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  1. What are wasabi peas? I'm eating nothing at the moment, but I just got home from work (I cycled) and I do believe I shall have a pre-dinner snack of cottage cheese and pork rinds.
  2. At a small, hole in the wall, restaurant in Mysore in the state of Karnataka. Absolutely wonderful food, and lots of it: I wish I could recall the name of the place. Oh. BTW. It cost us about 5 USD apiece.
  3. I'm eating jalapeno Havarti on cracked pepper water crackers, and drinking some Guinness. I haven't been this close to gustatory bliss since I have "Terrine de lapin et morilles, emulsion de carottes" at Le Bec Fin in Philadelphia.
  4. I was never allowed soda, not until I was around 16 years old could we have soda in the house. I drank it at friends' houses though.
  5. Many Indian dishes I make start with "pop 2 tsp mustard seeds".
  6. Copper bottomed, stainless steel, perhaps I should try cast iron?
  7. 6:1 is admirable, but I strive for perfection.
  8. Any good tips on popping mustard seeds? It's crucial to strike a balance between not too long (they taste burnt) and not too short (most won't pop). If the heat is too high or too low you get poorly popped seeds. Does anyone have any advice?
  9. Ok, I guess I enjoy yams (but I do not eat them with meat). Nor do I eat my cranberries with turkey, I have them as more of a side dish. And I hate honey mustard too! I tend not to like Thai food so much, either (but I am allergic to coconut so that may be part of it)
  10. I must say that I absolutely hate -- detest -- anything combining sweet with meat (or sweet with most vegetables). It seems I am in a minority by far, judging by the amount of sweet sauces that exist. I even had friends who would dunk fried chicken in honey. And I hate "honey ham" and "honey turkey" and "glazed ham" and "honey wheat bread: now with honey pockets". And today I helped myself at lunch to a steaming bowl of Mulligatawny soup -- and was horrified to find that it was sweet. I can't help myself, I just hate it. And I consider myself a rather adventurous eater, too - I'll give an
  11. Has anyone ever had durian? I have heard funny things about it.
  12. Typically I make rasam by using MTR Rasam Powder to which I add toor dahl, red chilli, curry leaves, and a bit of tamarind. But does anyone have any other good rasam recipes?
  13. I'll give you this, but it can't account for that much. After all there are often cheap places near fancy ones. Can't be more than for a cheap place. OK. How much higher are we talking, can I get some examples? Agreed
  14. I have a question. Let's suppose I pay 500$ for one plate. And let's say it's 300$ without wine. Where does that money go? How much goes to the chef? How much goes to the ingredients, and where might I find some of these uber-expensive ingreidnents?? How much is profit? Utilities and rent are the same for a fancy restaurant as they are for McDonalds. So where does the money go?
  15. What is the most you have ever paid (averaged per person) for a meal in a restaurant?
  16. open a can of tuna toss in a pan with some mustard seeds, oil, and a bit of every spice i feel like fry eat
  17. What sorts of mustards do you like? The type of mustard I like is pungent without a hint of sweetness (fie upon honey mustards), but not too vinegary. Inglehoffer's Stone Ground tends to be rather good, but it's got a little too much vinegar (overpowers the taste of the mustard). What sorts of mustards do you like? Any brands? Or do you make your own?
  18. Smarmotron


    I am going to be viciously rebutted but I quite enjoy no-salt saltines. They add texture and substance to the spread or topping, without really affecting the taste. And they go with absolutely everything, from cheeses to meat fillings to chocolate.
  19. What is East/Central African cuisine like? I mean that part of Africa south of the sahara yet north of South Africa. I've never eaten anything I could call an 'African Dish' that wasn't Moroccan or otherwise from the North. Any recipes?
  20. moss is an ancient food, rarely eaten any longer. does anyone have any recipes?
  21. Haha!!! Exact same with me!!!!! use the sponge on dishes for a week maybe. then it gets the floor and bathrooms for a week or two. by then it's a ragged mass of crap, and it goes into the trash!!!
  22. Smarmotron

    Non-grape wines

    I had some EXCELLENT mead at a friend's house last christmas. I forgot to ask where she got it from, though. The thing about non-grape wines is, if you're expecting a wine, you will probably be disappointed. If you're just expecting a mildly alcoholic beverage, they can delight.
  23. Smarmotron

    Ground Beef

    Here is a sort of Indian curry that my mother calls Kheema. It tastes very good. It is also easy as hell for a klutz such as myself. 2 Tb olive oil 1 small onion, chopped 1 clove garlic 1/2 tsp ginger powder 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper 1 tsp cumin 1/2 tsp coriander 1/4 tsp turmeric 1/2-3/4 lb ground beef 1 Tb lemon juice Brown onion in oil. Add all spices + fry 3 min on low. Add hamburger and some salt (this dish needs a fair bit of salt, I never measure it though). Cook until the beef is done. Sprinkle with lemon juice. Notes: 1) Use more spices if you want a more flavorful dish. 2) I double
  24. Smarmotron

    Brown Rice

    When paired with the proteins in miso shiru, tofu, and shitake mushrooms both will become adequate. My packet of Uncle Ben's brown rice says it has 5g/serving... Whatever. The figures I've cited are from the "US Rice Foundation". (The link is on the first page for their chart.) 2, 3, 5, 7 are all insignificant values for human life. Basically folks, if grains are your main source of protein you need to eat a worm or an egg or something right now. You can process soy beans into tofu or miso later. Eat the worm. Now. Egad. Grains are only a meaningful source of protein when paired with legumes.
  25. Smarmotron

    Brown Rice

    When paired with the proteins in miso shiru, tofu, and shitake mushrooms both will become adequate. My packet of Uncle Ben's brown rice says it has 5g/serving...
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