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  1. My sis and I grew up eating lots of tuna since we could eat solid food and we never had any problems and checked out fine physically. However, that was 20 years ago and the mercury levels in fish might be higher now.
  2. Tuna tends to dry out compared to yellowtail or other collars. Did you have this issue?
  3. Cornbread with jalepenos and cheese.
  4. I slice these cross wise, sprinkle with some salt, pepper, and dot it with butter and bake them in the oven. After i take them out, I sprinkle with a little bit of chopped parsley.
  5. In Taiwan the street vendors sell string beans deep fried, sometimes with basil and then tossed in salt and pepper. It is REALLY REALLY delicious.
  6. I like adding rice in the end w/ the egg for porridge rather than w/ udon.
  7. tissue


    My grandma used to grate them like she was making hash browns. And deep fry them. I forgot if she battered them or not, she might have because they were like little round patties.... TASTY!
  8. tissue


    natto spaghetti, with lots of nori.
  9. tissue


    http://homepage2.nifty.com/otaru-yamatoya/index6.htm Check out these donburis! Reminds me so much of what I ate in Hokkaido last summer.
  10. shiso wrapped around ika is lovely...
  11. tissue


    Cilantro is used extensively in Taiwanese cooking as a garnish.
  12. I went to Mastro's in Beverly Hills and I found that place better than Ruth Chris or Mortons.
  13. Gross! I hate civet cats because they used to walk and shit under my house in Terengganu, Malaysia every night, plus I was worried they would eat my chickens. And they left a horrible smell even if they didn't shit under the house. (Traditional Malay village houses, especially in a very flood-prone area like where I was living, were always on stilts, elevated some feet off the ground, so all manner of creatures could and did walk around under the house.) They were much worse than skunks, which only stink when they spray! Where did you have Kopi Luak? ← Didn't SARS come from civet cats... (shudders)
  14. tissue


    I just bought a package of natto with a light kombu type sauce. And the natto was all chopped up too...i actually prefer the whole beans versus the chopped. Seems like this brand or style of serving made the whole eating experience seem less natto like with the smell and texture. The sauce was A LOT sweeter than what I'm used to, I think it'd be good tossed with dried slivered seaweed and udon noodles.
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