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  1. Here's our regional food bank https://www.foodbankst.org/ They distribute food to most of the area's community food banks. It's a BIG warehouse that was donated to them — it's about a 1/2 mile from my place.
  2. To those who are poor (able-bodied) and think they can't cook or don't have the time, at least get a CrockPot!!! Taking advantage of the food bank here REQUIRES cooking! Dry pinto beans, dry great north beans, dry red beans, split peas, lentils, rice, pasta, meat, raw potatoes, etc. That stuff makes up at least 75%-80% of what's available at the food bank.
  3. My great friend Mary, who came here from England in 1957, has treated me very well. She has a sheep farm. Years ago when I was flat broke I'd go to Mary's and she'd find some work around the farm for me to do. She says "Being broke teaches you to be frugal." It's true! I've been broke enough to learn to be REAL frugal! LOL
  4. Prior to the pandemic I was getting $145.00 — now I get the $204 I'm frugal, I can make money go a long way. I received $204 on the 4th. Current EBT balance, $657.59
  5. We can purchase at farmer's markets too. The closest food bank is just a block away. It's at the United Methodist Church. Staff or patrons will help with transportation. This is a tight-knit community.
  6. The air fryer is a MAGIC machine in that it got the housemate to do some REAL cooking!!! He made some chicken wings (from raw chicken) the other night that were quite good! And the smoke detector stayed quiet!!!
  7. Some say they can't survive on SNAP, well it was never intended to cover all food costs — it's a SUPPLEMENT!!! (high income, low SNAP — low income, high SNAP) I've seen the challenges where folks whine about the limits of SNAP and try to live on just SNAP for a month. Well, I can go it! Even LOW-CARB quite easily because my income is low. For example, I can buy a 10 pound, bone in, pork shoulder for $1.99/lb. Cure it, smoke it, and have enough meat for 14-21 days — as low as 95 cents per DAY! Large eggs are, $1.45/18 Heavy Cream, $3.12/quart Whole chicken. 99 cents per pound Whole turkey, currently 68 cents per pound where I shop. Etc. Etc. Etc. My point is, some help should be going to those who don't get a supplement.
  8. Wow! Some States have upped SNAP quite a bit in light of the pandemic! I'm not exactly sure why. If folks were spending a lot of money on restaurant, etc. food prior to the pandemic, that money and SNAP, as it was, would go a long way now, along with food bank grub — restaurant, etc. food is relatively expensive. Maybe I can make money go farther than other folks, I don't know. I haven't been to a food bank since the pandemic started (I only take what I'll use) but I understand that food banks have increased supplies when possible. Too bad EBT isn't more widely useable. It's VERY stupid. All it would take is a little paperwork. Full Disclosure: I'm poor, disabled (various reasons), receive SSI, and SNAP!
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    Here's the scenario that you want...https://www.meatsandsausages.com/fermenting-pickling/sauerkraut/fermentation
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    I do 66 degrees.
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    Nothing wrong with red. A fermentation temperature that's too high can promote the wrong type of bacteria early on leading to a mushing texture.
  12. I'm updating my list so as to be more specific. 1. Oyster 2. Crab 3. Wild Blackberry — I absolutely love blackberry!!! 4. Rare Prime Rib of Beef 5. Smoked Salmon 6. Butter 7. Bourbon! I absolutely love the flavor of good bourbon! 8. Fish sauce — I'm an umami addict. 9. Blue Cheese 10. Sea Scallops 11. Memphis-Style Pulled Pork 12. Anchovy 13. Bacon 14. Cucumber 15. Morel Mushroom
  13. I need to add cucumber to my list. How could I forget cucumber?
  14. My sister works in an elementary school cafeteria in ND. She doesn't need the job, but she loves the kids. The kitchen crew works very hard to perform magic with what they're given — the kids generally like the food.
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    Dinner 2020

    All are some of my favorite foods!
  16. I should have added carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists.
  17. I've tried that! Potential hot food spatter is a serious issue!
  18. I can't stand for long. Tremor makes doing things difficult. My short-term memory is bad. I have a tiny kitchen with little space. I have a one bay sink that makes washing dishes a pain. But I'm mostly tired and lazy. I haven't touched the Instant Pot Duo Mini 7-in-1 Three-Quart that I bought almost 3 years ago!!! @Shelby Inspired me to get a springform pan for Instant Pot cheesecakes —it's brand new and unopened! If I can't work for cheesecake, that's BAD, real BAD!!! LOL
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