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  1. Just ordered it from Amazon UK for 22P including shipping to Canada! Can't beat that!
  2. Do any of you know what the make/model of these trucks are? Thanks
  3. Fantastic documentation! Really appreciate the link!
  4. Sorry to bump this thread but did the OP ever get his truck up and running? Having some similar issues as I'm going the food truck route. In my city it is tough to start finding a truck when the regulations are recently undergoing changes (to allow for a more diverse street food scene - aside from the hot dogs and ice cream, pre-packaged stuff).
  5. As a former caterer I too would have turned it down and never looked back
  6. What are your favourite "forms" of eating on the street? In a container, sandwich, wrap, burger, stick?
  7. One could say that Not in Paris though - my hometown in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  8. Keep the ideas coming. I'm doing some research If possible think along the lines of what you'd love to see in your city and why.
  9. What are your favourite street foods? Would you like to see anything become street food?
  10. So if I'm wanting to book between August 31-Sept 2 I should call from June 30? Yikes!
  11. The GF an I are planning at eating at the Fat Duck this coming September. Any tips on trying to snag a reservation? Is the new online booking system any better? I've noticed they recently updated their website - presumably to make getting a reservation easier? I know dinner will be tough but I'm going to go for it. Either Thursday or Friday. The site says bookings open 2 months in advance but is that really accurate? Thanks
  12. What are your opinions on the next episode using horse? It is causing a MASSIVE cry fest over on the TCC Facebook page. Personally, I have no problem with it.
  13. That looks really delicious! I'm wondering why some of the pics posted using RM, GS, etc. have a very distinct bond line. Is it because Activa was applied in powder form vs. liquid? Therefore not allowing 100% adhesion? Maybe I'm being picky and I really wish I had the space - let alone the equipment - in my 3m2 Paris kitchen! Once I'm back in Canada this fall I'll be ordering the book and some new goodies. Until then I'm living & learning vicariously through you all!
  14. How would one go about making their own honey powder? @ Chris Amirault: as per Wylie Dufresne, making a slurry when using transglutaminases allows for better adhesion of the proteins (in your particular application). Give that a whirl next time and you shouldn't have any problems with your end product being "semi-glued". He mixes GS, polyphosphates (to raise the pH), maltodextrin and fish gelatin (blended with water and sieved) allows him to make a large batch of glue that lasts a long period of time. He mentioned when making a slurry from RM it would set up very quickly. I'd guess the shorter time, albeit tough in a restaurant environment, would be ideal for home.
  15. Ruth Chris is actually the definition of "hit or miss!" In my hometown of Calgary, Alberta, Canada the service, food, etc is AWFUL! But, I once dined there in Scottsdale, AZ and it was quite good, albeit it has been some years.
  16. How did you do all that without a dishwasher? I had a dream setup compared to you then! 3 cooks, 4 servers and 2 dishwashers (one of them also helped on the cold line) - avg. 375-400 covers.
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