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  1. Okay - so that's one of my very favorite urban hotels. But it can be pretty pricey - especially if you get water view. In addition to Jaymes, Tony Bourdain also recommends Inn at the Market. I believe Southerngirl has also stayed there before. (just in case you come to Seattle, this is 'the place' to stay for foodies, as it's in the Pike Place Market).
  2. a don't recall ever picking up an aggressive element of sweetness in larb. however, i do make mine with a pinch of sugar. for me, it's all about the heat and the acidity. but not so much the humidity. As I was eating it, I kept thinking of that cookbook Hot Sour Salty Sweet, and this larb I had last night had all of that. I could pick out each component, although they melded together well, and it was nice. But I had just never identified the sweet before when eating it. I remember the first one I had that was on the sour (or maybe bitter) side, which would have been improved with a pinch of sugar, I think. It's all about balancing the flavors.
  3. I ordered take-out Larb from my neighborhood Thai place last night. So far, every larb I've tasted has been slightly different. The one last night had a most excellent combination of flavors, but also included a slight taste of sweetness which I had never tasted before, in conjuncton with the lime juice, fish sauce, green onion, red onion, red chile flakes, & chopped chicken flavor. And it was verrry juicy, just the way I like it, and served on lettuce. No garnish. I don't think it even had ground toasted rice, but it sure was good. I ate the left overs for lunch today. tommy... our master of larb... do you like sweetness, or have you ever tasted a combination including sweetness as a component of your larb?
  4. Bahn Mi 88 also has a full service Vietnamese restaurant in White Center, 9418 Delridge Way SW. It's run by the wife of the fellow who has Bahn Mi 88 up on 12th and Jackson. She is delightful. I was there for lunch yesterday. In addition to bahn mi's, they offer a number of appetizers, pho's, other meat/seafood/poultry w/ noodle dishes, rice dishes, assorted vegetarian dishes and a large selection of Thai dishes as well. Prices are cheap. I opted for a combination pho, with rare beef, flank, tendon, tripe & meatballs. It was a little more rustic and the noodles skinnier than other pho's I've had, but it was delicious. Her noodles are fresh as opposed to dried & reconstituted, and I thought the flavor of the broth was better than the one I had at Pho Bac last week. White Center has an amazing number of Pho places. I must have seen about 5-6 places within a few blocks. It's an interesting ethnic restaurant area in general, I think.
  5. Thanks Kathy. I can't believe I've never been in that neighborhood before, but it sounds interesting. (I had to look it up on the map).
  6. I'm almost positive that it's now closed. I personally couldn't stand the concept anyway. I hate to tell you MsRamsey, but Functional Fuel is in business. I have not been there, but someone handed hubby a flyer downtown yesterday which he brought home. I have not been to a health food restaurant since I had a glass of wheat grass juice at Gravity Bar maybe a dozen years ago. But some of the choices on this menu he brought home look kind of tasty. (Roast Halibut w/ Curried Vegetables, NW Seafood Stew, Roast Marinated Salmon w/Pineapple Salsa over soba noodles).
  7. Functional Fuel Bar & Restaurant in Seattle. According to their menu it "pleases the palate nurtures the body". www.functionalfuel.com
  8. Not for me they don't, not for ANY of the restaurants. Oh well. For Kathy or anyone who still can't see any of the menu's, below is a link to NW Source site to let them know. It asks things like what browser & operating system you are using, etc., so maybe it will help their programers fix the problem. Perusing the menus is half the fun of deciding where to go... Click Here
  9. I am just not seeing them. Where should I be looking? Help? After you have clicked into the 25 for $25 site, then click on the name of the restaurant. The menu appears below the review (however a few restaurants like Kaspar's has not posted a menu yet).
  10. They emailed me back yesterday to apologize for some technical problems with the site displaying the menus over the weekend. They asked for input if there are any more problems with the site, so I emailed them again last night to say the menus weren't showing again. However, I just checked and the menus are up again right now.
  11. I wanted to bring this post about wild steelhead up again, since I noticed Flying Fish is offering Wild Steelhead as one of their menu choices on the 25 for $25 program this March (however call ahead as the menu is subject to change). I haven't had wild steelhead in so long, I am really tempted to go. Please PM me if anyone else is interested in getting together to try Flying Fish this month. As of tonight when I called, it's on the menu, it's fresh, and offered with purple potatoes and roasted tomatoes. The preparation varies according to which night it is, but they said they will accomodate any preparation they usually make upon request. FLYING FISH: Below menus are subject to change. Please call for details. DINNER ONLY Starter choices: Soup of the Day Asian Pear Salad Smoked Albacore Entrée choices: Wok Blackened Fish of the Day Mahi-Mahi Wild Steelhead Buttermilk Fried Chicken Dessert choices: Apple Bread Pudding Warm Grappa Brownie
  12. klink , Would it be possible to split one of your yummy smoked corned beef briskets or order a small one? There will just be one of us at home to eat it. I can p/u too, or meet you for lunch again.
  13. I emailed them, and just checked the site again and now the menus are back! Try the site again.
  14. You're right.. the menus have disappeared overnight . About 80% of the restaurants had posted their menus, both lunch and dinner, but now I don't see them. I hope they will get reposted today, even though there was a disclaimer on them that the menus were subject to change. Keep checking the site! The Georgian at Olympic Four Seasons hotel was the only restaurant that was offering Kobe beef, I remember that.
  15. Here is a link listing the 25 restaurants w/ related info on their three course $25 dinners, and $12.50 lunches. Many of them have posted their special menus for this event, if you click on the name of the restaurant. Click Here
  16. Hey, Welcome Ye-Ye Girl! It's great to have another West Seattleite on eGullet. I hope you can make it to some lunches, dinners and other events that we get together for sometimes. gc & tighe, I'd be into a taco crawl sometime, too, and would love to have a chance to go to the Great Wall Shopping Mall/Ranch 99 under your expert guidance. Or maybe sometime we could hit the taco truck in White Center and then venture to Burien to Taqueria El Riconsito, and then try (El Salvadorean) El Trapiche for their pupusas which I haven't had since last year... they were yummy. Does anyone know if Burien has a taco truck?
  17. Speaking of taco trucks, I've stopped for tacos at the taco truck/bus in White Center twice in the last 2 weeks. It's on the corner of 16th SW. and 98th, right in the heart of beautiful downtown White Center, not too far from Heng Heng Int'l grocery store. The tacos are only .89 cents and include a side of radishes, lime, pickled jalapenos & carrots... a great deal. I usually get 2. So far I've tried the Carnitas (slow cooked pork, browned and kind of shredded), Lengua (tongue), Al Pastor (which they call something else, I think spicy pork, good but not crispy). Each taco comes wrapped in 2 soft corn tortillas, so sometimes I separate the tortillas if there is too much meat and make an extra taco from it. They have a canopy covered picnic table area ... no eating inside the bus. They also offer burritos, tortas and other things I have no idea what they are (all in Spanish). I also picked up some freshly made corn tortillas in White Center from a restaurant that I cannot recall the name of, which makes them fresh everyday (not handmade unfortunately, but they have a tortilla factory which makes them everyday), and did some shopping at Heng Heng.
  18. Thank you. I just emailed this page to my brother who arrived in Rio today.
  19. I was recently talking to a guy who used to work as a King County Health violations inspector. After we talked about various restaurants, I asked him what's the deal with sushi chef's having to wear gloves (which came up in one of klink's reviews on Mashiko). He said that sushi chef's can write and ask for an exception to this rule if they can show they have a method for keeping their hands clean while they are preparing sushi. So the rule is not written in stone.
  20. Nha Trang (Vietnamese) in Little Saigon, our beloved restaurant of Seven Courses of Beef fame, had 0 violations. However, I think Chinatown/Intl'l District in general, perhaps receives a higher percentage of violations on average. Has never slowed me down from wanting to eat there (except in the case of Honey Court with their whopping score of 153 points against them).
  21. There is only 1 restaurant that I ever stopped going to because of their King County Health record, and that was Honey Court in the Int'l district, who racked up an amazing score of 153 points! I'd like to hear if anyone could top that ! They must have violated every infraction in the books to get a score like that. It was a couple of years ago, and they have improved since then, but their record is still nothing to be proud of. Click here for Honey Court violations
  22. There is a current thread on this by Seawakim. I have asked Steven S. to consider merging the 2. (then he can delete my post, please)
  23. I'm not very keen on sweet and sour. Perhaps it is the unnatural color, or perhaps because often there is way too much breading on it, or it's too greasy, or when the crispy breading sits in the sauce it gets soggy, or it's over sauced, overly sweet, or the pork is too gristly, or that I've never had a really good one. Or maybe a combination of all of those things. I think the worst offender is when it gets soggy sitting in the sauce. I think it is best served w/sauce on the side and then dipped in so one can control the amount of sauce one wants on it, and it stays nice & crispy.
  24. girlchow, I don't think we've covered this topic before, but it's a great one, thanks for bringing it up. I've been wondering the same thing myself. Where does one even find kosher pastrami in Seattle? I'd love to try some as I've heard it's supposed to be really delicious. You're right about (NY) Liberty Deli. They only serve Boars Head products, and are so so. You'd think they would get the real stuff, being from NYC and all . They did make curried goat one time though (for their theater show in the evening). They made the leftovers into a soup the next day and it was wonderful. But for a NY deli, I think they should have more authentic ingredients and sandwiches. I believe their reuben sandwich is served on a bagel. And their NY grinder is served w/mustard. I thought oil and vinegar is more authentic, so I ask to substitute that for the mustard, and I prefer it that way. (edit: it's their reuben sandwich that's on the bagel. their hot pastrami sandwich is served on rye). I've had one good foccacia sandwich there that was good, and one that wasn't. They also don't serve chopped liver there. One would think a NY deli would have some NY food in it.
  25. One does not have to be a regular or VIP at a restaurant to get something different than the regular menu offers. One just needs to politely ask and see what happens. My uncle is the last person in the world who would think of himself as a VIP or try to get VIP treatment at a restaurant. However, when he took me out for lunch and had his heart set on fried oysters (at an upscale Seafood restaurant that didn't have it listed on the menu), he simply asked the waitress if they could do that for him. Somehow they did happen to have fresh oysters in the back and gladly made them for him, and everyone was happy. But he never felt that was VIP treatment. He was just assertive enough to ask for what he wanted even though is wasn't listed on the menu. If they had not had oysters, he would have just ordered something else.
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