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  1. Jiffy corn muffin mix original green bean casserole with canned cream of mushroom soup AND "french fried onions" I also use said mushroom soup and FF onions in tuna noodle casserole, but also celery (diced fresh), frozen peas, and lashings of Hellmans mayonnaise, usually Old Bay Seasoning too (boy, am I hungry right now!) Penzeys spice mixes (oh the horror) yes, Underwood Devilled Ham but doctored with mayo and pickle relish
  2. It was a lot of fun. He is VERY opinionated, and I would chalk some of it up to being young. He was also very pleasant and generous with his time. He says what he thinks, and that's OK. I agree that many things that started out as good ideas turned into bad trends. More to the point, if something works and is delicious, whether it's a trend or not, it's a good idea. The Cheesecake Factory is as bad a trend as I can readily imagine. Way overpriced, really awful food. I had a truly horrifying dirty martini when dragged to one is Boston. Half a jar of olive juice. Still, this is hardly a trend from last year. Theme restaurants are just a bad idea. I do think that sliders are stupid. I think that 5 major steakhouses in one city is a dumb idea - how many bad steakhouses are there in Boston? It would be nice to have one excellent place.
  3. My Mom was (mistakenly) diagnosed with diabetes, and I figured this would be a good book to have. I looked at it in the store, and it seemed dull. I didn't get it, luckily. It's not that hard to work out ways of working with whole grains without buying this cumbersome book. Some things just don't work well with whole grains, either, so why bother?
  4. It looks great to me...but since it's coming out too late to be of use in creating holiday treats, I decided to wait and see it before I order it. I have recieved two Jamie Oliver cookbooks that I find completely useless. The food is attractive, but I just don't make fish pie or bangers all that often. I actually really like his fish pie.
  5. Well, I'm not all that keen on manifestos, but you maek some good points. Yes, I will support my "local" restaurants going through hard times. In my case, local includes within a 100-mile radius, as we have two tolerable restaurants within 5 miles of my house. TWO. I will enthusiastically NOT support the many awful local restaurants in my neighborhood. I will complain (politely) to the owner about a pointedly bad experience, and if I am not satisfied with the response, I won't return. I will do my best to not eat at chains and fast food mills. I will, however, eat at a new restaurant anytime I feel like it, just because I'm pleased to do so. I will eat out when it's convenient for me to do so, whatever night it happens to be. I will NOT avoid the wine tasting menu at, say, Le Bernardin, because to do so would be masochistically depriving myself of a wonderful experience. I will, however, avoid wine tasting menus (and tasting menus in general) unless I have very good reason to blow a month's pay. I will use any and all information except Zagat available to choose my dining experiences. I will feel free to change my mind about any of the points above at any time, depending upon my mood of the moment.
  6. Ah, the Chicago Tribune, arbiter of all that is good and right. I had to laugh at the fact that they got a comment from "even the owners of a food bookstore in Maine." Incredibly, people in Maine, especailly at Rabelais, know a thing or two about food. What a concept! Anyway, some good ideas, some bad ones, and I mostly have to agree with David Chang. I'm not entirely sure that "media whore" is a dining trend. Yikes.
  7. What an incredibly stupid idea. Of all the clever and interesting things possible for TV, this is the best that Food Network can do? Pathetic.
  8. I've recently inherited a set of copper Smirnoff Mule mugs. I have had and enjoyed a Mosocw Mule in a glass, and I've always thought the mugs really cute, but are they safe? Thanks! While I'm on the subject, favorite recipes for Moscow Mules would be welcome - whether I serve them in mugs OR glasses!
  9. Extremely good point! As in "Gordon" vs "Chef Ramsey." Just saying.
  10. 'Salty Oats' cookies from Gesine Bullock-Prado's excellent website (and book) http://confectionsofamasterbaker.blogspot.com/2009/04/sowing-my-salty-oats.html
  11. Ah - that would have helped! Sadly, our server didn't mention it. Still, I'm just not a fan of that gravy. So, note to self for future reference: try poutine again, with different gravy, and have a Cheval Blanc! I think that the gravy is variable. I had an awful poutine - unworthy of the name! - at the Skinny Pancake in Burlington VT. The gravy tasted like it came straight out of a can. Perhaps we can agree that a Quebois brew is most suitable avec the poutine? Don't give up!
  12. violetfox


    Thanks for noting Maggie's wonderful article! Though no one in my family is French-Canadian, we often have tourtiere for Christmas dinner or supper. Ketchup is very important. One of the in-laws has found a great recipe for a fruit ketchup that includes apples and I think raisins - heavenly!
  13. It's a title of respect for the level of skill and experience. I can't see it as odd or awkward in any way. I'm also not at all sure that a chef is any less deserving of respect than a professor!
  14. Neptune Oyster is wonderful. I'd avoid Legal Seafood like the plague. How can a seafood restaurant overcook fish so very badly, and make chowder so loaded with flour that a spoon stands straight up in it? Ugh.
  15. violetfox

    Old Bay seasoning

    One of the few mixed seasonings that I always have on hand. Essential!
  16. violetfox

    Making Oatmeal

    Toasting oats in butter at the beginning -adding a lump of butter when I serve them, with maple syrup and cream. "You can never have too much butter."
  17. Janet, thanks for your fine article about one of my favorite drinks, and for the recipe for lime cordial. I'll try it soon!
  18. Wow, sorry. No, we didn't get that far. My Mom wasn't feeling so well, so we went home early. I hope to make it next summer, and will let you know if we're there!
  19. I thought Michael Symon's comments were thoughtful and accurate, a welcome relief from Steingarten's particularly bad temper.
  20. violetfox

    The Recipe Game

    Toasted brioche, bacon, lettuce, tomato, crabmeat (preferably peekytoe) salad with just a little mayo with a little lime juice, a couple of slices of avocado.
  21. I ADORE La Banquise. I do like the basic poutine, but am very fond of Galvaude - chicken and peas! I also love APdC's foie gras poutine, the soul of excess. I haven't had poutine at Patate Patati but their fries are divine. I hope that you had beer with your poutine. Someone should have mentioned that it's essential. I recommend Cheval Blanc.
  22. I certainly don't intend to get a Vita-Mix any time in the foreseeable future. While I do need to get a scale, primarily for baking, it doesn't seem to make much sense to list a scale and not use weight-based measurements in the book. Hm. This post by vice is in "Cookbooks That Use Weight-Based Measurements" discussion. IF #1, having Vita-Mix is essential for his recipes, its a deal-breaker for me at this point to get this book. I simply do not have the room for it. Can you folks weigh in here who have handled the book with your opinions please.
  23. Great idea, snowangel - thank you!
  24. So far, I like it very much - mostly. The lobster roll recipe, while it looks perfectly fine, is funny in that he says to use 1 1/4 lb lobsters because bigger ones aren't as tender. Tell that to a Mainer, or to Martin Picard!
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