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  1. i'm about to start brining some brisket for pastrami - but a bit confused by the brining liquid formula - it calls for 350g or 1.5 cups of kosher salt.

    But when measured on scales 350g of salt is way closer to 2.5 cups. How much salt should i use? I checked brining formulas in couple other books and 350g indeed looks too much. I added all 350g and the liquid is really heavy salted...

    Any advice?

    Thanks much!

  2. Bringing out this thread - since recently i got fascinated by the idea - most probably because i loved Beaumont's Green Devil (rinse of Pernod, Martin Miller's gin, Duvel) cocktail so much.

    Some interesting recipes appeared in Oct issue of Food Arts: Beer Tails, and i tried Jugador tonight - made it with Plymouth gin and Stone IPA though. It came out nice: gin and ale have a certain flavor synergy, but still it was a bit muted...

  3. We all seem to be on a St. Germain kick. 

    1 oz Tequila por Mi Amante

    1/2 Tequila reposado

    1 oz St. Germain

    1/2 oz lime juice

    Shake, strain, sip contentedly.

    I have a batch of Tequila por Mi Amante and made the cocktail above many times - it's great.

    Now i'm thinking of using Licor 43 instead St. Germain: it should work just fine right?

    ETA: just maybe orange juice instead of lime? should be a classic combo, of strawberry, vanilla and orange :)

  4. i have a bag of barley couscous from Kalustyans - has anybody cooked it before and can share a recipe? Recipes on the web are so different from each other that it's a bit confusing. Thanks much!

  5. it's a great thread indeed!

    and it's nice to see some refenences to Marcella Cucina - my culinary revelation of the year comes from this book - her recipe for artichokes and shrimps baked with mozzarella is incomparable, and in fact reincarnated twice in other cookbooks - first in Da Fiore Cookbook: Recipes from Venice's Best Restaurant (more elaborate version) and then in Marcella's own book - her latest, sans shrimp.

  6. Chris, first of all let me once again to thank you for a very informative course - the knowledge we got was quite helpful in making our first two batches (both are still in the fermentation stage).

    I also have a question - are there any general quidelines on how to brew with citrus - oranges or others? I found a nice recipe for Blood Orange Hefeweizen in Extreme Brewing book that calls for whole fruits while Mosher in Radical Brewing briefly mentions he's sometimes brewing with triple sec. I also see different kinds of dried orange peels in our local brewing store... no wonder i'm totally confused :shock:

    thank you so much!

  7. Kristin, may i suggest to look at Happy in the Kitchen from another angle? i never had any interest or time to make anything from French Laundry ( i do have the book and read through it but this is not just my style of cooking)

    On the other hand i cooked many dishes from Richards' book and what a joy it is: and many dishes don't tax on your time - tuna beet tartare, asparagus on asparagus (or romaine on romaine), or potato all crust gratin to name just a few. Or consider squid schnitzel - so much fun to make and to eat!

    I think this book is a must in every cookbook library, novice or expert: all of us who are just happy to be in the kitchen and cook!

  8. Duck gissards confit: well not exactly - i had no chicken fat and used evoo instead (of course it's all Paula's fault anyway, after trying her amazing pork coddled in olive oil (Slow Med book) i started to confit everything in olive oil only).

    Gizzards came out very good: subtly spiced, nicely chewy (i'm paranoid about meat mushiness and stopped cooking them after two and a half hours) and just maybe a bit salty but in a good snack-y way - i can't stop stealing them from the pan :wub:

  9. made some yesterday:

    pork butt chunks braised in chicken stock with onion, garlic, oregano, cumin and chiles, and then roasted until caramelized in rendered pork fat, juice and zest of seville oranges and brown sugar - excellent!


  10. Does anybody have a recommendation for anything in this gift box?

    Susan, sorry i missed your post but this Christoffel Blond in your box is my favorite, pilsener that tastes like full flavored amber ale - very good.

    Yesterday tried Mojo IPA - it's good but a bit unidimensional.

    Two of Moylans tonight - Hopsickle Imperial IPA and Moylander Double IPA - supposedly very good.

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