I know my rice cooker only vents but its not top of the line.
  8. FeChef

    Dinner 2021

    Damnit. I have been trying to avoid Pasta these past few weeks. I have some bratwurst that i been wanting thaw to grill and slice to add to some pasta for some time. You pushed me over the edge.
  9. FeChef

    Slaws: Cook-off 49

    I love a creamy, slightly vinegar slaw with red cabbage, but i only make it in small batches because the red cabbage turns everything purple the nexr day, and it grosses me out.
  10. Rice does not freeze well at all. I made a bunch of sushi rolls, wrapped them in plastic wrap, and aluminum foild and the rice still got freezer burned and gross. Texture was horrible.
  11. Heres another idea, Mac n Cheese, topped with Chili. Let the Texans argue that one.
  12. Americans would never roll it into a log and bread it. Besides, the entire point of this thread is a bowl. I am dissapointed in you being from Japan, and not understanding the whole topic of this thread, that YOU created!
  13. If im trying to understand this better......Kraft mac and cheese, topped with baked beans, and sliced hot dogs. I dare you to find something more American......
  14. Parent child rice bowl? I want to contribute, but i still can't wrap my head past this?
  15. Not sure why you consider it "Trashy" but if i am being honest, it does sound gross. I mean i like mayo, but not a Dollop's worth. A Dollop of sour cream i could do.
  16. Sound like a pot pie. A very thick one, and without meat.
  17. You might want to check out the Anova Precision Oven thread at pizzamaking.com. I personally think its too pricey for its size ( i want to be able to do at least a 15lb Turkey) But this thread has a lot of info on bread and meats, ect..ect. https://www.pizzamaking.com/forum/index.php?topic=64925.0 You do need to sign up for a free account to see this forum section.
  18. FeChef

    Bacon Jam

    I been really liking Folgers Noir Golden Dusk lately.
  19. FeChef


    Love me some Sapporo.
  20. FeChef

    Bacon Jam

    What do you consider strong brewed coffee? I use instant. about 1 TBSP per 12 oz coffee mug. I stopped using my Kurieg as the K cups are too weak for my taste.
  21. FeChef

    Bacon Jam

    Well apparently Sonic got rid of the Bacon Jam burger May 2nd, so i guess i'll never know. Oh well.
  22. FeChef

    Bacon Jam

    Thats not what i asked. I asked if i try this Sonic bacon jam burger will it be dissapointed? Im sure your jam is the "jam" but i dont want to waste expensive bacon to make a jam that my wife and I think sounded kinda gross in the sonic commercial. You feel what i am asking/saying?
  23. FeChef

    Bacon Jam

    Me and my wife both keep seeing that Sonic bacon jam burger commercial. We both thought it sounded disgusting. Now i am intrigued. Is Bacon Jam really good on a burger? I am definitely not going to make bacon jam till i at least try the Sonic bacon jam burger. Will i be disapointed?
  24. Soup? Like chicken rice, among others. I am planning on halupki soup soon, and leftover rice would work great for those kinf of soup dishes. The rice would get mixed in with ground beef with seasonings to form rice meatballs, The simmered with cabbage and stewed tomatoes and other ingredients.
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