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  1. Thanks for the first impressions. I'm quite excited for the release. One question is there a section on Viennoiserie? Best
  2. This will be impressive for sure. Hard to believe that it's the same size as MC. All of cooking vs Flour+Water+Salt+Yeast !
  3. Electric Stove or Gas

    Same here i upped it to a 220v model and it's night and day. I don't know what the table above is calculating but after using a professional induction burner you'll not want to use anything else.
  4. Pacojet 2

    Hi, has anyone used a Pacojet 2? Would you recommend it over the original version? Thanks
  5. Not sure you can buy it separately. I bought one last year on ebay for my 2nd location. Now that the digital version is out I will probably use that more. I hope the digital version of MC is not too far behind.
  6. I'm in. Don't really care what it looks like.
  7. Pacojet

    Hi, did you buy the Pacojet?
  8. The ebook is great! Hope they're working on a eMC version too.
  9. ditto thermoworks for sure
  10. Thanks for the summary. It sounds like a great book. I'm going to look for a copy.
  11. Pacojet

    doesn't sound like it will be available this year in the USA.
  12. Induction/Gaggenau CL 491

    Hi, I'm looking for a new cooktop. On your Miele induction units can you put a pan on that is larger than the ring? I like the new Gaggenau CX and Thermador models that can take any shape pan. I think they're limited to 4 pans at once vs the 5 with the Miele. Do you have any problems with loud whistling noise at high temps? thanks
  13. The Ultimate Roast Chicken

    Four Story Hill Farms birds are incredible. I've tried so many cooking techniques from the famous chefs the longest being Modernist Cuisine at Home. My favorite is Christian Delouvrier's recipe where he bastes the bird with a combination of soy sauce and butter at high temps. I love trying new roast chicken recipes but I think for a quick delicious meal this is my favorite!