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  1. I use the instant packages. I still need to work on the broth, but i think ive nailed the tooth feel with the dried noodles. I just cant come up with a good doctored up broth. I like a really spicy ramen, and my go to is shrimp ramen and chili ramen mixed together, with a 1/2 tsp of cayenne powder, and a 1/2 tsp or korean red pepper flake. The heat is good, but i need some more flavor and body, while keeping it cheap and quick. Suggestions? I am using 3 cups of water to flash boil the dried noodles, which i remove with a strainer and set aside then use the same water to make the broth. I like to fry a egg in some butter in a small pan that i add before serving, ad also add some frozen peas/carrots and some small raw peeled shrimp after i remove the noodles. Still, needs something. Just dont know what.
  2. I did a Corned Beef at 155F for 24 hours and it pretty much shredded with no effort. I am not sure if that is what you were shooting for, but i imagine 175F for 16 hours would have a similar end result.
  3. I couldn't let the rest of the Pastrami and head of cabbage go to waste. Wife wanted Haluski, so i obliged.
  4. Damn @rotuts. This is your thread and you haven't even posted any of your cooks. Surly you cooked at least one of those six hunks of Corned beef?
  5. The point of the IP is so that you can do a fast smoke, set the bark, wrap, then steam in the PC to tenderize. Its exactly what the NY deli's like Katz does. They use a commercial pressurized steamer for their pastrami.
  6. I usually do 30 min in the PC for flats. But i didn't take into consideration how much thicker the point i used was. I had to go 60 in the PC, and if i had to do it over i would have even went 90. Thanksfor the mention, i am glad it worked out well for you.
  7. If you have a PC, next time try finishing it off in the PC with a steam rack for 60-90 min. I wrap mine in paper after the bark sets in the smoker and once it reaches 175F IT. Let it rest in the paper overnight in the fridge. Finish it in the PC in the paper. No loss of bark.
  8. Steak fries 7 minutes in a deep fryer, with a side of brown gravy. There is nothing better. Comfort food at its finest.
  9. Finished that Pastrami today. Don't mind the paper plates. I like to believe the food speaks for itself.
  10. While not an Irish dish, I sometimes serve Halushki (sauteed cabbage and noodles). My wife likes to pull the Corned beef and mix it in. I am not a fan of all-in-one meals so i keep mine seperate and also roast potatoes, carrots, and celery.
  11. Pulled it at 160F. Its wrapped and resting 30 min before its going into the fridge till tomorrow. Bark is set, not real dark yet, but it will be when it comes out of the PC. Smells amazing. I had to fend off the vultures from eating it tonight.
  12. 4lb point just went into the smoker about an hour ago. Using Oak wood chunks. Freshly ground coarse black pepper, coriander, and mustard seed, brown sugar, garlic powder, and onion powder. Gradually bringing the smoker up to 350F and will take it out at IT of 175F, then wrapped in paper and into the fridge overnight to set the bark for a quick 30 minute steam in the PC tommrow.
  13. @rotuts I literally bought the same brand/cut, same amount at GIANT last night. They were $1.67/lb. I even thought of you when i was filling my shopping cart. My wife wants me to make pastrami out of 5 of them and leave one for CB & cabbage for St. pattys.
  14. I would use cornstarch since it doesn't change color too much. But like others have said, you need to add while cold, then bring to a simmer to thicken. Its best to prepare your sauce ahead of time and determine how much cornstarch you need to get the thickness you want. Then right before serving, heat the sauce and add the exact amount of cornstarch.
  15. I think you just haven't had good fried food. If you crisp fried food and let it rest long enough, a good thick sauce will not sog it up. I swear by breaded fried flounder w/gravy and mashed potatoes. Its amazing. If done right, the breaded fish stays nice and crisp. I am sorry you cant achieve these results, its to die for. Comfort food at its finest.
  16. Season before breading. This is key. Let the seasoning have time to draw moisture out of the meat. This is also key. The salt in the seasoning will act as a binding agent, so do NOT rinse. Dredge the meat in your choice of coating. Let the coated meat rest at room temp for at least 15-30 minutes before frying. This is key.
  17. I am serving some sauteed crow to any Patriots fans that are hungry.
  18. Tempura looks good. Smoking is bad for your health. Tufu seems pointless.
  19. FeChef

    Cuts and scrapes

    Whats wrong with the carrot core?
  20. FeChef

    Cuts and scrapes

    Alcohol will do that, well for me at least. All my kitchen battle scars tend to occur after 2 or 8 beers.
  21. FeChef

    Cuts and scrapes

    I was trying to separate frozen hamburger patties i had sanwiched between wax paper, instead of using a butter knife, i decided to use a paring knife. Knife went straight inbetween the patties and right through my hand and almot severed a tendon in my pinky finger. I could not fully open or close that finger for 2-3 years till it finally healed.
  22. My grandmother used to pour hot bacon dressing over Romaine lettuce. I was never a fan of it. Something about wilted warm lettuce triggers my gag reflex. No idea why, i like sauteed spinach, collard greens, and cabbage.
  23. Hey, if it worked, why question it? Apparently somebody knows more then most of the posters in this thread, including me. I do like the idea of a soy sauce and sugar marinade, but i would consider that a glaze.
  24. why not just combine the brine and marinade and let it soak overnight, then let it dry in the fridge for 12 hours then cook it.
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