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  1. Thanks so much Do you know what goes into Ras al Hanout? Anybody?
  2. Hello-I was wondering if you have seen Daniel Rogov's take on Molecular Gastronomy ? The article is in the Middle East forum in a thread on Molecular Gastronomy in Israel,I was unable to make a link to that article(sorry ).
  3. Thanks! I know the term, but I always forget the actual ingredients of a creol trinity.
  4. Most (all?) cultures have a basic spice/herb/vegetable mix (or mixes). I am familiar with the soffritos,sofritos,and mirepoixs of Europe. I know of the za'taars of the Middle-East. But that is it. And, I would love to learn more. Please share your basic spice/herb/vegetable mix,or mixes. Thanks..
  5. I do something similar: I put sliced raw cucumbers in a bowl with sliced onion, white vinegar and sugar
  6. Hello- Just a note to tell you how inspiring your antipasto was.. It got me to begin experimenting with anchovies and cheese Thanks for getting me into the kitchen!
  7. Greetings! You had some very original ideas I was wondering if the chocolate spread you use is Nutella
  8. I tried it this way and it was wonderful. As always, Daniel Rogov rules!!!!!
  9. Naftal

    Recipe v. Formula

    Someone may have mentioned this, but in "Cooking without recipes" , author Helen Worth gives 'patterns' for various dishes instead of recipes. for example she gives a pattern for cream soups. She leaves the specifics up to the chef.SHe says(for example)"1/2Cup pureed vegetable and juice".
  10. That was wonderful My favorite restaurant movies are Dinner Rush, Tampopo, and ,of course, Ratatouille
  11. Naftal


    Hello-I just did some research and (if it helps) Ustica is part of the provence of Palermo. For more info about the place check out this website.
  12. Naftal

    Erba Luna

    Hello- Your logo looks beautiful
  13. Thanks all. This is just the kind of discussion I was looking forward to when I started this whole thread
  14. We have a Baskin-Robbins/Dunkin Donuts double store in my area. I wonder if this is a common combination...
  15. Are Afternoon Delight and Seva still around? I love those places
  16. So I would like to change yesyes yes to"& points East", but I don't know if that is possible.
  17. So,am I really the only person who thinks the TriCounty's eateries are underrated?
  18. American Doctors are fond of telling patients with high blood pressure/high cholesterol to limit their intake of such items. With all we know about the Mediteranean diet, I was wondering what docs in Southern Europe and other areas in that region, feel about this i.e. North African and the Middle Eastern experts please reply to.
  19. In my opimion, Traffic Jam & Snug could stand up against any restaurant in Chicago or NYC.But that is just my opinion. Leonard Kim- Have you tried Happy Sushi in Novi? They do the classic presentations.
  20. Good Morning All- I should really learn how to do multiple quotes .It would save a lot of time.Inspite of that I will try to do my best nsxtasy:Your last comments were very interesting indeed. I have a question -In your opinion(sp?) what would be a reasonable per capita ratio between population and really, really really, really good restaurants? How many places per person, or how many people per place. This type of figure would make alot of sense. We who love Detroit eateries could generate a list of appropriate length and then debate its merits, sort of like the list we have but with a less arbitrary number. MarketStEl:Italian Food- In Naples, one of the most popular restaurants makes only two items...And they are both pizzas My point? It doesn't matter how common or overdone a style may be, quality matter. If it is really,really,really,really good, then it is...
  21. "multiple examples of ethnic restaurants at or approaching the fine dining level"...Mario's and Andiamo fill that requirement. ← Andiamo is a mediocre "greatest hits of Italian-American cooking" type of restaurant. but anyway. since coming back to the U.S. I've lived in five American cities besides New York and Chicago. every single one of them has local boosters and media who purport that it "has the greatest diversity of ethnic and fine dining outside of New York and Chicago." my guess is that every city in America over a million people (and probably under) claims this. they can't all be right. ← Why not? ← cause the statement is, by definition, an exclusive one. (besides, last time I checked, both San Francisco and L.A. were part of the U.S.) ← Metro-Detroit (Dearborn,actully) has the largest Arabic community in this country. Shouldn't that make people think that maybe we have really,really, really,really good Middle Eastern restaurants, 'cause we do
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