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  1. MSRadell

    Hot chocolate--hot cocoa what's the best?

    209 I personally think that it can get to sleep in a big hurry. If it's too sweet you don't taste chocolate, all you taste is the sweet. I would much rather have it under sweetened than over sweetened.
  2. MSRadell

    Breakfast 2019

    530 Thank You!
  3. MSRadell

    Breakfast 2019

    526 That looks fantastic, would you mind sharing the recipe?
  4. MSRadell

    Sonic Drive-In

    I believe everybody knows that the term Coney Dog or Coney came from Coney Island in New York City! Or at least they should know that and they were made famous by Nathan's in Coney Island.
  5. I believe in the past they usually have their sales on Cyber Monday, not Black Friday.
  6. It's for getting olives or pickles out of a jar, or at least that's what my grandmother used to use the one she had for!
  7. Many of their stores don't worry about what the coupons say, they will discount just about anything. We bought 1 of the AIR ovens and they had no problem at all accepting the 20% off coupon on top of the sale price. Of course I also never worry about the expiration date on them.
  8. It's actually the same price at Bed Bath and Beyond and then you get to use a 20% off coupon on top of that!
  9. MSRadell

    Restaurant flatware thoughts

    Definitely No my opinion. I can't see anything good about them other than they look unusual. It looks like would be very difficult to eat with them and the handles are just terrible.
  10. MSRadell

    Restaurant flatware thoughts

    I like the design you are using previously. Having flatware that's too small it's just as much of a problem is having it that's too big.
  11. MSRadell

    Arby's - The Topic

    That must've just been the preliminary list because my wife went by 1 of the Arby's here Louisville yesterday and they had a signout advertising the duck.
  12. I would definitely start with a finer grit sandpaper than 100, I probably start was nothing coarser than 400. You can always go to something coarser if needed but if you start with something course and get deep scratches it's going to be hard to get them out. As mentioned by a PP, look online for instructions for repairing marble surfaces.
  13. What kind of meat is it? People go hunting for all kinds of game, it could be dear, rabbit, squirrel etc.. Each 1 of those can be cooked quite differently.
  14. Kind email yesterday regarding this new oven from Breville, heress its website: http://smartovenpizzaiolo.breville.com/us/?utm_source=brevilleusanewsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=pizzaiolo_sneak_peek It's kind of a one trick pony but having the ability to go to 750° could provide some interesting possibilities. I wonder what the pricing is going to be?
  15. MSRadell

    Great Ways to Cook Corn on the Cob

    We've been cooking it in our Instant Pot this year with great success. 2 minutes HP steam then quick release and it comes out excellent!