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  1. Uhoh.... I'm sure they'll love them. But that's a good distinction too. It's one thing to offer that sort of thing to kids, who will probably delight in everything about them, including the staying power of the glitter, and a whole nother ballgame with adults.... Or anyway, I think so.... I could be wrong. But for a little girl's birthday party? I'm thinking raging success. ← I should have said these were for a child to begin with...sorry. But, thank you for your honesty. I truly was looking for an honest opinion. They're going to be cupcake toppers. Now I'll be curious as to what the birthday girl says, and, what the mom says!!
  2. Uh-oh.....I just did a bunch of them for a little girl's birthday party!
  3. Yeah, that's what I meant. The booze with the gold sparkles in it.....thanks.
  4. Seriously, no one has tried this stuff? C'mon...it can't be worse than a shot of Jaegermeister, right?
  5. I'm in love with the look of these. I want to use then for jeweled cookies, but am mildly worried. Does anyone have any experience with them? I ate a test cookie in front of the mirror. The only telltale sign is a little glitter on the face, fingers, etc. Better than oversaturated black royal, right? Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks, EGulleters.
  6. You want the espresso/water mixture to be a bit on the paste-y side....you don't want to add too much actual liquid to the buttercream. You can also add a splash of Kahlua to the mixture (ssshhh.....just don't tell the kiddies).
  7. So I went and I saw and I was BLOWN AWAY! Amazing! Stupendous! Thanks. ← Thank you so much!
  8. I will make a test batch in a day or so and then post my great success (or screw-up ) Thanks for the information about the lemon juice...I am opting for lemon juice. Do you have any photos you could post of something with its Royal decor? ← if you go to onetoughcookie's web site (linked in her sig line), you'll see her BEAUTIFUL cookies and other creations! ←
  9. I work with royal ALL the time, and I agree with everything Mary from Beaches Pastry said. (Hi Mary!) And, I use fresh lemon juice as my acid. It definitely improves the taste, and my theory (and it is only a theory) is that the lemon juice helps royal dry faster, thereby sometimes inhibiting dark colors from bleeding into lighter ones. And, I'm PM-able, too! Good luck with the royal! Keep us posted with your results!
  10. Second the motion. ← On November 3, Bakers Dozen East is hosting an evening with Shirley Corriher. Yup, demos, discussion, and the much anticipated unveiling of the book. I, for one, cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Check Pfeil and Holing, too! They are an excellent source! www.cakedeco.com
  12. I think it might be safe to say that people who are Egulleters wouldn't have issues with pro-equipment, etc. I I can't wait to see Anne's show this Sunday....I believe she'll be roasting a chicken. I can only imagine what she'll say about trussing that bird!
  13. The mixer on Gale Gand's show might have been a tabletop Hobart model. My memory is a bit fuzzy.
  14. I once was on the set of Gale Gand's cooking show, "Sweet Dreams". I was introduced to her and we were talking about the show, props, etc. She said there was a lot of viewer reaction to the fact that she was using a professional mixer (it might have been a Kitchen-Aid pro?). Reaction was so strong that they subbed it out with a retro-styled MixMaster, complete with glass bowl and double beaters. My point is, according to FN execs, there are alot of people out there intimidated by restaurant chefs, so taking Anne out of the restaurant kitchen, and putting her in a home kitchen setting might "play better in Peoria". Oh, and BTW, the exec producer of Gale's show is the same producer of Anne's show. And, in fact, he's exec producer of FN's Rachel Ray show. I'm thrilled to see a real person using real food and cooking it. We need to see more shows like this. Cutting the on-air hours of Sandra Lee, for example, and give some of them to Anne, and people like her. At least when Anne cooks, she won't use a powdered "vinegar-ette" pack, whipped topping, canned fruit, etc. Sorry for going off on a rant tangent. Couldn't help myself.
  15. I just watched the leg of lamb episode, and I think it was pretty good. She definitely imparts a great deal of info, while trying to establish her own brand (ex. earl for oil). When Anne was tying up the leg of lamb with string, she actually said "go downtown", and I almost spit my coffee across the room! She does flail around alot, but that's Anne. Her restaurant is in my neighborhood, and I've eaten there a lot. We have friends in common, so when I see Anne, we alway chat a bit. She really does that kind of mini-dance when given compliments on her food! She's such an integral part of Chef Batali's team on Iron Chef America, so I think it was a natural for FN to give her a platform of her own.
  16. How about this? I'm terrible at this hyperlink thing.
  17. Auto Owners Insurance offers a policy. It was costing me about $550 a year. ←
  18. I absolutely love it! Personal, without being gimmicky or childish. Beautifully executed, too. A most fitting tribute. Pat yourself on the back...you deserve it.
  19. First off, this is a wonderfully cathartic thread for me. Misery is totally loving the company over here! That said, I do hate the cleaning, but what's particularly irksome these days is that I've switched to a more eco-friendly dishwashing liquid. In fact, I've switched around several times because I think these products, while being kind to the earth, aren't so great at doing the job they were produced to do. Now, it could be me, and I'm willing to accept that, but I don't think this stuff cuts the mustard (or the buttercream, as the case really is). I've been brainwashed my entire life with the formula "more suds=cleaner dishes". Not as many soap suds with this stuff, and scrub as I might, I'm just not convinced that my dishes, bowls, utensils, etc., are really as squeaky clean as I like. So, I reach for the white vinegar, and splash that into the sink. I'm not searching for Palmolive "Madge the Manicurist" (I'm giving the age away with this reference) results, as I also wear rubber gloves. I just want to use less detergent and clean my dishes. Is that too much to ask?
  20. Mary, great thread! I'm going to check out USPS, too! The last order I shipped was to California, overnite Fedex, priority dellivery. And, it was a 15 pound shipping box with excelsior and newspaper protecting 3 tuck top white boxes filled with 75 cookies nestled in bubble bags. Sort of like "a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma". And, I never saw the bill, as it was charged to the client's Fedex. I don't even want to guess what that cost!
  21. What you did is beautiful!...taking the time to make this, photo it, etc. Thank you so very much for your hard work. What did you think of the taste? What did you ultimately do with it?
  22. I've used this product!! It's DELICIOUS It's great in buttercream...very lovely strawberry flavor. I'm a big user of flavored vodkas in fillings. The Stoli raspberry really works well with raspberry puree and a little lemon juice. The flavor is really heightened.
  23. They want the flavors together. Dead set on it. And it's a little one, really...just for them and a couple of friends. The real cake for the party is yellow cake with brown sugar buttercream filling. It's a big order, actually, and I just want them to be happy! Thanks for your suggestions!
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