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  1. Just wanted to add a word of support on the no shoes issue. I've never been sure why people think they can come over and rub gas station bathroom drippings into my carpet for several hours but it's not going to happen on my watch. Mmm, that stain on the carpet is nice, but why not add some chewing gum and dog poo to liven it up a little? Still doesn't look right? I saw some kids horking lugies on the sidewalk, and Sarah walked right through it. Her shoes have just what this floor needs.
  2. I don't have any recipes, but black sesame ice cream is one of my favourites. I imagine you could make vanilla ice cream and add the paste to suite your taste.
  3. I'd get the 12 cup. Ours is an 11 cup and we use it for two people.
  4. My mistake, I went by the Joy of Cooking which curiously specifies room temperature oil. I I'll try chilled next time and compare.
  5. Mayonnaise from EGCI course Q and A from EGCI course The course is good, and the Q & A might help you find your errors. Two things I would suggest are room tempurature ingredients and adding the oil slowly to begin.
  6. Is it possible to have a cast iron frying pan that is too smooth? I got a tiny frying pan at the local goodwill that I basically use for frying garlic in butter. When I got it, it was the mess that used frying pans typically are, so I sanded the crap out of it. When I finished the bumps had all sanded off, and it was as smooth as can be. It hasn't taken a seasoning, though for frying garlic this doesn't really matter. My girlfriend has a steel wok (not cast iron). The surface is super smooth as well. I tried seasoning it the way I seasoned my large cast iron frying pan, but the seasoning just flakes off. It seems like you need a little roughness, but then weren't machined cast iron frying pans extremly smooth as well? Anyway if smoothness is an issue, maybe all the sanding on your frying pan made it too smooth. While we're talking about seasoning, has there ever been a scientific examination/explanation of what actually happens when frying pans are seasoned? I hear a lot of theories, but it all sounds like educated guesses to me. Some people say the pores are opening and absorbing oil, I've heard others say this is not true. If it is true, why not fill the frying pan with a centimetre of oil and heat it on an element? Surely this would saturate it. Also, it's not like metal absorbs a lot of oil anyway. Surely any oil absorbed would be released when it was heated again? I've also read that seasoning is just oil burned on the surface. This makes more sense to me as frying pans that are too smooth wouln't have anything for the oil to grip to, but then why does cooking at too high of a tempurature burn off the seasoning? And what tempurature is right? Do you want if above or below the smoking point of the oil to season properly? Will an oil with a low smoking point season at a lower temperature than a high smoke point oil? Will this the low smoke point oil seasoning burn off at a lower tempurature than a high smoke point seasoning? Is a thin layer of oil neccesary to burn it on, or can you just dump a cup of oil in the frying pan and let it cook for 6 hours?
  7. The MIL may have been rude, but it's like the old joke:Q: Where does a 1000 lb pound elephant sit? A: Anywhere it wants What does a mother in law say to her daughter in law? ...
  8. My sister worked there for a while. She said that she would frequently lose tips as the managers would be so rude to the customers that they would walk out.
  9. Wow, I read the first 100 posts and skimmed the rest, but several thoughts occur (these aren't directed at the original poster, but the discussion in general): 1) People seem to be equating being interested in food with only eating "good" food. Part of the fun (for me at least) of being into food is going to a bad restaurant, and figuring out what the most edible item they serve is, based on the style of restaurant and not what one is craving. Before when you didn't pay attenion you got a $3 steak and were dissapointed with the quality. Now you get the salad with no dressing and are thankful you're not eating what everyone else is. 2) People seem to be viewing these situations in extreme black and white terms ie. I refuse to lie, I refuse to waste any food ever, I have a right to not eat things I don't enjoy, etc. Do any of you have jobs? A big part of life is doing things you don't enjoy, or even feel is wrong for a greater good. Family is always the greater good. 3) This is the best definition of love and manners I've ever heard.
  10. jsmith

    Office Aromas

    I hate eating at cafeterias, so I'm pretty tolerant of food smells at work. The one thing I can't stand is microwave popcorn. The smell makes me nauseous and it seems to linger for hours. Maybe there should be a thread on people reactions to the smell of microwave popcorn being similar to reactions to the taste of cilantro. Half the population thinks its manna from the gods, the other half gets sick from it and can't imagine anyone liking it. The "level" of one's palate doesn't seem to enter into the equation either way. edited to add: Why do people microwave fish anyway? Microwaved fish tastes worst than it smells (and I love fish).
  11. I hope nobody minds me reviving this thread, but I'm hoping someone can give me some advice on my board. I bought a end grain cutting board from Ikea last weekend. I know, not the best but the cheapest at least. Some questions: 1) I've been saturating the board with mineral oil periodically, and it keeps sucking the oil up. So far its taken over 500ml of oil. Is this typical? It seems like a lot more oil than I was expecting. Do I just keep on going until it won't take any more? 2) The board always feels "wet" from the oil, even after it's been dried and sat there for a day. Is this how a end grain cutting naturally feels, or am I using too much oil? I assume finishing it with 10% paraffin wax will get rid of this feel, or is it too late? Thanks, this is an awesome thread.
  12. That rapper is my hero... The video is actually pretty good at making you remember all the steps. I don't think I've ever seen less appetizing burgers than the ones he made though.
  13. When I was a teenager I went to a job interview for a "sales position" that turned out to be for Cutco knives. The only thing I remember other than them wanting me to put down $200 on a demonstration set to use to hawk the crap to my parents and their friends was them using the shears to cut a penny in half.
  14. Where does this information come from? For the banana another way to peel it with no strings is to start the peeling the regular way. Peel one strip all the way to the bottom, pinch the bottom of the banana skin, and slide the banana out of the gap you just peeled.
  15. I think people get grossed out by unfamiliar animal products. Why waste the supermarket shelf space if they won't sell? I recently bought some turkey eggs and was wondering why I'd never heard of them before. A little googleing suggested that it's more profitable to raise turkeys and slaughter them than to use the eggs for food (the turkey eggs were really cheap). Maybe it is the same for ducks? My mother knows a girl who has a pet duck who sells the eggs to pay for the feed. When my sisters lived at home they refused to eat them. My grandmother thought this was funny as she had been feeding them the eggs, but didn't think to tell them they were from ducks.
  16. I believe Chorico is Portugese edit - didn't follow the links on GG's post, the second one confirms it and gives more information
  17. Two stoner/food memories: The first involved pita, topped with felafel, topped with doritos, topped with chili, topped with cheddar cheese. It tasted good at the time, I think if there were plain tortilla instead of Doritos I would still like it. The second one involves me getting a bag of crappy shake, and making pot butter out of it. I was in a flavoured popcorn phase at the time, so what could be better than pot flavoured popcorn? I've never actually tasted dogshit, but I suspect it would be better than this popcorn. There's a reason they use chocolate to mask the flavour of pot, it tastes like moldy overcooked spinach. I was broke though, and I didn't have any other pot so my friend and I had to eat the whole thing. The flavour permeated the popcorn, and it was a huge bowl that took forever to eat. We just kept on eating, and burping moldy spinach burps. It was one of those things you could taste for hours afterword, like deep fried food where the oil hasn't been changed for months. I still laugh when I see hemp seeds in food like it's a good thing.
  18. I just moved to Toronto a year ago and was suprised to see West Indies fast food, with items like goat roti and oxtail soup. Not just mom and pop places, but actual fast food with plastic molded booths and lit up menus on the wall. There was nothing like this in Vancouver.
  19. jsmith

    Salty Snacks

    I just finished off a bag of "Tandoori Sizzler!" Doritos. I don't even like Doritios... I liked them when I was 18 and for some reason this obligates me to buy every new flavour I see. I see a new gross flavour "ooh, dill flavour cheese doritos, sounds disgusting", buy it expecting it to taste like crap, and I'm not disappointed when it does. Then I repeat it a year later when I find a new flavour. Worst flavour so far? BBQ Doritos. I thought normal BBQ chips had too much chemical flavour goning on but the Doritos take on this classic chip elevates it to a new level.
  20. I've actually been there (they have UFC pay per view on big screens every event). You know your in a classy establishment when they have plastic disposable shot glasses. I just got a flyer last night for "Old Man's Pizza and Wings" Yum!
  21. Mommy, Mommy! There's something in Daddy's eye! Shut up kid, and eat around it!
  22. I hope nobody minds me resurrecting an older thread but here are my childhood favourites: ************************************** Q: Why was the tomato red? A: He saw the salad dressing. ************************************** Q: Why are all chefs sadists? A: They beat the eggs and whip the cream ************************************** Courtesy of my grandfather: A small plane crashes in the middle of a desert, and miraculously no one is injured. The captain tells the passengers to remain calm; he will go look for food. He returns several hours later, announcing that he has some good news and some bad news. The passengers say they want the bad news first. The captain replies, “There’s nothing to eat here but sand and camel dung.” Shocked, a passenger stands up and asks the captain what the good news could possibly be. “There’s lots of it!” ************************************** Knock Knock! Who’s there? Banana! Banana who? Knock Knock! Who’s there? Banana! Banana who? Knock Knock! Who’s there? Banana! Banana who? Knock Knock! Who’s there? Orange Orange Who? Orange you glad I didn’t say banana? ************************************** From the great “shut up kid” line of jokes: Mommy, Mommy! What’s a vampire? Shut up kid, and drink your blood!
  23. Just wanted to add something not to do. I've seen stuff on the internet suggesting using a blowtorch to clean an old frying pan (I don't have a large grill or self cleaning oven). I tried this a couple weekends ago and not only is a propane torch underpowered for the task, the frying pan got a large crack down the side of it and is now unusable. Don't use a blowtorch!
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