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  1. Top Pot donuts aren't bad. I'm from Seattle so I've had them fresh. I really don't think they're anything too special. That's just me though. There are loads of places in Seattle that make a much much much better donut.
  2. Hello there everyone! I'm trying to find a vegetarian restaurant in Manhattan. It's for a first date, so I'm trying to make a good impression. Any suggestions are much much much appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Like you mentioned earlier, they are a different beast. I'm kind of obsessed with my environmental impact so, taste aside, grass-fed is my #1 choice. I do think the taste is pretty exceptional though. On a somewhat related note: I'm going to be returning to Seattle over the holidays and without knowing where to find any kind of proper meat there, I am seriously considering going vegan or vegetarian while I'm there. Working at Fleischer's have left me spoiled to the point that I find it hard to impossible to consider eating anything else.
  4. INteresting post. I work at Fleischer's in Rhinebeck, so I eat a fair amount of the meat there, to say the least. That's the first time I've heard someone refer to the smell of the cooking meat as "grassy". Although, I definately know what you're talking about. It's definately has a subtle earthy-ness to it. I've never had anything like it. The chewiness is do to the fact that the meat is leaner because of the fact that it only eats grass. Leaner diet, leaner meat. Feeding with grain creates a dramatic difference in the fat content of the meat.
  5. I work at Fleisher's actually. The rotisserie chicken is awesome! There were 2 left at the end of the night tonight. I ate one and gave the other to older couple I met on the street. They were quite pleased.
  6. Good to hear about some quality eats in the area! I just moved to the Rhinebeck-Staatsburg area so it's nice to hear of something co close.
  7. Thanks for the responses! One of things I am curious about is flavor combinations with grape. I ate a grape earlier with a peice of cardomom stuck in my teeth that came dislodged when I started chewing on the grape. The taste was actually quite pleasant! So I'm wondering about cardamom now.
  8. Oddly enough, the word grape is only mentioned once in the entire thread. Thanks though.
  9. So I just picked up about 7-8 pounds of grapes at the local farm and I want to make some jelly as gifts for everyone at Christmas. Does anyone have any interesting recipes? Thanks, Marc
  10. "Macho" writing is breath of fresh air in scene that seems to be full of folks writing a bunch of pedantic bullshit that only a grammarian could understand. "Macho" is understandable.
  11. I've asked for several and it's always turned out well.
  12. ! I, personally, wouldn't recommend making any kind of career decision before you've worked in a kitchen for at least 6 months. It is NOTHING like cooking at home! It's as rewarding as it is hard but it's not for everyone. If you've got a serious passion for food and you enjoy being worked like a horse then you've come to the right place. But, for the love of god, you have got to try it out first before you go spending over $100,000 on an education. It is bloody hard work, the pay is low, the hours are long, it's hard on your body, but it's fun as hell. Be prepared to get worked.
  13. I've heard there is a way to remove you bodies of allergies by giving your body what it is allergic to. Aparently, you administer small doses of the allergen and over the course of time work up to larger and larger doses. From what I hear, after time your body will to acclimate to whatever the allergen is. I've only heard of this being done under the supervision of a doctor, though.
  14. I'm a bit on the OCD side so I cut it straight up and down. That way I have two perfectly symetrical hemispheres of one sandwich. It's like having two f*%@g sandwiches.
  15. Hmmmmm.......... are they as notoriously bad in NY? I'm going to be there next week.
  16. I try go as fast as I can without losing quality. Quality is the most important thing. I would rather wait 20 minutes to eat proper food that wait 10 to eat garbage. I explain why there is a wait to whomever asks ( the lead, servers, expos) but I am not going to give someone a crab cake that's 80 degrees in the center. On the flip side of that; If someone orders their salmon medium-rare and I accidently cook it medium, I'm putting it on the plate. If it looked broiled I would make another one, though. I try to put myself in the diner's perspective and what kind of leniency I would be able to give under the circumstances. Meat a temp over or something a little past golden brown is acceptable. That's really it though. They pay good money to eat and they should get what they pay for. That's what I would want.
  17. This is pretty regular occurance with me and dim sum. "Oooooh! What's that mysterious looking dumpling there? BLEGH! Warm prawns with what tastes like oyster sauce and ketchup!" To all the people that complain about never getting a decent supermarket peach: You guys just don't know how pick 'em. I eat a freakin delicous supermarket peach just about every other day.
  18. ! Get the Mole Negro For chocolate check out Theo
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