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  1. i was born and raised in malaysia and the citrus that is used in the nuoc cham is called Calamansi, but unfortunately it is not found here. I did bring some seeds in but unfortunately i dont' have the green thumb to grow it.. is is still in a pot with loads of leaves but no fruit. the best way to describe the taste of a Calamansi is like a sour version of a mini mandarin orange. it looks like a mandarin orange and also peels like one. the segments can be separated like a madarin as well.. only the skin is green and also it is sour. ahh what i would give to have some calamansi here in California...
  2. it use to be just in SF then for some reason they alternate now between SF and SD and this is the first year that SD is doing this... just like the western foodservice show.. they use to alternate SF and LA then they decided that there was no reason to have it twice in one stat so now it's only in LA..
  3. i will be going.. mostly checking on coffee products and anything that has to do with coffeeshops and also organic products..
  4. what i have done before is to break all the eggs in one big mixing bowl then reach in and pick out the yolks.. it's alot faster than separating it one by one.... hope this helps... well of course this is done with gloves...
  5. Preserver

    Curing Ham

    anyone has a recipe to cure a ham like Honey Baked Ham and not dry curing like a proscuitto.... any good recipe out there??... thanks and have a happy holiday....
  6. not only the pay is not as much as we all would like... you also have to remember that the hours are horrendous...... if you like to sleep late..forget about it
  7. well you can reserve it and the next time you make creme brulee or ice cream you can steep it in the cream so you don't have to use whole beans... maybe use 2 or 3 of the split pod..
  8. Preserver

    Jicama question

    ahhhhh you suck..!!!! just kidding.. hehehe you just reminded me of home. yeah back in Malaysia we have something close to that called "Rojak" MMMMM yummy....
  9. have you tried using black pie pan?? the dark color will make it brown faster...hey i just kinda sorta figured my own problem out lol
  10. thanks guys... i guess the par baking for the pumpkin pie would work.. do you guys think that baking it ON the pizza stone would work? and if it did then would i need to bake it at 350 or 400? of course the pastry shop has it perfect every time... suggestion"s..??
  11. i bake quite a bit the only problem is that i find often is that the bottom of the pie shell is uncooked... i have heard that if i bake it at a higher temp which i have tried didn't work... now if i was to follow the instructions in a recipe it would say bake at 350 for 45mins in the middle rack... so how do i get the bottom of my pie to cook without burning the top.. by the way most recent baking adventure was yesterday with apple pie and a pumpkin pie...
  12. hmm i love me some curry laksa right now... and i also like the kuah from nasi dagang... hmm what else..?? oh asam laksa maybe..?? dang hungry now... time to make a trip home... lol
  13. black ceiling and white flour... you'd have a ceiling that would turn grey hehehe but black would absorb heat from oven and will raise the temp in your kitchen, not to mention that it might be a fire hazard although it's far fetched, but something to consider.. health department might have something to say about it cos they can't see how clean/dirty your ceiling's are..
  14. true it depends on how big of a batch you are making. and also are you making this at home or in the shop?? if it's home i suggest going to IKEA and getting one of their island counter top and putting a marble slab on it... if its a shop i suggest have one cumtom made...
  15. sounds like you need a scale that weighs weed or some sort of drug. living in San Francisco you get alot of these scale's in the head shop thats strewn around town..
  16. i think that everyone is right.. not recycling is bad. food in bowl and a microwavable top works for me. i don't use plastic wrap, but instead it's the flexible cutting board which is designed for microwave's . here it is.. www.chop-chop.com
  17. Preserver

    Cocoa Nibs

    i agree that cacao nibs are all the same and probably the only difference would be the roasting process that determines the bitterness of the nibs. but try these guy's they have great nibs but i am sure there are many out there that have same if not better nibs... https://www.artisanconfection.com/products.asp?dept=3
  18. here in SF it would have to be Bay Bread, Slanted Door, Citizen Cake and Tartine Bakery.
  19. A FRAGILE sticker might work too
  20. here is a thought.. dont know how it works in seattle.. but here in san francisco you can apply at city hall for the front of the store so you can have a 10mins parking for customers... just a thought
  21. depending on the budget. i think that the aluminium foil bowl that has the crimp top and have a recyclable plastic top or even corn top. here in san francisco they banned styrofoam to go boxes and everyone steered towards paper based boxes. it works but softened easily. maybe someone makes a to go box thats plastic lined like the chinese leftover boxes. not seen those yet..
  22. Preserver


    try these guys http://www.tsarnicoulai.com/nav/shipping.html
  23. "Perfect Puree".. dang thanks, i was banging my head on the wall trying to think of this brand and all i could come up with was "pure puree.". thanks again hehehe
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