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  1. Well, that's a very different thing than the question you posed of if some chefs "can cook." Someone's opinion of whether anyone, chef or not, can cook them a meal to their standards is not anything like whether somone is capable of professional cooking, is it?
  2. I can't think of a single chef I know who "can't cook." It sounds ridiculous to me. Even if he means working the line - I still can't think of one. I'd be curious to see anyone name a chef who can't cook. Hope you've got a good lawyer, too!
  3. I was just thinking about family food traditions around holidays, and particularly the 4th of July for us Yanks. I suspect others have less-than-fond memories of burnt food and too much booze with attendant,um, unpleasantness. It's more than high time to make my own traditions for the day. Thus, sorta embracing Marcus Samuelsson's "Meatless Monday" idea (I don't think he originated it, but he's mentioned it recently), luncheon was the traditional New England salmon with a a sorta Swedish mustard/sour cream/dill sauce, newish potatoes in a warm salad, and roasted aspargus with a little sesame oil, and local strawberries in shortcake with scones instead of bisuits, and a nice dry French rose. This afternoon, I had a caramelized pear ice cream cone, and will probably have another small come for supper, possibly followed by a (single) Campari and orange. I feel happier just thinking about it.
  4. I think that Marcus Samuelsson and Anne Burrell are both wonderful. Recall, too, that America's Next Iron Chef brought us the race between Michael Symon and John Besh. Great television and great chefs.
  5. I have three of his cookbooks, and love them and use them all of the time.
  6. Rocco is rapidly moving ahead of Gordon Ramsey, Guy Fieri and even Sandra Lee in terms of least favorite-ness. I do believe that once upon a time, he could and did cook. Emeril is moving high up in favorite-ness - I love the show "The Originals."
  7. I can't go camping (or for that matter, stay home) without a variety of Look's Baked Beans from Whiting, Maine. Jacob's Cattle Beans! Salt pork in the can! They're good straight out of the can, not even heated.
  8. I just watched - and loved - "The Ramen Girl." Brittany Murphy was pretty wonderful, and the film does make me a little sad.
  9. I also really love the pictures, and her tone. I haven't had decent lighting in my kitchen for years (long story) and after seeing a picture of her kitchen, now have a totally utilitarian work light over my stove - and LOVE it!
  10. I'm surprised that I can't find - maybe didn't search well - any comment on Judith Jones' "Cooking for One." This is a cookbook that I've been using a couple of days a week for months, and I'm delighted with it. Anyone else?
  11. Agreed! It sounds to me - from unpleasant experience - like salmonella, and who knows? Mussels are supicious, but not necessarily the cause. I hope that you feel lots better soon, Deus. Ginger tea!!!
  12. Bringing politics in here? Really? Anyway, I'm mostly 'offended' for two reasons. First, he's a shrill propagandist. In the first episode of the second season in the US version, he was scaring kids by telling them that vanilla ice cream is made from cute lil' beavers. W.T.H.? Am I really supposed to believe that vanilla flavor manufacturers are going to give up cheap and potent vanillin and its derivatives and analogues, in favor of beaver glands? It just makes no sense on the face. If the company is making a cheap enough product that it's speccing vanilla flavor (as opposed to extract), they wouldn't use castoreum, for which there is no large commercial base. His claim also got debunked here http://www.vrg.org/blog/2011/06/17/beaver-gland-castoreum-not-used-in-vanilla-flavorings-according-to-manufacturers/ Second, he's learned nothing from his disastrous efforts in the UK. He keeps on going with that arrogant attitude of his, and it rankles. A news flash - food is political. Ask Michael Pollan. Ask anyone who is trying to raise organic vegetables in [my] home garden, and trying to avoid Monsanto's takeover of once-good seed like the Early Girl tomato. The First Lady is NOT "dictating what Americans eat." Jamie Oliver clearly cares about children and youth, and he's passionate about it. Sweetened, artificially flavored milk has NO PLACE in school lunches, period. Do you give it to your own children? I doubt it. We should care about the world we're creating for our children. How that can be seen as offensive is incomprehensible.
  13. I find it absolutely fascinating that anyone other than agribusiness types is offended by Mr. Oliver's attempts to improve nutrition for school children. Then again, there are those (who don't need to be named) who are deeply offended by Michelle Obama's interest in nutrtion. Bizarre!
  14. No. I'd mortgage the house and bet it all on that one. oops.
  15. Thank you for the suggestions! All make good sense to me.
  16. I had a customer today looking for a wine to go with filet mignon, sauteed simply, not au poivre, not a strong or heavy sauce, not grilled. He wanted something of "medium body" - and liked both Malbec and Merlot. He bought a nice bottle of each, but what other choices would others recommend? I would probably have leaned toward a Burgundy or maybe something Italian. I got thinking about obvious choices and am curious about less obvious ones. Thanks in advance!
  17. I remain sort of astonished that food-loving people continue to say that they're reluctant to dine alone in a restaurant. I love company, don't get me wrong, but when I am alone for whatever reason, I thoroughly enjoy dining out with myself for company. I really like it better than (most) communal tables. I just don't see this as an issue for my enjoyment of food.
  18. Having not actually made macarons, I just wonder if the moisture in the jam would have a softening effect on the cookie part?
  19. violetfox

    Wine in boxes

    An excellent point, in my opinion.
  20. Yup, Cabernet Franc sounds just fine. I'm not sure that means that other opinions "missed the boat" though.
  21. Many candidates, but surely my least favorite is "brush-etta," especially said by waitstaff causing me to bite my tongue to avoid correcting them.
  22. I thought it was beautiful. It wasn't precisely what I expected, and that was great. My respect for Grant Achatz is tremendous. And I'm even less inclined to visit Charlie Trotter's than I was before.
  23. retro in a bad way, and I hardly ever say that
  24. The whole idea that "noise is good because it's noise" seems goofy to me. Are we advocating Cheesecake Factory now? Perhaps my least favorite restaurant, period. The answer, unfortunately, seems to be "it depends" - yes, a noisy dim sum restaurant is fine, and a silent, precious, fussy restaurant sucks, but very quiet restaurants can be lovely and very noisy ones can be awful. Personally, it depends upon my mood and the style of food. I've also known people to go to a restaurant that is well and widely known for being noisy-to-raucous and then complaining (loudly) about how noisy it was. Duh.
  25. violetfox

    Wine in boxes

    Well, portability is an issue too - for a weeklong camping trip, a box is perfect. Right now, I like Washington Hills and Domaine Roger Perrin. I also like Black Box and Almaden, depending on the occasion.
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