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  1. Thank you all for your help. We arrived in NOLA around 11 and our first stop was at Cochon Butcher. Despite the parade route parking restrictions everywhere we managed to find a parking spot right in front of the place. With two little ones in tow (who were just sprung from the back seat after our trip from Lafayette) we were greeted by a smiling staff drinking a glass of white wine-I knew this place was going to be good. Without looking at the menu (which we had studied for a few days prior) we spotted a cheesy goodness plate going into an oven- a muffalata- which was ordered and served pronto. Truly the best one we have ever had-the meats were incredible. What to order next...a suggestion of the pork belly sandwich with cucumber and mint was taken. At first I thought that the white bread would be too thin (as opposed to a roll) but it was perfect. The fat from the belly was soaked up by the bread and thus was not too bready-if you know what I mean. You could really taste each element. The whole sandwich really did melt in your mouth with a refreshing mint chase and cuke crunch. After hearing about our trip through boudin country a plate of the house made delight was served gratis. OMG! Spicy, porky and juicy with a perfect melt in you mouth casing-we are now spoiled. We ordered another link which was inhaled as quickly as it arrived. The pickles (which you can buy there) were bread and butter with a little kick and are a perfect compliment to the dish. Our girls ate the homemade potato chips and nibbled on the muffalata enough so to litter the impecably clean floor with crumbs. The offerings in the cases were so tempting but alas we had no way to keep them cool until our return to Chicago. But they do mail..... This place is a gem and not to be missed if you are into all things pork.
  2. We will be in NOLA (staying in the garden district) for less than 24 hours-arriving Sunday afternoon and leaving Monday morning. We will have travelled through Lafayette area and eating local fare. We would have chosen Cochon as our first pick but alas it is closed. Any good substitutes in terms of cuisine, budget and originality? Basically we have only two meals in NOLA-lunch and dinner. Plus we are with two small kids-5 and 6yo. who are pretty good eaters. Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you.
  3. We will be travelling from Chicago (6a.m. flight!)to the Gulfport Airport and will be starved upon arrival. We plan on renting a car at the airport and driving to Layayette, La the same day. So we are looking for a quick place to eat near the airport to tide us over. A local place is preferred-we like BBQ. fish etc-wil eat anything good. Any recs for a quick but great stop will be most appreciated. Thank you
  4. So if we go to the local places such asBoil N Go, Frey's etcx we should be getting the local crawfish fresh-not frozen-albeit small? Even in the Etouffee?
  5. When is it Crawfish seeason exactly? We will be in the area around Valentines Day and it seems the season may be well over (Memorial Day?) Will we bea eating asian farmed raised or frozen for nearly a yearcrawfish? We are hitting the local joints near Lafayette, LA.
  6. Will be spending 24 hours in Mobile. Any not to miss places to eat or cuisines? Any budget recs are most apprecuiated. Thankyou
  7. In Chicago, a local grocery store is selling live, hard shell 1.25-1.5 pounders for $5.99/lb (with $20 grocery purchase), $7.99/lb for 1.5-2 pounders and $10.99/lb for 2-3 pounders. Which is the best deal?
  8. I reacall my old chemistry days with the black slate countertops which had some dark stains-black rings from beakers and dark splashes. They were clean but never looked pristine. But the stainless counters near the sinks always looked good. The small minute scratches formed a dull uniform patina. I am so tempted to do all stainless counters in my (never will happen in my lifetime) kitchen redo but will definately do it around the stove and sink areas.
  9. I have just a few- 1. Stop overeating. Save the calories for something special-not just a bag of Cheetos or mediocre fries. 2. Go to Prarie Grass with Ron and Julie. 3. Try new places rather than reverting back to the old spots-albeit thay are great. 4. Entertain, entertain and entertain. We have so many folks we want to have over. 5. Finally (somehow) use the mango paste I bought in some Latin American country.
  10. A steamed poppy seed bun with the "Chicago 7". Nuff said.
  11. Took your advice and dined soooo well-thanks.
  12. Here in Chicago where the polish kelbasa rules, I have seen it poached in oil at some hot dog/burger joints. Others boil them and , depending upon the place for an extra charge, you can have them finished off on the grill for the char.
  13. elfin

    Turkey math help

    I have a 12 pound frozen turkey (giblet pack inside). How many middle aged adults will this serve? I will have at least 6 sides-(mashed potatoes, rutabaga, sweet potaoes, stuffing, green bean asserole and cranberries), pie and appetizers. Thanks
  14. Jack and gingers are common in the midwest.
  15. I have searched for their card and can not locate it. It is on a major street near a discount liquir/beer wholesaler. I am sorry I can't help you more. Perhaps your conceriege will be able to locate it for you.
  16. See if you can hook up with a local chef of note and see if he/she will let hubby work in his/her kitchen for a shift. Some chefs do this for charity auction items so if you approach the chef with a donation to his/her favorite charity you may be able to do this. A really expensive'"I would never buy this for myself'" knife is a great gift to open.
  17. Taking photos of food, seeking a table near the kitchen so you can see every dish that comes out of the kitchen and asking for restaurant recs for obscure places worldwide and knowing that you will get a response-and one you will use.
  18. I like her style. Easy read, light hearted and fun to follow.
  19. We caught the 100 Yen FOF in July! We thought it was some kind of special. Our two girls (5 and6) love FOF but still want the Unhappy Meal toy. So they end up eating both their nuggets and my FOF! Arby's (AKA Arf'ees) had a great Lenten Cajun Fish sandwich with spicey tatar sauce. Can't wait for next year to see if it is on offer again.
  20. elfin

    Drying sage

    I have large quantities of sage in my herb garden that I would like to dry for my Thanksgiving stuffing. I tried letting it air dry last year on paper towels and the aroma/ scent just was not there. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  21. Old news but heard that the bowling alley in Sister Bay had a fish boil that was good. Don't forget to stock up on cherry p[roducts-pies, jams, dried cherries, juice-yum.
  22. Ditto on the Lake Forest Bakery as the one and only place for GBC. I was sad to hear they had closed. I had tried theri other flavors and always came back to the original.
  23. He's a dad now-parenthood changes priorities.
  24. What a wonderful time. We were delighted to meet the faces behind the posts. Not only great noshing but we learned a great deal about fellow gulleteers recent travels. Pigs in the Blanket are also called "Poor Mans' Beef Wellington".
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