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  1. Mine have fiberglass threads running through them, like silpats. Which means you've got to be careful about exposing them to food. Just a thought..
  2. Look for vacuum mixers made by Stephan. These are what most of the chocolatiers that I've worked with use. A pic: On the left is the one for ganaches, on the right for praline. Maybe Chris E. could give you a line on a distributor. He may use one.
  3. tee hee... That would be me. I'll admit it... I love this coulant. Nobody else's replica. Just this one. ps, edited cuz it's dark in here and I can't see the keyboard.
  4. I can help you with one: Restaurant David Drake Tim
  5. a little birdie (or website) told me: look here
  6. This is great Steve, so many times you find info on how to make parts of the cake for an event, or you see these great events in food mags with celebrity chefs and all their mis en place sent to them half a country away from their restaurant. And you really never here about the other how-to's of the behind the scenes stuff... like packing for traveling. I really look forward to seeing how you guys operate. Thanks for this! Tim
  7. look here AUI has various flavors. They're fairly good. Tim
  8. tchorst

    Milk chocolate

    Wendy, if you're stuck, you can buy E. Guittard online at chefswarehouse.com (it's dairyland). They carry all of the blends, and have it in a couple of days. And the prices aren't much more than I paid in restaurants. Tim
  9. tchorst

    Milk chocolate

    for ganaches I like E. Guittard for it's ease of mixing flavors with. For enrobing I like Cluizel for it's fluidity of use and higher %. I'll be using the higher % plantation soon for testing. I have a feeling I'll like it Tim
  10. tchorst

    Mousse Mess

    Are you adding the yolks to the chocolate, or the chocolate to the yolks? Streaming the chocolate in? or all at once? Over the bain marie? Most likely temp variations are causing this. How warm are you getting the yolk sugar mixture? If it's a bit cooler than the choc. the chocolate will chunk up as it hits the cold. If your game for an experiment, instead of the order of ingedients you used try this: (with all mis ready to go and whipped) To the melted choc. add 1/4 of the whipped cream. stir to smooth out. This will bring down the temp. of the chocolate. then add the yolk mix, whipped cream and meringue at once. then fold in. With the exception of the meringue, I found this to be a foolproof method. (providing of course the ingredient list is sound in the begining ) HTH, Tim
  11. sorry, didn't see sifon written there. I was just wondering if you injected it also. my bad.
  12. This is foamed with NOS, no? Is yours?
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