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  1. Alexa or Google Home (one full size and two minis) Timers Reminders Weather etc. etc. etc. Alexa User Guide: Learn What Alexa Can Do
  2. For Most Food Stamp Users, Online Shopping Isn’t an Option Careless reporting!!! "She [Ms. Smith] receives about $195 in SNAP benefits each month" "her [Ms. Boon] $195 monthly benefit." The maximum monthly SNAP benefit that an individual can receive is $194. If they can get that simple, well known, fact correct, how many other lies does the article contain???
  3. Yeah, seems the profit is in the ornamentals. There are countless edible perennials that don't require marketing.
  4. I've preached about this before all that's going on — growing perennial edibles rather than vain ornamentals. There's still no interest that I see! I give up!!!
  5. I read the history long ago — I love bourbon. It's a child of Scotch.
  6. I'm very sensitive about such things. I saw a cow die from listeriosis — it was absolutely HORRIBLE!!! When I told our neighborhood veterinarian recently, she said "Wow! Most people would have no idea!" And who wants to end up in an emergency room during this time!!! I don't at any time, but especially this time.
  7. FDA Bad Bug Book (Second Edition)
  8. It was grown in the ground, no telling what sort of spores, etc. were on the outside — they're often not reliably killed during baking, etc. Who know's what sort of poop it was grown in!?
  9. You can't smell or see pathogenic bacteria, etc. Is 1/2 a baked sweet potato worth the risk of possibly falling very ill. The decision is yours. Me? Compost!!!
  10. Me too! A comprehensive list would be HUGE!!!
  11. Related: My grandfather Brown used to say "I didn't know there was so much money in hogs until I started feeding them!" LOL
  12. That's what some experts say, but it's possible to get into a lot of trouble listening to experts. What I know for sure is, there's a LOT less surface and hard-to-get-to area on a latex or Nitrile glove than there is on a hand. I definitely will use gloves in some situations.
  13. I haven't been grocery shopping for five weeks but if I want to maintain my low-carbohydrate* eating and not default to survival food I'm going to need to go relatively soon. I think I may be able to hold-out until about May 4th. We're considering a Sam's Club membership again. *Low-carbohydrate eating has helped me in MANY ways, I hate to give it up.
  14. I have known a few, none now. My family worked in several facets of dairying for decades, lifetimes. It's an extremely expensive endeavor especially for a small producer. As one of my farming mentors used to say: "It's MUCH easier to farm with money, than for money!"
  15. What I don't grow in terms of herbs and spices, I purchase at my local health food store. She has organic herbs and spices in bulk, I can buy as much or as little as i want — to keep it fresh. It's a very small shop, I want to keep her in business!!! ETA: The shop is within easy walking distance — about 1,000 feet away.
  16. His general attitude. I've dealt with him personally. I don't need another "mommy", I already have a Mommy! I'll stop short of calling him crazy.
  17. Thanks, but I have a problem with the owner's condescending attitude — I won't shop there. I"m well stocked with herbs and spices, I just happened to notice the crazy organic dill weed price as well as others!
  18. Yeah, I mentioned that fresh batches are recommended.
  19. Having trouble putting together a $35+ Amazon Pantry order? Add some organic dill weed!!! Amazon Pantry SUCKS!!!
  20. I'll buy some cheap dishclothes at Walmart.
  21. Thanks, that's consistant with what I calculated for a pint (2 cups) — 2 teaspoons per pint.
  22. Am I thinking clearly? I want to make homemade bleach wipes for wiping down food packaging, etc. It's said that a fresh solution should only be used. The recommendation is 1/3 cup bleach to 1 gallon of water. That's way too big of a batch! 1/3 cup equals 5.333 tablespoons, so, 5 tablespoons plus one ~teaspoon. So, for a quart+ of solution it would be 1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon bleach to one 1 quart of water or 2 teaspoons of bleach to 1 pint of water for a pint+ batch!? I have early onset dementia so I don't always think clearly.
  23. Coronavirus at meatpacking plants worse than first thought, USA TODAY investigation finds "And while experts say the industry has thus far maintained sufficient production despite infections in at least 2,200 workers at 48 plants, there are fears that the number of cases could continue to rise and that meatpacking plants will become the next disaster zones."
  24. If it's rutabaga, it'll have a brassica-type smell and a raw rutabaga taste. I use it a lot, it is, compared to potatoes, relatively low in carbohydrates.
  25. I am disabled. I collect a monthy disability benefit. I also receive $145 a month in SNAP benefits. Luckily, I'm able to squeeze a penny till Lincoln farts — I can make the money go a long way — so I have no complaints about the amount I get, unlike some folks I know. One problem in the time of a pandemic is the inability to order groceries for pickup or delivery, which means I'm forced to enter a store. Walmart is the exception, I can order for pickup using SNAP — but the lead time is currently about 6 days, which means that they'll likely be out of stuff and I'll have to enter the store anyway to search for replacements. And so it goes! ETA: During the months of March and April, NYS upped my SNAP $49 per month, total $98 more than usual.
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