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  1. Another idea for an abundance of celery is to make juice. I go through 1/2 bunch of organic celery (including leaves) every day using my juicer... I add it, along with a cucumber, a few large leaves of kale and/or broccoli stems, a lemon, a large apple and a pear if I have one (otherwise I use 2 apples)...you can also add a bit of carrot if you have it... this makes about 30 oz of addictively delicious and healthy juice.
  2. I will join the chorus and say the Roasted Cauliflower ... Jim Dixon introduced me to it here on eG, and I'm forever grateful! ... I even made some last week, and my family loves it, too ... also Larb, that tommy introduced me to, and of course Jaymes' salsa... I've made all of these several times...
  3. I second Abra's suggestion of Glondo's in Cle Elem for their beef jerkey. It's a family favorite.
  4. In the 70's we used to use a seal a meal at home, so to me it kind of reminds me of '70's cooking, and something that came back again... like fondue. But, I know it's not exactly like seal a meal cooking, because we never cooked it at low temps for extended periods of time. I recently had the strip loin entree cooked sous vide at Union. I wasn't that crazy about it... it was fine, but not as good as a char broiled/grilled steak cooked the way I like, or even a good prime rib roast, but hubby raved about it.
  5. There is a Salvadorian restaurant called El Trapiche Pupuseria Y Restaurante in Burien, 127 SW 153rd St, Burien, 244-5564. Ages ago I posted about it Here. The Stranger has a write up of it Here The Weekly has a snippet Here If anyone has been lately, I'd love to hear a recent review.
  6. We had an excellent dinner at Union with my family 2 weeks ago. They were really impressed, it was their first time there. One of the favorite dishes of the night for our group was the Lobster Bisque (OMG that was GOOD!), and I loved my Venison perfectly prepared MR, would definitely order that again. Hubby had the Duck and pronounced it delicious, too. My family isn't too adventuresome with the ordering, so it's nice there are also traditional items on the menu, like a starter salad (which received raves) and they loved the fish (I think it was Sea Trout and Striped Bass on the menu that
  7. I love that one, too, which includes crab!
  8. Wonderful photos of the tapas party, thank you Ling! I am so happy you 2 sweeties are together and doing this blog...it's going to be lots of fun to follow along with you this week... Leslie
  9. Thank you busboy and hjshorter for these recs. I will pass them along. For anyone reading this thread recently... I edited my above post to include a map of the area they are staying. Here is the link again, in case anyone else has any more suggestions. ***** I've done some homework, and I'm throwing out a list of add'l names that look like good options for nearby or interesting inexpensive meals. If any of them jump out at anyone, can you please comment as to whether you agree/disagree, or have a better option? And are they easily accecssible by his metro stop or near an interesting sigh
  10. Thank you Busboy for those 2 excellent magazine references featuring cheap eats. They will come in handy. He is staying at the Holiday Inn Washington-Capitol, 550 C St SW, Washington, DC, 1 block from Smithsonian Air & Space Museum and 1 block from Metro. He is on a really tight budget, so inexpensive would mean cafes, ethnic (he is from Guyana/Caribbean, living in Miami now, and loves hot spicy food, and other ethnic foods, especially Thai), or other reasonably priced or bargain places. They will need b-fast, lunch and dinner. His boy is 16, so I'm sure eats a lot at that age, too. Th
  11. My friend and his 12 and 16 year old are spending a week staying downtown DC. He is looking for inexpensive dining options for himself and kids. What can you recommend? It will need to be within walking, bussing or cab distance of downtown.
  12. I got into my Dick's habit when we'd stop there on the way home from girl's night out at the clubs. We really only stopped for the fries, as I don't care for the relish (sweet pickle?) they use on their burgers. I stop in there (either Broadway or 45th location) if I'm in the area maybe once a year to get my Dick's fry fix. Yes they are sub par, yes they are greasy... but I like that they are thin fries, salty, and they hit the spot sometimes! Dick's qualifies as a guilty pleasure...
  13. What are the best dining options, either dining in or take out, for people who work within 10 minutes of the Miami International Airport? And are there any good Thai places in the area? Thank you!
  14. Regarding the duck soup. I liked it, but my hubby did not care for it. He thought it was too mild and the duck pieces kind of unwieldy to deal with. The crispy duck skin also was soggy in the soup. He prefers the Pho. I would order the duck soup again though sometime. Duck Soup Crispy Spring Rolls (photo taken after we had, oops, already eaten a couple!). These are FABULOUS. We also had the Beef La Lot, and I wasn't crazy about it. I prefer the Beef La Lot at Tamarind Tree. (apologies it is hard to see them in this photo).
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