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    I only marinate Flank Steak. Usually in an Asian marinade - garlic, ginger, green onion, honey, black pepper, soy, vegetable oil and rice wine vinegar. Always comes out nice - especially when grilled. johnjohn
  2. Fine Cooking - But have noticed the past year or so, that they have started to go the 30 minute weeknight meals route in regards to content. When it first came out it was full of recipes or techniques that were more sophisticated and time consuming - a good way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon (like today) in the kitchen. johnjohn
  3. Can anyone recommend other chef biographies that are worth checking out. johnjohn
  4. I finished this book last night. Pepin has an easy going writing style that allows his voice to come through - a really nice read. He certainly has lived an interesting life, and met some fascinating people. I went to The French Culinary Institute where he is one of the deans, while he wasn't there as often as the other deans - he was the most active in providing instruction. He would walk around and spend a good deal of time with the students. He would ask what you were doing, show you a number of different techniques, and was very encouraging. johnjohn
  5. If making for 1 person - how many eggs?
  6. Mind sharing your recipe or any secrets that will result in a really good Carbonara. I've had some horible versions of late when I order it out - either too dry and a sticky mess or too watery and a soupy mess. I would like to give it a try at home. johnjohn
  7. Mamster - how long do you brine the chicken breasts in the Pollo con Rajas recipe? johnjohn
  8. No, I didn't stop at Knish Nosh. In the article he suggests that you stop at a bakery up the street for the best apple strudel in NYC. After lunch I walked 4 or 5 blocks and was about to give up when I came across a bakery. I walked in and said "I heard you have the best apple strudel in NYC -She said oh yes - i said I would like 2 pieces to go." Walked back to my car - had a bite - it was horrible - maybe the worst I have ever had. I read the article again and it mentioned the name of the bakery - Andre's. I started to drive home, and the next block after the bakery that I went to was Andre's. I only had $1 left, and didn't want to go to the cash machine - so I couldn't stop. At home I tossed the rest of the strudel. johnjohn
  9. I had to drive into the city today, and on the way home stopped at Ben's Best. I had a pastrami on rye, two pickles, coleslaw, French fries and a coke - the total was $14.61. I am in no way an expert on pastrami - so take my thoughts with a grain of salt. 1. Best French fries that I have had in a long long time. Thick cut, crispy on the outside tender and fluffy inside 2. Pastrami sandwich was pretty good. The pastrami had a very nice flavor -lots of pepper and a saltiness to it, but I did not notice a smoky taste. It's appearance kind of threw me - It looked rubbery and didn't have that wet/shinny look that I have encountered in the past. It wasn't anywhere near juicy, but it wasn't dry. The bread was nothing special. The size was perfect - not that over the top, can't get your mouth around excess - I left stuffed, but not in an uncomfortable way. 3. Mustard was not as spicy as I would of liked when tasted alone, but on the sandwich it gave it a nice tang. 4. Really good coleslaw - not drowning in liquid. It was very thinly sliced - almost paper thin, which gave it a nice texture. It had a hint of sweetness to it, which I also liked. 5. Pickles were awful - one was very limp and salty - the other had no flavor. 6. Service was fast and polite (the waiter offered me his Daily News to read). I live in Merrick, were Pastrami King opened a few months ago. I don't think it was mentioned in the NYT article, but it had a picture in the piece - I ate there once and thought it was very good - I remember the meat was very juicy. johnjohn
  10. Pumpkin Pie from the back of Libby's canned pumpkin - my sister asks for it every year on her Birthday. johnjohn
  11. johnjohn

    The Baked Potato

    How about a baked sweet potato? I never had them growing up, but am curious about trying one this weekend - Do you bake them the same as you would an Idaho potato? If not, what temperature and how long in the oven. Also, do you eat the skin of a sweet potato? johnjohn
  12. I'd prefer a cross between Stuff Magazine and Fine Cooking. As for content - I'll just list my favorite egullet threads - Sloppy Joes, Enchiladas, risotto, stir frying, meat smoking, and NYC ethnic food reviews. johnjohn
  13. johnjohn

    Tuna Tartare

    You have to buy sushi quality tuna for tartare - right? johnjohn
  14. While researching different risotto recipes - I have only come across ones using 1 cup and 2.5 cups of rice for between 4 and 8 servings. Can risotto successfully be made in a single serving (say using 1/4 cup of rice) or is one of those techniques that is difficult to do on a small scale. I ask because I now live alone and would like to practice (with little to no leftovers) before an upcoming dinner party. johnjohn
  15. I love cilantro when chefs don't overdo it when adding it to a dish. I find it has a strong taste and can easily overpower other flavors. Thankfully, this was more of a problem a few years ago - haven't run into it much lately. johnjohn
  16. Does the size of the pot you cook your risotto in make a difference? I would like to make risotto using 1 cup of rice (for 4 people as a first course) I have the following pots - heavy bottomed stainless - 10 inches wide by 6 inches deep 7.5 inches wide by 4 inches deep 10 inches wide by 3 inches deep Glass - 8 inches wide by 4 inches deep Which would you use. johnjohn
  17. johnjohn

    Cauliflower soup

    The few times that I have had cauliflower soup - it has been a clean white color (not even a speck of black pepper). I would think roasting the cauliflower would make the soup a dark grey or brown color that may look a little funky, but it probably would taste good. I remember a curied cauliflower and apple soup recipe from Boulud that was in NY magazine a few years back. I never made it, but it sounds pretty awesome. johnjohn
  18. I watched it (come on - I was bored). The begining was interesting. They went over what dishes they were going to prepare and the chefs provided ideas of things that work well together, flavor profiles, shopping tips, etc... Then it went down hill. The actual cooking didn't play that big of a role in the show - no real advice or tips in the kitchen were provided by the chefs. The final segment seemed rushed - the finished dishes got less than 5 seconds of air time. The critique was poor - she just said everything was good. The two guys were pretty lame - They tried too hard to be funny and acted a little to cool for school. The girl was hot and would be fun to drink with, but I have the feeling that after awhile she would be annoying and probably turn psycho. johnjohn
  19. johnjohn


    Any tips or secrets when working with Okra? I've never cooked it, but am interested in using it in a gumbo. When do you add it to a gumbo? Is frozen sliced Okra any good? johnjohn
  20. johnjohn


    Any noticable differences between one freshly made and a frozen one bought off the internet? If you were to make one at home - could you remove the duck and chicken skin or are they needed to keep the interior moist. I think soft flabby poultry skin is gross. johnjohn
  21. What type of oil do you use and how many times can you reuse it? thanks johnjohn
  22. Irishcream thanks for starting this thread. I have also been thinking about this for some time and have come across it many times in my research of Chinese cuisine. I have read that velveting can also be done in simmering water instead of oil. Has anyone tried this? Does a certain protein work better than others when velveting? johnjohn
  23. It's been awhile since I lived in that neighborhood, but they had a seafood pasta special for two that ran one day during the week (Tuesday or Wednesday). It came with a lobster, and a boatload of shrimp, clams, mussels, and scallops in red sauce. The total was like $34 bucks or something - a pretty good deal for the amount of seafood. But I agree with the above posts - nothing special - typical Italian American joint, but louder. johnjohn
  24. Why do you add a glass of cold water to the pot. johnjohn
  25. I've made a few recipes of his from the 911 series - they all turned out really nice. johnjohn
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