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  1. That service certainly looks expensive compared to what you can get them done for locally in most cities.
  2. That certainly works but after you click off a corner of the container you have no way to reseal it. After I had it seems like the milk would go bad faster and pick up other odors.
  3. MSRadell

    Oreo Cookies

    The Mystery Flavor Was Announced Today: it's Churro! https://people.com/food/oreo-unveils-new-churro-cookie-as-its-latest-mystery-flavor/
  4. MSRadell

    Oreo Cookies

    The Peppermint Bark Oreos are the best Oreos I've ever had! I really like the dark chocolate once but these are even better. Hopefully they will stay around. Just the right mix of peppermint and chocolate.
  5. I'm not particular about omelettes although I prefer them was a little brown. Fried Eggs whether over easy or sunny side up definitely need a little brown around the edges which you get easily when cooking them in bacon grease!
  6. MSRadell

    Breakfast 2019

    What airport did you find that at? It looks wonderful!
  7. We don't have any nor do I see an advantage to having them. It seems like they just have a place where the materials intersect each other for various (possibly harmful) food items build up over time. We certainly use a variety of silicone/metal/other material utensils but we don't have any that have 2 materials in one tool. That being said, maybe some of the plastic/silicone utensils we have may have some type of reinforcing internally but they certainly don't have an interface surface visible.
  8. MSRadell

    Burger King

    That's hysterical! Maybe they should sell him in Vegas since people are used to gambling there anyway. I'm surprised they can get away with that, especially in Europe. Seems like many of the standards are even higher there than they are in that states. I can't see how it would attract customers, only how it could run them off.
  9. The other day it wouldn't let me thru to read the article. However this evening I was able to get to the article without a problem. Not sure what the problem was since I hadn't been to their site in quite a while but anyway I got to the article today and it was very interesting. Thanks for the reminder about free articles or I wouldn't have tried again.
  10. Too bad that the article is behind a pay wall, it sounds interesting.
  11. MSRadell


    We normally use 1 of these: Lodge L8CB3 Cast Iron Cornbread Wedge Pan, Pre-Seasoned ...lots of surfaces for the darkened texture. If we are in a hurry we 1 of these: Proctor Silex 25408Y Sandwich Toaster it makes it very quick and again you get lots of good surfaces. I do agree that having a little sugar in the mix at least in our opinion makes for better cornbread.
  12. We bought 1 of these: Kuhn-Rikon-5-in-1-Jar-and-Bottle-Opener a few years ago and it's the best tool we have in the kitchen! We've actually ended up buying them for my wife's sister and mother because we like them so much.
  13. I'm guessing that it's a time factor. They only want to pull the items and he them when a customer wants it. It would take too long to heat something up using Sous vide
  14. 112 We have 1 of their Opal icemakers and really love it! If you like nugget ice they are definitely something to look into.
  15. 139 The other thing they can do while adding a service charge instead of increasing the price of the items themselves is advertise at a lower price. They may run a special that says something to the effect of "large pizza $9.99" which will probably draw more customers than advertising "large pizza $10.99" many people probably don't even notice that they add a service fee. The other thing that's frustrating is the outrageous price they charge for delivery. In our area Domino's just went up to $3.99 for delivery. They say that none of that goes to the drivers so you need to tip them . If that fee doesn't go to the drivers that what is it for? There is really no other reason to charge that much for pizza delivery.
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