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  1. Another vote for Evernote. One of my favourite features, not mentioned so far, is that you can snap a photo of something and it automatically syncs for retrieving later on your PC or phone or tablet. Even better, photos in Evernote are automatically OCR'd (text recognition) for any text in the image, so you can take a photo of, say, a bottle of wine you liked, and later when you want to look it up but can only remember it was a merlot, search for 'merlot' in Evernote and it will bring back any notes that show the text 'merlot' anywhere in the image. That's pretty damn handy, if you ask me. It even OCRs handwriting pretty well..you can scribble out a recipe, snap a photo of it with your phone, and later when you're looking for that recipe featuring, say, squid, a search on 'squid' will bring it back for you, as long as you've written it vaguely clearly. That, plus the ability to clip and save webpages or bits of them easily, makes Evernote a winner with me.
  2. dcarch - thank you for the kind words. Coming from you, that's a major compliment! Your lamb photos are beautiful, as usual, but that first close up of the lamb shreds....mmmm, delectable. percyn - very nice, but where's the lettuce?! You have something against vegetables, don't you?? Franci - mind sharing how the pasta sauce is made? I love the taste of shallots, anything oniony really. Dinner here was the latest in my effort to recreate my local takeaway's Thai marinated chicken. Butterflied and marinated in garlic, lemongrass, ginger, fish sauce, white pepper, turmeric and sugar. And some roast vegetables in the background, since I'm hassling percyn. It was delicious, though in the photo that chicken seems almost a little..immodest.
  3. Very nice, all. Love the red mullet, EnriqueB. And mm84321, that is just stunning! And Norm..I just ate and now I also want a banh mi! Dinner here was grilled (broiled) prawns, with butter, garlic, lemon and parsley. And taking inspiration from FrogPrincesse's fantastic Suzanne Goin thread, I made the persimmon, pomegranate and hazelnut salad.
  4. Kim - sorry to hear you're in pain. I like your breakfasts for dinner! I can imagine that'd be comforting. Dinner here was a bit of an odd one. I had a cauliflower and a smoked trout to be used up, so made cauliflower kedgeree. Kedgeree, for those unfamiliar, is an Indianglish curry rice dish. Which is to say, a English imagination of an Indian dish, popular in the 19th century. It usually features hard boiled eggs and smoked cod or haddock, I think, but I had a trout so used that and fried it gently with mustard seeds, cinnamon, garam masala and turmeric. And cauliflower in place of the rice. Not at all similar really, but tasty.
  5. Whoa nelly..I looooove beef cheeks. Cheek of anything, really. Delicious-looking dish you have there. My dinner; red braised pork belly, and gai lan steamed in chicken stock and abalone oil. And rice.
  6. Nice, Chris. Much more elegant than my humble dinner, red braised pork belly. And gai lan, steamed with chicken stock and a little abalone-flavoured oil. And rice, of course.
  7. These sound amazing! I'm not a very experienced deep fryer..how long do you think you fried them for, in total? And just the one fry, I take it? (ie. not a double fry). Thanks for posting!
  8. C. Sapidus, it's so weird to see you cooking non Asian/Indian/Mexican! Your pics are my go to for when I want to cook Mexican but don't know where to start. Franci, those sweetbreads look great..enough so that I've googled that blog for the recipe. Intriguing combination. dcarch, ridiculously lovely as usual. WHAT, pray tell, do you do to that asparagus?? FrogPrincesse, your dishes are always right up my alley. Really, I love the way you cook. All the talk of collars over on the Cod Throat thread had me hankering for some of these collagen-y delights. Grilled salmon collars (wings? whatever) with salt and pepper, instructed my hesitant boyfriend to think of them as fish spareribs, and had at it. Also grilled eggplant with a miso, soy and mirin glaze, and a quick seaweed salad.
  9. I was hoping that this was the closest, but probably not. It's one of my favorite things to order in a sushi restaurant, when available. Usually, it's hamachi or salmon, and salted and broiled, practically nothing better. Also, no one wants to share it. I expect that soon we'll find fried cod's tails on the menu at fancy places around town. I so love the collars too..so sticky and collagen-y and delightfully labour intensive to eat..in fact, I have a pile at home in the freezer that I think I'll grill up for dinner tonight.
  10. Maybe similar to kokotxas, a Spanish dish. Like this.
  11. I've never had brisket in my life, and I'm not even sure I know what it is exactly..but I just know I'm going to like the finished product shots. /droolemoticon
  12. Beautiful egg porn, folks. And since FrogPrincesse and I seem to be riffing on a wrapping things around asparagus theme, I wrapped some in wagyu, with spring onions and enoki mushrooms. Grilled in a sauce of mirin/sake/soy/sugar until syrupy and caramelised. It's all a bit unfortunately brown, but served it with mushrooms glazed in butter and ponzu.
  13. Ooh! I've been away for a bit and have only just clocked that you're doing a foodblog, Rico! Excellent, most excellent.
  14. So many beautiful plates here..am almost embarrassed to post mine! Shall sally forth..I had some nice shiso leaves, and I just love the taste of umeboshi (sour pickled plums, these ones pickled also with honey) with shiso. Pounded some chicken breast strips thin between parchment paper, rolled up with the umeboshi and shiso, and pan fried in duck fat before finishing with a little fish sauce and sesame seeds. And gai lan with a ginger/shaoxing sauce.
  15. patrickamory - looks incredible. I so love okra. Kim Shook - very nice biscuits, lady! I can't ever get my scones to rise like that. Dinner here - since I've moved to a quite Italian part of Sydney, I've been exploring all the incredible butcher shops and delis..this is suckling pig, marinated by the butcher in garlic, rosemary, fennel and lemon. Quick roast in the oven and ahhh..pork fat bliss.
  16. RRO, I'd have to turn mine in, too, for the same reason! And they're so wonderfully cheap ... Heh..come sit by me, Rico, we'll eat together..
  17. Lovely salad. I riffed on a similar theme last night, with grapefruit, oranges, avocado, and thinly sliced fennel. The dressing was champagne vinegar and a little lemon juice, and blood orange-infused olive oil.
  18. Lovely meals, all. Very inspiring..I now have a major hankering for Swedish meatballs, but..my guilty pleasure, the Ikea kind. Shall I just turn in my eG membership card now? For dinner I made grilled squid with chilli, garlic, lemon and parsley. I like to leave the skin on for a bit more texture. And a ruby grapefruit, navel orange, fennel, and avocado salad, with blood orange olive oil.
  19. Grilled asparagus with an interesting accompaniment from the Zuni Cafe cookbook; pistachio aillade. Pistachios ground with garlic, orange zest, brandy and lashings of olive oil. And a simple sautéed fillet of snapper on the side.
  20. I love mussels braised in tomato and chorizo, like this. OK, that uses Spanish (we don't really get Mexican chorizo in Australia) but I imagine Mexican would work just fine. In fact, I think I'll make this dish for dinner tonight. Thanks for the idea!
  21. OK, it's inner north Melbourne, but I happened across this today: 12 Hours in North Melbourne And yeah, they're vegetarians..
  22. Showoff! Dinner here was mussels with butter, garlic, shallots and white wine. And green salad.
  23. Australian comfort food? WTF? Dagwood dogs (if you don't know..don't Google) and lamingtons? Weird. Toby's here serves...paninis. To be fair, Toby's IS good at its coffee, and started out as a wee fighting independent - but is now part of one of the huge food multinational corporations, Cerebos. Which is hardly catnip to hipsters..if only they knew they were supporting the Man!
  24. Wow, nikki, I've just found this thread and I'm totally in love! Please, blog on! I have to get to Lebanon..
  25. It looks wonderful. I doubt any lack of tenderness was due to 'operator error'. They look about as perfect as 'humanly' possible. Looks delicious Kate! In my experience, sous vide ribs have a different texture than traditional braised ribs and don't have that fall-off-the-bone-stick-to-your-ribs tenderness. Thank you, kind sirs!
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