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  1. Crouton

    Dinner 2014 (Part 5)

    Here's the recipe I follow. You can find marrow bones at publix really really cheap. http://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/roast-bone-marrow-and-parsley-salad
  2. Crouton

    Dinner 2014 (Part 5)

    I followed this recipe loosely but omitted the ricotta and winged the proportions until I had a smooth dough. We've got close to 50lbs of sweet potatoes from our garden this year so I'm grasping for new stuff to do with them. I'm hoping to try a sweet potato ravioli this weekend.... perhaps a pie. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Sweet-Potato-Gnocchi-with-Brown-Butter-and-Sage-233379
  3. Crouton

    Dinner 2014 (Part 5)

    Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Brown Butter and Sage... servered with a pair of pork chops.
  4. Crouton

    Dinner 2014 (Part 5)

    With the cost of beef skyrocketing lately I went with a Flat-Iron steak and roasted bone marrow.
  5. The key is to pre-salt them... that'll soften them up slightly and season them throughout. Salt and pepper the slices in a bowl and let sit out for about an hour or so. Pour off any liquid that renders then dredge however you prefer.
  6. I have used my warning drawer for everything - it's the best slow cooker you can buy. Anywhere from 100F to 250F perfectly stable temperature. Braises, beans, prime rib, oven roasts, chicken stocks - anything that requires low and slow. Oh and it warms plates too all while not heating the house up. It seemed like a waste of space at first but I have found so many uses I wish I had a second one.
  7. My warming drawer will maintain a constant 250F without heating my kitchen or occupying my main oven. It's the ULTIMATE slow cooker. Everything from braises to roasts to stocks go in there.
  8. David Chang was a guest host on this week's DVDASA podcast. You get to see an interesting casual side of David Chang "hanging out" with friends. Definitely worth a listen/watch. NSFW. http://www.dvdasa.com/?p=1075#disqus_thread
  9. I'm on night 2 of no sleep As far as grinders go, do you have any thoughts on the Ceado E37? I'm a sucker for heavy duty housing and minimal plastic parts and this grinder looks be built like a tank. http://www.wholelattelove.com/Ceado/ceado_e37.cfm
  10. The non-plummable is only 15" high which should fit under most standard cabinets. Not sure I want to go through hiring a plumber to route a water line up through our counter-tops
  11. The guys over at Home-Barista are starting to scare me regarding the Expobar. Looks like the QuickMIll Anita may be a better option.
  12. Is anyone familiar with the Expobar Office Lever? I was talking to the rep at Whole Latte Love about ordering a PID'ed Silvia and he basically asked why spend the money modding the Silvia when you can just get a prosumer machine for not that much more, specifically the Expobar.
  13. Have you tried just a standard steam table insert with a bar? http://content.costco.com/Images/Content/Product/370554b.jpg
  14. I don't think your wok is too hot, I don't think there is such a thing. If your meat is letting out water then your wok is either not hot enough or your meat is wet. Garlic and ginger are going to burn in any reasonably hot wok/skillet if cooked in oil by itself. I think your process needs some tweaking.
  15. They stopped cooking fries in beef fat because of lawsuits? I would have assumed it was because vegetable oil was cheaper and last longer.
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