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  1. Many of their stores don't worry about what the coupons say, they will discount just about anything. We bought 1 of the AIR ovens and they had no problem at all accepting the 20% off coupon on top of the sale price. Of course I also never worry about the expiration date on them.
  2. It's actually the same price at Bed Bath and Beyond and then you get to use a 20% off coupon on top of that!
  3. MSRadell

    Restaurant flatware thoughts

    Definitely No my opinion. I can't see anything good about them other than they look unusual. It looks like would be very difficult to eat with them and the handles are just terrible.
  4. MSRadell

    Restaurant flatware thoughts

    I like the design you are using previously. Having flatware that's too small it's just as much of a problem is having it that's too big.
  5. MSRadell

    Arby's - The Topic

    That must've just been the preliminary list because my wife went by 1 of the Arby's here Louisville yesterday and they had a signout advertising the duck.
  6. I would definitely start with a finer grit sandpaper than 100, I probably start was nothing coarser than 400. You can always go to something coarser if needed but if you start with something course and get deep scratches it's going to be hard to get them out. As mentioned by a PP, look online for instructions for repairing marble surfaces.
  7. What kind of meat is it? People go hunting for all kinds of game, it could be dear, rabbit, squirrel etc.. Each 1 of those can be cooked quite differently.
  8. Kind email yesterday regarding this new oven from Breville, heress its website: http://smartovenpizzaiolo.breville.com/us/?utm_source=brevilleusanewsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=pizzaiolo_sneak_peek It's kind of a one trick pony but having the ability to go to 750° could provide some interesting possibilities. I wonder what the pricing is going to be?
  9. MSRadell

    Great Ways to Cook Corn on the Cob

    We've been cooking it in our Instant Pot this year with great success. 2 minutes HP steam then quick release and it comes out excellent!
  10. MSRadell

    Use the crust when making breadcrumbs?

    I guess we normally don't think about the color variations because the normal bread we use is whole-wheat or some variation thereof. In that case the crust isn't really that much of a different color than the bread itself. Irregardless, we always use the crust including the ends (they had a little different texture and more crunch).
  11. MSRadell

    SOLIDTeknics wrought iron pans

    We have a couple of "Lightweight Cast-Iron" pans we use all the time. We've had several of them for quite a while and they are holding up very well. Not sure how they are much different than these other than they were a good bit less expensive.
  12. MSRadell


    I certainly agree, my point is that is just the cost of doing business so included in the price of the meal. Don't fool people with a lower price on the menu and then tack on surcharges to cover either items. If it costs you $X to cover food, salaries and benefits so be it, but that price on the menu.
  13. MSRadell


    Looks like you had a great meal! I went and looked at the menu and it looks great but this on the bottom of the menu "A 4% surcharge is added for San Francisco Employer Mandates" is something I find very upsetting. Whatever those may be they are just a cost of doing business. I'm assuming they are trying to get a point across to government officials.
  14. MSRadell

    Wireless over stove camera?

    You obviously are going to need one that is rated for being put outside. Those will be much more resistant to heat and moisture. There are several good ones on the market but you may want to look at the Arlo cameras my Netgear as a starting point.
  15. MSRadell

    New Wegman's near Boston

    I grew up in Rochester, the home of Wegmans and have really missed them ever since leaving the area. I know they're expanding but I don't think they're ever going to get to Louisville Kentucky. They can certainly make a killing here, the only large supermarkets we have our Kroger and Meiers out of Michigan, they both leave a lot to be desired. We also have a couple of Fresh Markets And One Whole Foods. I really miss the variety and level of service that Wegmans gives in every store I've ever been to.