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  1. One thing about Tabasco is you can pretty much get it anywhere. Kind of like how surveys of the best hamburger always have McDonalds topping the list.
  2. Couple points to add. While the milk bags are very common in Central (and I assume Eastern Canada), out West the one gallon plastic jug is king (I prefer this to the bags). The bags are 1 1/3 litre here. Good milk comes in a thick glass bottle, with a $1 deposit on the bottle. When I lived in Vancouver the glass bottle was very handy for safely transporting a syringe I found on the apartment property.
  3. I made one a couple months ago. 1 micky of vodka with 3 chilis for a day made it really spicy so I can see how easy it would be to go overboard.I kept it in the freezer and either mixed it with ginger beer (pretty good), or drank it straight, using a glass stored in the freezer (better). Probably my best infusion to date, really satisfying on a hot day.
  4. If the lime juice doesn't kill the parasites, why is it ok to eat shrimp cerviche?I always thought shrimp were one of those things you should never eat raw... are raw shrimp generally ok to eat?
  5. From Wikipedia: To answer my own questions if anyone else was interested, according to Wikipedia Rotel is a combination of tomatoes and green chiles sold in a can. It also appears that Velveeta is sold in a block and has the same texture as single slices of processed cheese, with a slightly different flavour. And as SB points out above, it is indeed sold in Canada. I'm still curious why the other processed cheese products are still popular here but not the Velveeta. One last question, all the obove posts seem to involve cooking it. Can you just cut off a slice and munch on it raw, or is it always cooked?
  6. Can someone clarify exactly what Velveeta is? Is it the same as Kraft processed cheese slices, but all on one block and not sliced? I always thought it was like Cheeze Whiz, but the above descriptions don't mesh with this. I've never seen processed cheese all in one big block, but I'm pretty sure we sell Velveeta in Canada. The only processed cheese I've ever seen has been in the pre-wrapped slices, or the spreadable stuff. I find it interesting that processed cheeze seems to be about as popular in Canada as it is in the US, but here it always seems to be the Kraft Singles (and once in a while Cheeze Whiz). I've asked my friends, and none of them can ever remember having Velveeta, while in the US it seems to be a pretty cemented part of culture. Also, what is Rotel?
  7. If one is making cerviche at home, does one have to worry about parasites the way one does with sushi, or does the lime juice take care of that?
  8. Addicted to Spuds (Robert Palmer, "Addicted to Love")
  9. Cucumber infused vodka is pretty popular. Take out the seeds first, skin is optional.
  10. This explains a lot, thank you. For some reason I imagined the single bevel was for pushing food off as you cut, and keeping the food you're cutting from straight, but I didn't take into account how thin a knife is.
  11. I was looking at the Tojiro-DP Gyutou and the Masamoto VG-10 Gyutou, but I just started looking. Both are double edged, but I was just curious the reason for this over a chisel grind.
  12. I'll be buying a Japanese knife soon. What advantages does a standard grind have over a chisel grind, other than the left/right handed issues?
  13. I wipe off the opening section of a beer can with my grubby shirt. All sorts of crap gets stuck in the grooves, the flap is getting submerged in the beer, and the beer is pouring over the opening, so it seems pretty reasonable. I never wash fish as my fishmonger told not me not to, and I never wash meat as my dishrack is beside the sink and I worry about splashing.
  14. It's running July 6 - July 22 (in Toronto) I've never been to this or Winterlicious, any comments? Summerlicious Restaurants and Menus
  15. Hamburger buns. Why do they only come in bags of eight?
  16. I like them. I find lunch/deli meat disgusting, so I pretty much only get vegetarian sandwiches when I'm out. I don't find them very filling and the rice in a wrap really adds bulk, and obsorbs the sauces really well so you have a strong flavour without the mess. All the wraps I've ever bought were wrapped in foil that you peeled as you eat it, so there is never any mess. I don't see many people talking about rice in wraps, is this just a Vancouver thing? All the wraps I've ever had had rice as the major component. I also prefer boneless skinless chicken breasts in sandwiches, so maybe I'm just crazy.
  17. Bacon, hard boiled eggs, green onions and homemade mayonaisse. Or skip the bacon and use curry mayonaisse. The homemade mayonaisse is the most important. I'm fine with Hellman's on sandwiches, ect. but eating it in egg salad makes me feel like I'm eating spoonfuls of margerine for some reason.
  18. Not a restaurant, but if you like food I'd highly recommend checking out St. Lawrence Market, and if you have time Kensington Market.
  19. I'm not sure about the best pizza in Toronto VS the best pizza in Vancouver, but when I moved here I was shocked to discover that the average pizza in Vancouver knocks the socks off the average pizza here. Toronto is not a pizza town by any stretch of the imagination.
  20. Maybe pink lemons grow in the same place blue raspberries do.
  21. Price tag left on. When I try to remove price tags, half the time it leaves sticky crap all over the place. Once I start removing the tag, I won't be satisfied until every remenant of it is removed. This is fine for a dvd or something, but I don't want to leave food around uncovered while I'm pouring oil or whatever all over the lid trying to get the sticker off. As an aside, whenever I find something 20+ years old, it's always cool if there's a price tag on it. I guess I should leave the tag on everything for future generations?
  22. I once told a woman at a cafeteria offering vegetarian chile con carne that con carne meant "with meat" (I told her in a friendly way). She looked like a light bulb went off in her head and proudly exclaimed "ahh, so it should say vegetarian chili con carne without meat!"
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