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  1. I Bought a Tutove--Now What?

    I've heard of one but never seen 1 nor used one. Hope you figured out soon, keep us informed of your progress and results.
  2. One Click Butter Cutter

    We actually bought this 1 KitchenArt 32000 Buttermate a while ago, it works okay and we use it once in a while but a knife is certainly much simpler.
  3. Subway's Reuben sandwich

    Subway used to have the quick serve sandwich business all to itself, now that there is more competition, actually lots of competition, they are losing business rapidly! Between Jimmy John's, Potbelly, Which Wich, Jersey Mike's, etc. there are a lot of better choices.
  4. Oreo Cookies

    Has anybody tried the Oreo Hot & Spicy Cinnamon ones? Haven't seen them around here yet but they certainly sound interesting.
  5. My wife and I both love Lake Champlain chocolate, particularly the 54% dark. Whole Foods stocks several different varieties of the Bars but we normally buy it direct from the manufacturer in 1 ounce pieces, we don't devour it quite so fast that way.
  6. Breakfast! 2018

    I'm sorry but hard scrambled eggs are not allowed to be served with corned beef hash! You either have to have a soft poached egg or a sunny side up egg so you have a runny yolk that can seep down into the hash!
  7. Pimento Cheese

    The best Pimento Cheese we've ever found is Palmetto pimento cheese made in South Carolina. Fortunately both Walmart and Kroger are clearing here in Louisville Kentucky. They have 3 varieties, regular, bacon and jalapeno. We definitely prefer the regular. It's got just the right amount of kick to it without being overpowering.
  8. Inverter Microwaves

    As the previous posters of said they are the only way to go if you are purchasing a microwave! A doings much better job and defrosting or even cooking/steaming. Having continous power instead of power pulsing on and off makes a huge difference. I don't understand why any microwave manufacturers make a microwave it doesn't have this feature except for maybe very inexpensive ones.
  9. Kitchen Lighting Color Temp

    I agree, we use 3000 K lighting for general lighting but have 4000 K for the kitchen and exterior. For me 5000 K or higher is just too white.
  10. It must be a regional thing because they still have them around here.
  11. Uses for leftover cola?

    Not kidding at all, my mother-in-law has been making one forever and they are actually very good. If the cola is flat or not doesn't really matter.
  12. Breville Smart Oven Air

    We bought an Air last week and just started playing with it over the weekend. We haven't cooked anything exotic yet just some roast vegetables, tater tots and some fish. So far we really like it, we had a smart oven for a long time and bought this as a replacement.   We are definitely looking forward to trying more things in the future to see how the new functions work. We did Air Fry the tater tots more or less just playing around and they certainly came out great.
  13. Uses for leftover cola?

    How about Coca-Cola salad? I've had it many times and it's always very good. There obviously are many recipes and flavors you can make it in but here's one directly from Coca-Cola for a starting point: Coca-Cola cherry salad
  14. A Small NYC Kitchen Reno 2017

    That's True, that's why they are put in the system to keep water pressure on upper floors from creating additional static pressure on lower floors!
  15. A Small NYC Kitchen Reno 2017

    Not really, in all high-rise buildings they have booster pumps at various elevations to increase the water pressure for the higher floors. They also have check valves in the system to prevent the water in upper floors from creating excessive pressure in the lower ones. The only exception is the fire systems which have all their pumps etc. at lower elevations mainly because of the size and in the extreme case of a major fire large city fire departments, FDNY for example have high-pressure pumpers that they can use to pump additional water into the building fire protection systems.