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  1. Yes, 99% of the errors or clarifications on the errata page were corrected for the 2nd printing. We also made some very very minor tweaks(tinting, color shifts etc) to a handful of photographs. Many times when a recipe ingredient changes such as reducing salt content, there is a ripple effect that goes on and changes need to be made elsewhere to jive. An example is a table parametric that says one temperature, but a marginal note might say something slightly different. These are best found by readers who are new to the content. We are systematically going through each volume looking for typos and grammatical errors with a process called read-back. Basically, two people sit opposite one another each with a copy of the volume. Person A reads the section out loud, (not paying attention to the content) while person B follows along. The process although exhaustive is very effective at finding goofs. The kitchen staff has also double checked the scaling and portion sizes for recipes. We are still looking to weed out goofs so if you find any, please submit them. MarkC
  2. The first version of the errata and clarifications is up on the MC website: HERE--- The online version is searchable and has a page numbering index so you can scan to see if a page has a correction. We’ll update this list when­ever new goofs are spot­ted. It’s avail­able in PDF for­mat HERE, in case you want to print it out or have a handy search­able ver­sion on your com­puter. The PDF also has hyperlinks to pages. If you spot a mis­take in your copy that isn’t already men­tioned here, please send them to: Email here Thanks, MarkC
  3. That's what the MC team does too.
  4. Amazon.ca has identified the problem. After arrival from China, the eager workers opened up the a few boxes and fulfilled the orders with just the kitchen manual. The MC set is packaged in China and Amazon isn't suppose to open the boxes. One way to tell is that the botched kitchen manuals are being delivered in amazon.ca boxes instead of Artron boxes from China. Customer service is aware of the problem and should be contacted by customers who received just the kitchen manual. This has only been a problem at amazon.ca MarkC
  5. Hi, just wanted to introduce myself, I am a member of the MC team. I have been following egullet for the last two years. I have some information from our business team: We are hearing scattered reports of the 374-page, waterproof Kitchen Manual (Volume 6) missing from Modernist Cuisine sets. If you purchased the book and are missing the Kitchen Manual, please forward your receipt, mailing address, and phone number to info@modernistcuisine.com You will receive the Kitchen Manual within 7-14 days. Thanks in advance for your patience as we determine why some sets are missing the Kitchen Manual. The Cooking Lab
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