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  1. Feeling under the weather the last couple days, so congee was in order. I meant to use 1 cup of rice, but in my cold-induced haze, I threw in 2 cups of rice. Oops. Came out like tar. Anyway, kabocha pumpkin, store-bought chicken broth & ginger. Used the Porridge setting. Had to add another 4 cups or so of liquid to the tar and simmered it on the Saute for a few extra mins.
  2. I have discovered the joys of steaming whole beets in the IP.
  3. Ugh. Valentine's Day out is the worst. Usually we opt to stay in and have pizza and beer and a movie. If I have time, I'll make a dessert. This year, DH has graciously agreed to give up the movie in favour of us (me) watching Olympic women's hockey (CAN vs USA!!). I'm making gochujang chicken wings and a sticky toffee pudding for dessert.
  4. Ok I gotta ask... is the gravy thing more of a Eastern Canada thing? I don't see as much of the gravy-love here in BC (or Vancouver, at least). We're more likely to dump coffee on everything.
  5. Canadian seasoning? You mean the maple syrup, bacon and beer we put on everything? What about quatre epices? Nutmeg, cloves, ginger, pepper (but I think some quatre epices blends sub in allspice for one of the other spices?). Used in tourtieres and other French Canadian dishes.
  6. Oddly, I didn't take too many pictures of the schnitzel! Most of them were taken after I'd eaten most of it already, and the only one not yet eaten was actually three smaller pieces of veal schnitzel. Maybe DH has a good photo. I don't remember having any that were bigger than a dinner plate. They are quite wide, but also very thin. I'd say they took up maybe half to 3/4 of a plate??
  7. Yummmm! I went to Austria & Germany last spring and ate a lot of schnitzel. A lot. DH had it almost every day. We had both pork and veal schnitzels, and I think there may have been a chicken cutlet once also. Served with the ubiquitous Bavarian potato salad. I like mine plain, with just a squeeze of lemon. Tomorrow is DH's birthday and it will be at a local German/Austrian restaurant. We will be having schnitzel.
  8. Delicious little knobby grenades of flatulence....ugh. I ate them the night before a long training run, as did DH. Let's just say gas-propelled running isn't advisable.
  9. Burp. Ate way too much. As usual. No pictures, but I ended up serving a nibbles plate with some veg, olives, crackers, smoked oyster dip; baked tortilla roll ups with spinach & goat cheese; retro Ritz crackers topped with brie & habenero jelly; cheeseburger sliders; Two-Bite Brownies (purchased). People brought chicken wings, dry ribs, salad, pork tenderloin roast, guacamole, chips, and ice cream bars. Good game all around - I like close games. Especially that the team I was rooting for came out on top. Forgettable half-time show - no Janet!
  10. Ok, please help me settle a..."passionate discussion"...I had with DH today, about how much Super Bowl food (variety-wise) is enough food for 7-10 people. So far I'm contributing cheeseburger sliders, and a few people are bringing two meaty dishes (don't know what they are - probably mini corndogs or dry ribs), and pakoras. Someone always brings chips & dip/salsa or popcorn. DH says that's enough food. I say, no way!! There's enough entree-type things, but we'll need at least a few more snacky things, something veg, and something sweet! What say you, eGullet?
  11. And then there's the "raw water" fad in parts of the US & Canada..... https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/08/what-to-know-about-the-raw-water-trend.html I'll pass on that glass of untreated water full of fecal matter, e. coli, & giardia, thank you very much.
  12. @liamsaunt Tuna poke! Can I come to your party? Along with the cheeseburger sliders, other people are bringing pakoras, "something porky", and "something meaty". Someone else will probably bring chips & salsa. Need to add a few more things, preferably a meat-free, dairy-free item, and something desserty. Maybe Bloody Caesar shrimp cocktail and smoked salmon roll ups. Scallion pancake or potsticker with dipping sauce? Summer rolls with peanut sauce? I feel a not as organized this year.
  13. Here we go again! What's for eats this year? Thinking of cheeseburger sliders. What's a good way of making a bunch of mini burger patties? I don't want to form a pile of individual patties and grill them (lazy!). Has anyone tried making one giant flat patty in a pan, baking in the oven, and slicing them up into squares? Like a flat meatloaf.
  14. Some years ago I woke up extra early on my DH's birthday and made him pancakes to take to work for his breakfast. His coworkers were very envious of his birthday pancakes. Until he bit into them. I had forgotten the baking powder. He had bravely tried to eat them, but only managed to get through one - they were so heavy and dense. We now call them Dense Cakes. I threaten to make them for him every birthday. I recall having a heated argument with some friends about which orifice eggs come out of. So we called up a biologist friend who set us straight. Cloaca - word of the day!
  15. Beebs

    Caramelized onions

    That's really too bad. I had that recipe saved to try later. I love French onion soup but I don't care for onion mush soup. I still really love the onions from that Onion Confit topic some years back. I did it in a slow cooker overnight (DH wasn't thrilled with the lovely onion smells lingering in our apt for days....). I recall it being a bit too soft & sweet for onion soup, but it was great for smearing all over bread. I think I'll have a go again in the Instant Pot's slow cooker setting - hoping the smells might be better-contained in the IP.
  16. @Kerry Beal what is that plushy-looking thing hanging off your purse?
  17. Bathtub chocolate is the most bad@$$ thing I've seen in a long while - way to go, Kerry! Any bathtub caramel bonbons in the works?
  18. I should ask Mom how long she simmers for & to what done-ness before soaking. Her chicken is a bit more done than the way restaurants & BBQ joints do it, but definitely not overcooked. I might have a go at it this weekend, if I can get my act together.
  19. Soy Sauce Chicken is one of my favourite chicken dishes! My mom makes it every now and then, but I haven't attempted it - because I know it won't be as delicious as Mom's. Professional Hobbit's link looks about what she does. Slow simmer, then let sit in the cooling liquid. I suspect the silky smooth breast meat is because it's juuuuust shy of being cooked all the way through. Similar to white poached chicken or Hainan chicken. I can assure you there is no cornstarch or velveting technique used and no sous vide. It's possible the restaurants might tenderize the bird with baking soda, which should give it the soft texture, but sacrifices flavour. Some places do that with stir-fry meat or chicken, which I find makes it bland and a bit mushy. Mom doesn't do this. Also, I have seen some Hainan chicken techniques where the whole bird is exfoliated with kosher salt so the skin is nice and smooth, and get all the crud off. I don't know if that makes any difference to the actual meat itself, but it might improve the appearance of the final dish. Oh yeah. Now I desperately want Soy Sauce Chicken.
  20. CBC aired a season of the Great British Baking Show in the weeks leading up to the Great Canadian Baking Show as well. I am rather enjoying the GCBS, it's a fun show to watch. I was pleasantly surprised they're doing quite a bit of traditional British baking, too. Hopefully it'll be renewed! (...and the only real butter tarts have raisins in them!)
  21. Catching up now - what an exciting trip! I'd like to know more about the oil tea and how it's made. Is there any actual tea in there, or just oil? Is the mouthfeel greasy at all?
  22. Anyone have a good pfeffernusse recipe recommendation? I normally make molasses ginger cookies, but would like to change it up. I prefer a softer, cakier pfeffernusse.
  23. Beebs

    Baked Brie

    I made one a few weeks ago - pecans, dried fig, brown sugar. Doused in rum & set on fire - watch the eyebrows! For lazy baked brie, I like sundried tomato pesto, tapenade, or spicy pepper jelly. Also really like puff pastry-wrapped brie.
  24. I would like some spring rolls, please. Just send 'em on over. Thank you.
  25. That's too bad, @Anna N. It does look like it should be far more delicious than it actually is. I would really like to try @Mmmpomps method, but maybe with a sirloin roast?? @rotuts, beef up here in Canada (or at least Vancouver....) has gotten redonkulously $$$, even for blah cuts like eye and ground. DH & I are eating way less beef at home than we used to, maybe once a month at most for something nice like steak. I wonder how this method would hold up for a pork roast? I dislike grey, over cooked pork roast. Maybe an extra minute on the pressure??
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