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  1. Count me in too please. Both for the workshop and the master class.
  2. All these bars sound delicious! One question though - can these be stored at room temperature, and for how long? DH would like some snacks to keep around at work.
  3. I would look for a yogurt maker on Craigslist. I have one and it does get hotter than one needs for cocoa butter. I have a dimmer on it to lower the temperature like Kerry suggested.
  4. Thanks for all the great pictures and info! Wish I was there! The Valrhona ganache method is interesting. Did you try it yourselves?
  5. Your caramel does sound really good! Coincidentally, I just read Ruhlman's book, and have been thinking of trying the recipe he gives.
  6. I too sometimes get these cracks when there is a large rim on the bottom of the mold. It happens even when the capping chocolate is very fluid. So the key might be to avoid that large rim.
  7. I use milk chocolate in the ganache. I have also added a drop of oil of bergamot sometimes, if I think the flavor is too mild.
  8. I think these are Lablab beans, sometimes called Indian broad beans. I've had them, though I was never a big fan. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lablab
  9. All the pictures have me craving dessert! Wish I worked with you!
  10. That was a cute film. Thanks, EatNopales!
  11. I'm amazed every time how much variety you manage to cook up in your "away from home" kitchen with what I imagine is a limited set of ingredients and equipment!
  12. Thanks! I'm going to try that again. The first time I tried that technique, I couldn't get anything to actually get into the mold. Tipping the mold at 45 degrees might be important.
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