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  1. I had some excellent lamb shawarma there last weekend. This isn't a black tie fancy place, but if you love garlic it is for you. Anyone else been there?
  2. Smarmotron

    Brown Rice

    Actually brown rice has a lot more protein, if you read the packages. And, I use 2x water to 1x rice. It works out great in my mediocre rice cooker.
  3. Hi, here is some background on myself. I am 23 and single, I am not averse to spending 30-45 min preparing a meal but if I spend that long it damn well better last me for 4 days :) I am in a quest for the perfect pasta sauce. I eat a lot of spaghetti, since it is cheap, easy to cook and tastes good. I have tried most of the spaghetti sauces I find in the store, and I have found that they all suffer from flaws. One, many are too sweet. I hate sweetness with meat or vegetables. Two, many taste too strongly of tomatoes. I don't particularly like the taste of raw tomatoes, and some sauces t
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