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  1. $5 Meal Challenge

    I clicked on the Red Boat link you provided it showed me that shipping was going to be $6.25? Expensive to start with and then relatively expensive shipping also, don't think I'm going to be getting any. I do wish we had a Wegmans however, I grew up in Rochester and got addicted to them.
  2. Breakfast! 2018

    Those eggs look perfect, how long do you cook them in the IP?
  3. Favorite Thermometers....

    We have recently purchased a couple of the ThermoPop thermometers and really love them. They're very fast to read the temperature, they have a easy to read display and the fact that you can rotate the direction of the display comes in handy sometimes. Besides that they are cute! Everything I've seen they're just as accurate as the Thermapen. A little harder to fit in your pocket but unless you work in a professional kitchen how many people really do that?
  4. Ahh, Bisto! The Gravy Mix

    Where did you order it from? I ordered some from Amazon and had it in 2 weeks.
  5. Potato Puree, Mashed Potatoes, Pommes

    It's easy to tell that most posters here didn't grow up in the country, in the country completely smooth potatoes like you get when you run them through a ricer are a sign of a bad cook. They are supposed to have small pieces of actual potatoes in them which is a sign they were made with a masher. I got scolded many times by my grandmother if I over mashed potatoes! Of course it still I love them today.
  6. Breville Smart Oven Air

    BB&B also has it for $319.99 and if you use a 20% off coupon it comes down to $255.99!
  7. Jack in the Box

    Actually the "Prime Rib" sandwich sounds the best to me, the chicken sandwich doesn't interest me at all because of the Mayo and I don't like tomatoes so that leaves me with that one. I always like cheesesteak sandwiches anyway and was a cheesy garlic sauce it sounds yummy. Now we just had a Jack-in-the-Box around here I'd be all set.
  8. Sansaire to shut down

  9. Best Fast Food Burger

    I've never been to a Freddy's I'm guessing they aren't a lot like S'n'S if people really like to go there. The only thing good about S'n'S is that their prices are very reasonable (cheap). Actually, their fries and shakes are quite good also but I certainly can't give their burgers a very high mark. They are very thin, greasy and flavorless.
  10. I Bought a Tutove – Now What?

    I've heard of one but never seen 1 nor used one. Hope you figured out soon, keep us informed of your progress and results.
  11. One Click Butter Cutter

    We actually bought this 1 KitchenArt 32000 Buttermate a while ago, it works okay and we use it once in a while but a knife is certainly much simpler.
  12. Subway's Reuben sandwich

    Subway used to have the quick serve sandwich business all to itself, now that there is more competition, actually lots of competition, they are losing business rapidly! Between Jimmy John's, Potbelly, Which Wich, Jersey Mike's, etc. there are a lot of better choices.
  13. Oreo Cookies

    Has anybody tried the Oreo Hot & Spicy Cinnamon ones? Haven't seen them around here yet but they certainly sound interesting.
  14. My wife and I both love Lake Champlain chocolate, particularly the 54% dark. Whole Foods stocks several different varieties of the Bars but we normally buy it direct from the manufacturer in 1 ounce pieces, we don't devour it quite so fast that way.
  15. Breakfast! 2018

    I'm sorry but hard scrambled eggs are not allowed to be served with corned beef hash! You either have to have a soft poached egg or a sunny side up egg so you have a runny yolk that can seep down into the hash!