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  1. now I'm officially in FW. I've started a day at the Paris Coffee Shop

  2. Help me George DiGianni. on my way home for a detox.

  3. only one more meal??? Atlanta has it goin on

  4. second stop of the day

  5. baking chocolate chip toll house cookies with smoked, sipping on ice cold milk and listenin to Mos Def, Hip Hop off of Black on Both Sides.

  6. @ Maple & Motor today. Come on down and get some good vittles!

  7. even though I knew that a pie was due before the end of my last shift at Suze, I was unable to keep the substance out of my eyeballs.

  8. Can't wait to get home to my HALO!! Love that shit! Who is in?

  9. I might be a glutton for punishment, but we have room at Suze for Restaurant Week after 8:15 tonight and 8:30 on Thur. Msg me on FB or dm me on twitter.

  10. Keeping it it cool, <90F, will deter any hatching eggs, but flour kept for more than 2-3 mos should be stored airtight in a refrigerator to keep any vermin from hatching.
  11. vote now for next wks creme brûlée flavor

  12. Make ganache. Chunk it and make chocolate chip cookies or double/triple chocolate brownies. Melt it and use it as fondue. Grate some over the top of pancakes with whipped cream and amarena cherries. make some strawberry marshmallows and some graham crackers and make the best s'mores ever! Savor it!
  13. Jeffery C

    Edible Eggshells

    Hopefully it tastes much better than the diarrhea curative. Maybe adding brown butter to a dose will help the medicine go down!