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  1. Two nice clinging-to-the-remnants-of-summer salads for dinner tonight: Buffalo mozzarella, rocket, white peach, proscuitto and chilli: Tri colour quinoa with broad beans, preserved lemon, mint and feta:
  2. It was only after I ate dinner tonight that I realised how much the weather affects my cooking choices..after last night's autumn bounty, the sunny warmth of today felt all springy and so I made: Buffalo mozzarella, rocket, white peach, proscuitto and chilli salad: Tri colour quinoa (sorry Bolivia!) with broad beans, preserved lemon, mint and feta: Sous vide salmon, this is perfect to me but might be considered a little undercooked to others: And cranachan, a Scottish dessert of toasted oats, whipped cream with whisky and honey folded in, and strawberries (though raspberries are more traditional):
  3. Howdy. The feta was simply sprinkled with lemon thyme, salt and pepper, doused in olive oil, and baked in a 400F oven for 8 minutes, before being covered in honey and popped under the grill (broiler?) for another 5 mins till toasty and bubbly. The mushrooms I browned in a dry pan until caramelised, slid in a healthy pat of butter and some honey, and then some cream and reduced until syrupy, 5 mins max. Salt and pepper. The sweetness of the honey really went beautifully with the salty tang of the feta. Might try it with haloumi next time. I forgot to put the link in my original post, but the idea came from here.
  4. Why, Blether, you devil! Breakfast here was simply the last of the summer avocadoes on rye bread, with flaky salt, lime juice and black pepper. And because life was meant to be spicy, a whole lotta habanero Tabasco.
  5. They sound tasty, robirdstx. Similar in concept to Chinese lion's head meatballs, also disappointingly lacking in actual lion's head. For a chilly, rainy day here in Sydney, autumnal flavours seemed the way to go. Also, my friend just gave me a jar of honey from his beehives so I wanted to showcase it in the thankyou dinner I made for him, with ideas from here. Honey and thyme roasted feta, puy lentils braised with root vegetables, and mushrooms in honey cream. And a lovely Marlborough pinot noir.
  6. Nothing. But I sure as hell learned how to drink! Heh. Actually, I grew up with nannies and cooks (the norm in expat Asia), from whom I DID learn alot. Between them, I learned how to make most Cantonese, Shanghainese and to a lesser extent, Filipino, homecooking classics. This has meant that I still to this day have never made mashed potatoes, but I can make a mean adobo or xiaolongbao! My mother cooked only about the last two years prior to all us kids moving out of home (no cooks in the employ then!) and never really seemed interested in food, which was reflected in the interminable procession of the three dishes she was comfortable cooking, mostly involving minced beef god love her, alternated night after night ad infinitum. Since we've all moved out of home, over the last 15 years, she seems to have experienced a renaissance. I think not having the exhausting duty of feeding kids has fired her imagination in all sorts of wonderful ways and she now makes amazingly varied and interesting food - even served up an Ethiopian peanut curry with accompanying teff bread last time I was home! Could NOT believe it.
  7. Thanks, Kim Shook! No, the bacon is just diced and tossed with chopped cauliflower, garlic cloves and olive oil. Roasted for 20 mins at 180C/375C and the bacon crisps up nicely. I've used lemon zest on it before too, but added it afterwards as it tends to burn easily. Dejah, your duck looks incredible! Good stuff. And kohlrabi is such an underrated vegetable, isn't it? The number of times I've had to tell the checkout chick at the greengrocer what it is, as they look at it blankly..kids these days! Thanks, kayb. Also works nicely with green beans, or little leeks/green onions. dcarch - you even make some strawberries on a plate architecturally beautiful. Amazing as always.
  8. Your ribs call me to, Kim Shook..if that isn't too forward! Dinner here was duck breast, cooked sous vide, and green beans sauteed with hazelnuts and balsamic. And roast cauliflower, bacon and whole garlic cloves, which I dressed with yuzu salt and white pepper.
  9. This is actually kind of, uh, a second breakfast. After a swim in the ocean pool, and the obligatory post-swim pork and fennel sausage roll, a still raging hangover called for more pork 'n' carbs, so this is a "bacon and green onion caramelised in maple syrup and fish sauce, topped with a fried egg and sriracha on rice" emergency concoction.
  10. Loathe. But he is 'real'. He's a well-known chef here; was on a few cooking shows in Aus before he 'made it big' in the US and I never really liked the look of his food or his pretty-boy schtick, though I suspect he's actually quite technically proficient as a cook. He's also a spokesman for one of the very big supermarket chains here (Coles), a chain whose practices I have some ethical/irritation issues with, so that diminished him further in my view. (Really, Curtis? Your recipe cards NEED to specify that one must use "Coles-brand cage eggs"? Especially since at the same time you're spruiking cookbooks espousing ethical, locavore and organic food choices?)
  11. Ann_T, I like the look of those ribs! Wow. My meat-tooth is twinging. Dinner for me was thinly sliced wagyu, wrapped around asparagus and enoki mushrooms, and quickly grilled with a brush of mirin/soy/sake glaze till syrupy. And rice.
  12. This is truly an eGullet salad, inspired directly by an amalgam of SobaAddict70's beautiful potato creation above, and heidih's idea to roast potatoes with squash and thinly sliced lemons in the Meyer lemon thread. My riff is roasted kipfler and sweet potato chunks, red onion, thinly sliced lemons, olive oil and thyme. Mixed into mesclun and baby red chard leaves.
  13. WHOAH. Was this given after or shortly before she became an ex-wife??
  14. Dinner tonight was a Korean affair of chicken braised in gochujang (thick, red, chilli paste), with fried eggplant dressed in sesame oil, black pepper and soy sauce. Also some scorched broccoli, rice and a whole lotta kimchi. Gochujang is such an amazing taste - rich and savoury, deeply umami, with a heat that starts off as nothing but grows into an unbearably good slow burn.
  15. Baked some scones - feta, bacon, and green onion. Slathered with a VERY hot habanero compound butter for a bit of early morning terror.
  16. Another nice one; a chopped salad of smoked chicken, celery, minced shallot, walnuts, cranberries, and purple grapes. Greek yoghurt and tarragon vinegar dressing, with a bit of mayo for a rich mouthfeel and seasoned with celery salt and pepper. On baby spinach!
  17. Thanks, Kim Shook! That one was dressed with olive oil and lemon juice, with a few drops of a very rich and thick fig vino cotto (similar to balsamic). Anyone else get lazy like I do, and drizzle the oil and acid etc directly onto the salad and toss?? (versus properly emulsifying with a whisk or by shaking in a jar, I mean). Hmm, in Seattle? Surprising. Here in Sydney, rocket is pretty ubiquitous in every supermarket. Though the quality does range from the stuff that has the taste and texture of dry grass clippings, right up to my favourite, the tender large leaf rocket more commonly sold in bunches with their roots and found in the herb section than the salad section.
  18. I make salads for dinner most nights, and post them in the Dinner thread, so I'll try not to cross post too much - but here's a salad I made a few nights ago and really enjoyed. It's an Ina Garten recipe, butternut squash roasted in maple syrup, mixed with walnuts, cranberries, rocket, and grated parmesan. Doused in a warm vinaigrette of apple cider, Dijon mustard, minced shallot and cider vinegar. (And garnished with a sous vide fillet steak, naturally! )
  19. Great idea for a thread! I do love a good salad and am always looking for ideas, so look forward to seeing other people's inspirations here. Here's a recent one I really enjoyed, with black figs, rocket, proscuitto, gorgonzola and walnuts.
  20. The best parts are, of course, the cheeks. Digging the cheeks out of a whole cooked fish is one of my very favourite things about fish cookery..a cook's treat if ever there was one! Great blog, robirdstx, really enjoying it.
  21. Honkman - that's a dinner after my own heart, chard and pinenuts go so well together. Dinner chez moi was roasted butternut squash, with cranberries, walnuts, rocket and apple cider vinaigrette, adapted slightly from this recipe. 'Garnished' with a sliced steak, cooked sous vide and finished on a screaming hot grill.
  22. Kim Shook - Your pancakes look damn fine to me (so to speak ) My breakfast was a leftover extravaganza of stale bread I couldn't bear to throw away, some slightly sad silverbeet (chard) and a massive hunk of gruyere that was malingering in the fridge. Soaked in an egg, cream and Dijon mustard mixture, it baked into a very tasty bread pudding. And cayenne, lots of cayenne.
  23. Great looking meals, all. I just ate, and already Dakki's pasta is making me hungry again! And dcarch, beautiful dishes as usual. C. Sapidus, that greens dish looks amazing! Any chance I can hit you up for the recipe? I always thought a bhaji was a fried fritter-y thing. Dinner for me was one very pretty thing, followed by one rather ugly thing - salad with edible pansies (photo taken pre dressing with champagne vinegar and a tiny amount of walnut oil): And a rainbow trout pan fried in butter and lemon. Less pretty indeed. But wasn't he beautiful to start off with?
  24. Thanks for the idea, will try this tonight. I've long been a fan of elderflower cordial in gin and tonics and just with sparkling mineral water, but am new to tinkering with the liqueur in cocktails. I know I'd like anything that allows the taste of the elderflower to shine, so those ratios are very appealing.
  25. A St Germain sidecar, which was perfect at the dusk of a brilliantly sunny Sydney weekend: 2 brandy 1 St Germain 1 lemon juice 1 Cointreau Though next time I'll up the lemon or use lime.
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