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  1. Is the Bing promotion really a surprise - That's been Tony's M.O. from day 1. He says one thing (in a snarky, sarcastic way) and a year later when it fits him - its cool. He trashes chefs that don't cook everyday - he no longer cooks everyday. He rips on celebrity chefs - he becomes a celebrity chef. He puts down chefs that hawk products - he starts hawking products. Has he been on the Rachel Ray show yet? If not, expect it next year...
  2. Are you sure about that? I just looked on the website and the All-Clad stuff was not on sale. ← Yes. I didn't buy anything online, but the online code is MACYSFF - you probably won't see the discount until you enter that code at checkout. FWIW, I think the Macy's $419 7 pc starter set is a pretty good deal on it's own (it also includes the bonus dutch oven that you get immediately and an au gratin dish by mail) but with 25% off it's even better. I started my All-Clad collection with that and then added other pieces. ← Can you wash all clad in the dishwasher?
  3. Andouille and chicken. Turned out very well, but I went a bit too far on the roux. ← Why do you say you went a bit too far on the roux? What were the measurements of flour to oil? Your roux looked much more dense than the one I made last weekend. I used 3/4 cup flour to 1/2 cup oil, and when I pulled my spoon across it - it left a path where you could see the bottom of the pan for a second before it filled in. It wasn't as thick looking as yours.
  4. I made a vegetable soup last week that had you add spinach at the very end. I thought the spinach had a kind of slimy mouth feel (my wife disagreed and said I was being too critical). I used baby spinach that I rinsed and roughly cut into big pieces and only cooked it for a minute or two in the soup before I served it. I have never added spinach to soup before - is that how it is supposed to be? Did I use the wrong kind of spinach? Should I have sliced it finely? Should i have cooked it longer? I have two other recipes that I want to make - one using escarole and the other kale, but have put off making them because I didn't really like how the spinach tasted in this last soup. Thanks
  5. I'll be in Negril for 6 days staying at Rockhouse last week of February. Any suggestions for dinning in that area would be greatly appreciated. johnjohn
  6. Got this from the library the other day - it looks great. Can't wait to cook from it.
  7. I am making a regular yeasted dough recipe for cinnamon buns this weekend (The recipe is cinnamon buns from heaven by Nikki Cross printed in The Oregonian). It makes 18 rolls - that is 9 too many. A couple of questions - 1. Can I just cut the recipe in half? How would that effect baking time? 2. Can I freeze the extras? Would I freeze them baked or unbaked.
  8. johnjohn


    when making a lentil soup does it matter what kind of lentils you use?
  9. I am going to a concert in Asbury Park - is this far from Delorenzo's tomato pies in Trenton. How long of a drive is - I would hit it either on my way to the concert or back to NYC. I guess my question is - is it worth driving out of my way for? I'm a big fan of pizza.
  10. If anyone has any experience cooking a Paella on a Weber kettle grill - I'd love to hear about it. I guess I am concerned about controlling the heat.
  11. I like Abraham's roasted red peper Hummus the best - I can only seem to find it at Fairway.
  12. I have a 6 hour layover in Amsterdam - is it possible to leave the airport via taxi or train and have a nice meal in the city and be back in time for my flight? I get in around 730 am and leave around 130 pm. I am also open to just walking around a getting a snack. If it is possible - Where should I go? Thanks.
  13. They taste exactly like McDonalds. Nothing special - more of a nostalgia thing for many people. They have awesome fries though - fresh, hand cut, properly fried.
  14. We are getting married and need to register. Which place is the best place for kitchen supplies. We don't have much in terms of quality products. We have thought about - Macy's Williams Sonoma Sur la Table Bed Bath and Beyond Crate and Barrel Pottery Barn Any othe rsuggestions.
  15. My broth is never golden in color - it always has a grayish tint to it. Any idea what I am doing wrong?
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