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  1. Galbi kimbap for breakfast; I had some beautiful boneless wagyu beef short ribs, that I marinated in soy sauce, garlic, honey, crushed Nashi pear, black pepper and sesame oil and grilled. Rolled up in toasted seaweed with kimchi rice, shredded cucumber and green onion, and old fermented kimchi; brushed in sesame oil and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Galbi kimbap. https://instagram.com/p/Bo5DSaTge2U/
  2. Just shaved strips of pumpkin flesh with a Y shaped vegetable peeler and dropped them into the sizzling butter (the same butter I later browned for the sauce) until the edges took on some colour; drained on paper towels and sprinkled with salt. They crisped up as they cooled.
  3. Dinner for breakfast, aka trying to do all your carbs in the morning; pumpkin and buffalo ricotta ravioli, browned butter, crispy sage, pistachios, guanciale, pecorino and crispy pumpkin chips.
  4. I made my friend's 40th birthday cake; the bottom tier is four layers of vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream, feuilletine crispy toffee flakes, salted caramel and crushed, crunchy hazelnut praline with smoked salt; top tier is four layers of chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache, chocolate buttercream, and crunchy Callebeaut chocolate pearls. Decorated with fresh and sugar roses, jonquils and Australian gumnut foliage, and we ate it by Sydney Harbour with champagne and lots of laughter. She was pretty happy. ☺️ (And I was so happy to see her so happy, but almost as happy again when after I made sure that every kitchen and waitstaff got a slice, the head chef came out to say it was the best cake he'd ever tasted and what was the name of my cake company..haha! 😭)
  5. Today’s office cake! Vanilla and cinnamon butter cake, with lemon syrup, pear curd, vanilla buttercream and white chocolate-coated popping candy. Dusted in edible rose gold and topped with white chocolate shards painted gold. OBVIOUSLY.
  6. Cake Momo*! (Momo is one of my three dogs, a Samoyed.) Momo is vanilla cake, soaked in passionfruit and yuzu syrup, filled with passionfruit curd and freeze-dried passionfruit-coated hazelnut praline. (*if Momo were actually more West Highland Terrier than Samoyed, yeah yeah.)
  7. The next instalment in my occasional series of “incorporating utterly superfluous tumbling blocks in food”: Personal Shepherd’s Pie for my boyfriend (I’m not a fan of it myself, but he loves it, so I make it just for him). With tiles of potato, sweet potato and squash. Will shut him up for days, this will.
  8. A mega chocolate cake for my chocolate-loving staffmember’s birthday; four layers of dark chocolate cake, Valrhona 64% Manjari buttercream, freeze dried raspberries, chocolate crumbs, double chunk fudge brownie layer, dark chocolate ganache, feuilletine crispy toffee flakes, repeat all that, topped with chocolate roses, bitter chocolate macarons, more chocolate crumb and raspberries brushed in gold leaf. I thought about frosting the outside but I think all that is quite enough and I quite like the rough-hewn chocolate concrete look anyway.
  9. Already eaten, @Duvel, and I’m told it raised $1000 when they flogged it off by the slice today..!
  10. A giant dragonboat cake! About six months ago, which was two months into my new workplace, a lady at work clocked the fanciness of my weekly office cakes, cornered me while I was distracted, and asked me if I’d make a dragonboat cake as the centre piece of her dragonboat club fundraising stall. I kind of shrugged and said, “Yeah, OK....” and promptly forgot about it for 5 months and 3 weeks, and here we are. I consider myself a pretty proficient baker, but I have never in my life, not even once, used fondant..so I thought I’d start with something simple, like a giant white chocolate mud cake with freeze dried raspberry buttercream, dark chocolate ganache, a ton of fondant, a sugar paste dragon head, two styrofoam boat tips, two pieces of wooden dowel, gold luster dust, copper dust, rose spirit alcohol, the biggest cake board you’ve ever seen, hundreds of feathers cut out of marshmallow fondant, an entire tub of piping gel, and a whooooooole lot of swearing. (My favourite detail is the drum, that I stamped with my Hong Kong heirloom moon cake mold and dusted in edible copper.)
  11. Pistachio fondant cake, with yuzu and lemon curd, pistachio buttercream frosting, white chocolate shortbread milk crumbs, and candied pistachios covered in gold leaf.
  12. I personally have never really seen the appeal of carrot cake - too suspiciously healthy-adjacent for my cake tastes, I think - but it is my Work Husband’s favourite, so I made the Momofuku carrot cake; layers of spiced carrot cake, liquid cheesecake, graham cracker buttercream, and white chocolate-coated shortbread crumble between every layer and on top. And because I really can’t help myself gussying things up, even though it's definitely not part of the original recipe; carrot strips, steeped in lemon syrup to soften and then twisted into roses. Home Husband got to lick the beaters and scavenge some leftover sugared carrot scraps, at least.
  13. Hangover breakfast of champions; akami (lean tuna), chutoro (fatty tuna), scallop and squid sashimi kaisendon, with sushi rice, uni-flavored soy and seasoned nori toasted in sesame oil.
  14. I do reuse them actually; I put them in a jar and add salt and some of the chilli seeds I’d removed in prep and other seasonings and smoking hot oil and then it’s chilli oil condiment for weeks.
  15. Yeah, I use them all the time! Microwave on one side for 50 seconds to a minute, flip it over and repeat. You'll see them puff up through the door and stop it if starts to sizzle.
  16. La zi ji, Sichuanese dry-fried chicken. It’s intense. And my new best friend (an 80yr old grocer I met in Chinatown) gave me some very high grade red AND green Sichuan peppercorns and the green is so different; very sharp and floral and not at all musky or smoky like the red peppercorns. I also removed the chicken skin and chopped it and fried it separately, so there were lots of crispy, fatty little golden nuggets of skin to ferret out with your chopsticks from the chilli deathpile.
  17. Easter Sunday breakfast in this household; homemade lup cheong (Chinese pork belly, rock sugar and rose wine dried sausages) steamed with rice and drizzled with dark soy sauce and shallot oil; zombie coffee.
  18. 红油抄手 - Sichuan pork and ginger jiaozi with a red chilli oil/Zhenjiang black vinegar/salted black bean and Sichuan pepper sauce.
  19. Chinese pineapple jam, for pineapple tarts in lard pastry; fresh pineapple cooked down with sugar, cinnamon, star anise and white pepper. I don’t cook it down as much as is traditional; I like it a bit zingier and fresher than you’d get in a normal Chinese pineapple tart.
  20. One of my favourite things about rhubarb is also one of my least favourite things about rhubarb; geometry. The beginnings of rhubarb upside down cake.
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