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  1. when a woman just gave birth, sesame oil is used for cooking during the confinement period.
  2. Other than the skin is black, it tastes like normal spring chicken. it is used mainly for soup in Chinese cooking cos it has very little fat. we always used it before it grows to adult size.
  3. soak the dried shrimps till soft. Chop them coarsely and use them to stir-fry with Chinese greens like chye sim, bok chye. they can be used to make soup stock. Again soak and chop, fry in a bit of oil. Add water and boil briefly. strain and use as stock. we normally just add in some greens veggi and tofu. didn't bother to strain. they are also one of the ingredients used to make sambal chillies.
  4. I actually wanted to post a picture of the nozzle thing sticking out, but I couldn't figure out which button was the "clean" button. Plus I'm always afraid I might get sprayed by the thing! You know, even though I read "yawarka" whenever I look at the buttons, in my mind it always says "yawarakai". Odd, isn't it? I need to get my mind to think Japanese and less beginner-learner-of-Japanese, I think! ← coincidently, I just posted abt how to use the washlet in my blog too, tokyo hotel thanks for posting this. helps to bring back the happy memories of a great time in Japan.
  5. you are so humorous, teepee your cooking is so much better and above mine. anyway, have been baking cupcakes, cakes, bread and cooking Japanese, korean food - anything but Chinese. So not appropriate to post here
  6. welcome back tepee it's nice to see your food pic again.
  7. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, everyone. have a nice day.
  8. thanks-you greenspot... yes, n the recipe for the osmanthus waterchestnut jelly is also given
  9. still wonder why Japanese yolks are always so red whereas my egg yolk is yellowish ?
  10. thanks very much, Hiroyuki for the recipe and your time ... I made it too.. but not as good as yours. also I think next time for the seasoning, I wonder can I use dark soy sauce ? cos find that the egg a bit too salty (for me).. anyway here's my soft-center hardboiled egg Japanese style, many thanks again
  11. the eggs look good. yes, that's the texture I'll like to achieve. thanks Hiroyuki for taking so much of your busy time to help.
  12. I have made this bread and it remains soft and fluffy for at least 3 - 4 days. most Asian bread use a mixture of bread flour and soft flour ( or low gluten flour ) to attend this soft and fluffy texture.
  13. glad to know that you have success with this recipe...would you be so kind as to translate the ingredients ? I would like to make this bread too.
  14. thanks for this link, but I can't read Japanese. would appreciate if you do have the time to do the translation, but no hurry. thanks.
  15. hi I wonder any one can help to give me the recipe to make this soft center hard-boiled egg? thanks
  16. they are shortbread with diff. flavour fillings. I like the pineapple or the honeydew melon fillings.
  17. the juice of fresh pandan leaves is extracted to make this cake, commonly known as Pandan Chiffon Cake. . the pastry shown in the 1st post is also known ( to us ) as Taiwanese pineapple pastry ( feng li su ) flavour with wheat grass.
  18. the shortening helps the dough to be flexible and soft. you can replace with other fat like butter but, shortening is prefer because it is colorless and odorless (?)
  19. I have no idea where the steamer is sold in US as I don't live there. you can use a greased metal plate or even a cake pan over shimmering pot of hot water to make the rice noodle. I know smeone who make the noodle in a microwave too. the secret ingredient used is wheat starch flour so that the noodle isn't too soft. without the wheat starch flour the rice noodle turns flabby and mushy. wheat starch, also know as tang mien fun, is used to make steamed prawn dumplings in dim sum restaurant.
  20. If less water is used in the batter of my recipe, the noodle can be stir-fry. someone had used the CCF like horfun as in the dish wat-tan horfun. dont think you can use glutinous rice fun to make noodle.
  21. I made wat tan hor fun with abt 500 ml of broth, thicken with potato or tapioca flour before adding a beaten egg to make the sauce.
  22. miladyinsanity, I bought the sesame jam in Japan...ya, it is thick n sweet,but spreadable, just like peanut butter. It's really for spreading on bread / toast. I have seem something like this jam, altho' it's called paste in the Chinese emporium here in S'pore. Won't know whether it taste the same like the bottle bought in Japan. I too, just love this black sesame. I'm the only one in my household who can finish the pot of black sesame paste - jima wu, that I cooked.
  23. peony


    actually to make creamy congee, u do need ' broken ' rice
  24. Tepee, you can buy the osmanthus syrup at Yue Hua emporium at chinatown. or Bee's Brand Bird's Nest & Health Products - both osmanthus syrup or just the dried flowers. perhaps, you can try the Chinese medical shop in M'ysia first ?
  25. you have a lovely feast with your family, Tepee. sure ,will post recipe for you n Dejah. thanks for explaining what's osmanthus, XiaoLing... you r right, hzrt8w, "Gwai" as in "expensive" , this fragrant and aromatic bud is used in the Imperial household to flavour snacks and cakes in the olden days. And eating this make me feel like some Imperial lady in the palace Well, I can dream, can't I ? however, the younger members in my household do not like this osmanthus waterchestnut jelly, only the older generations. Guess it's an acquired taste here's a bottle of the osmanthus syrup I used in the recipe Ingredients : 125 g waterchestnut flour 3 cups water 3 tbsp Osmanthus syrup ( you can add more / less ) 150 g sugar 8 - 10 pieces waterchestnuts, peeled & chopped ½ tbsp oil Method : Mix waterchestnut flour with water. Sieve. Boil flour mixture with sugar until thicken. Stir continuously to avoid burning. Add chopped waterchestnuts, Osmanthus syrup and oil. Pour into mould. Smooth the surface. Steam over medium-high heat for 40 mins. Set aside to cool before putting in the refrigerator. Slice and serve chill. adapted from Popular Festive Dishes
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