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    Dinner! 2012

    dcarch, just beautiful work, as always. Blether, you've made my recurring problems with ensuring a constant supply of clean running water seem trivial in comparison to finding a local source for LAMB. Kim, I hope you brought enough of that brisket for the whole class. And by "the whole class" I mean "me."
  2. Kinda with you on this. I can see buying more books when (not really a question of if) I discover there's a new set of techniques I have to master, but as far as getting yet another fat, overpriced book I'll maybe cook a dozen recipes out of before deciding to go back to my lazy internet recipe searching ways, I'm pretty much done.
  3. So, a couple of drinks at a snackless bar underlined how important the finger food aspect of the whole pub experience is for me. And then I remembered all the day-old popcorn, greasy fritters, canned pate canapes and dried out crudite platters I've confronted over the years. Obviously better-quality versions of the above (and a few others like nuts, maybe potato chips and dip, etc) would be standard, but what if you wanted to get more creative with the snacks? What would you serve at a beer tasting, or a scotch tasting, or on mojito/manhattan/margarita night?
  4. What a good episode. I enjoyed the use of props in the other eps, but it always reminded me of Good Eats, maybe a bit too much. The powdered milk tip looks (to borrow Heston's favorite word) brilliant. I'll be trying it on a small batch of stock as soon as I accumulate enough bird trimmings. Chicken wings are expensive here. What's eG's consensus on making stock in a pressure cooker?
  5. CLP from Jacques Pepin's recipe. I think next time I'll cover with aspic and some decoration instead of butter, as in Ann_T's beautiful offering a few posts up.
  6. Dakki

    Dinner! 2012

    Thank you, heidih. Yes, panfried (skillet fried?), the coating is 1/3 cornstarch, 2/3 white flour, heavy on the spices. I wish I could get duck and goose livers here. Even pork liver is not something you'll find in the local supermarkets.
  7. Dakki

    Dinner! 2012

    "The whole world is local," perhaps? A sentiment shared by certain grocers and restauranteurs. >_> Anyway, was going to make terrine de foies de volaille (aka chopped liver), got lazy and made some breaded chicken livers instead. Maybe tomorrow.
  8. Dakki

    Dinner! 2012

    Crispy pork chops and pickled veg. This is my idea of "comfort food."
  9. Homemade, fried with a bit of diced onion and red serrano, on a yellow corn tortilla that's been heated in the chorizo's drippings and filled with Chihuahua cheese. Serve with a halved lime.
  10. A big part of my occasional trips up to Austin used to be a late-night visit to Katz's Deli for fried pickles, Reuben (corned beef please) and a slice of NY cheesecake. Imagine my disappointment when the place was shut down. Now I have to find a source for Reubens and a decent place to eat after midnight that isn't overrun with hipster trash. I feel your pain, Pierogi.
  11. Rediscovered the jar in the fridge after what, ten months? Allowing it to rest has changed the character of the sauce considerably. The "souped-up mustard" quality I noticed in the fresh sauce is gone, as is much of the vinegar harshness. What remains is a sweet, fruity, moderately hot sauce, with enough aroma from the spices to stay interesting. I'm liking it much better this time around.
  12. Local synergistic craft-brewed artisan fair-trade eco-friendly coffee.
  13. How warm is your kitchen?
  14. My first reaction on seeing these was "390 yen dinner in Shinjuku?!" The second was "Man, Blether sure knows a lot of strip joints and hotels." What sort of camera did you use?
  15. Dakki

    Dinner! 2012

    Glad to see RRO is making up for lost time on this thread. Grilling again. This time we sampled a simple slab of sirloin. Salted. Quesadillas, potatoes in foil (previously nestled in the coals) and some zucchini. Not pictured: Nopales (prickly pear cactus I think it's called). Terrible, terrible light, no post. I'm pretty happy with the new camera.
  16. Thanks guys. It appears the Nikon has a slightly smaller sensor than the Canon, but the comparative review I'd read before made a really big deal out of it.
  17. Now you guys have me regretting I didn't get the S95/100 with the larger sensor. On the other hand, this one's low light capability is also a pretty attractive feature. And either one is much more capable than I am, so...
  18. Thanks for all the advice, guys. How critical do you think is the shallow DOF for decent food photos?
  19. The reason I'm asking about apertures and lens speeds and so on is that this camera has manual controls for those things on the body. That's the reason I retired the old one. I really don't want to get into the whole buying-a-whole-bunch-of-lenses-and-filters-and-whatnot-and-getting-married-to-a-brand thing, and even the old camera was a bit too bulky for me anyway. Of the pocket-sized ones with manual controls this one apparently has the better low light performance, as well as being rather less expensive. (I ended up blowing the putative savings on spare battery, cards, etc. anyway).
  20. It's good to know this stuff anyway. Thanks.
  21. Er, SLR? I think I must've misposted: this is what I got. I didn't pay that much for it, though. I did get a little toy tripod to go with it.
  22. Instant ramen in chicken broth, with enough lime and hot sauce to block whatever flavors the other ingredients originally had. That garlic broth sounds appealing right about now. I think I'll try it.
  23. Lots of good info here. Thanks, guys. (And keep it coming if you have any more!)
  24. Thanks, C. sapidus. I think I'll spare your puny planet, for now. Is there any way to get that flat, narrow DOF besides using a longer length of focus, such as manipulating aperture and/or shutter speed?
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