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  1. Kate Zuckerman's cookbook has a recipe using halvah called "milk chocolate sesame mousse"... I wonder if you could adapt it?
  2. Made scones for breakfast this morning -- YUM!
  3. I recently tweaked a recipe from Sherry Yard's latest book and came the closest yet to recreating the Lithuanian Coffee Cake. There is still something very minor missing, but it reaaaaally close.
  4. I made a gianduia mousse cake over the weekend... Very tasty!
  5. How was the sweet potato pie?? A friend made it and gave it mixed reviews... But it looks so yummy!
  6. I made apple raisin bran muffins last week... Yum...
  7. Try her biscuits. They are out of this world.
  8. Mukki, I've had my eye on that recipe too! I looooove banana pudding. I made the spiced apple sour cream cake over the weekend. I love the crunchy top!! It's perfect for brunch (I think it's better for brunch, though, than for an after-dinner dessert).
  9. I made the chocolate bete noire this weekend, and it was delicious -- not as overwhelmingly rich as many flourless chocolate cakes are. Definitely a hit with my dinner guests! I served it slightly warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
  10. I think I'm going to make the Bete Noire for a dinner party this weekend... I'll keep you posted!
  11. I've made a recipe like that out of the "Once Upon a Tart" cookbook. I don't remember the recipe off the top of my head, but I could send it to you if you're interested (they're called "Apple Oat Bran Muffins" or something like that). I remember liking them but thinking they are the kind of muffins that actually taste better at room temperature, rather than straight out of the oven. I think they were a little blander than what I was looking for (I'd probably add cinnamon and a touch more sugar or honey). Let me know!
  12. I've had several really good experiences there, one of which was very recent. I'd recommend it!
  13. Congrats Dorie! Your book really is a treasure. I actually have a question about one of the recipes in it. A friend just asked if I could bring dessert tomorrow night, and as luck would have it, I just picked up a bunch of apples at the farmer's market yesterday. I was thinking of bringing your Alsatian Apple Tart, but if I make it tonight, will it keep until tomorrow night? Advice?
  14. Mmmm...oatmeal...love it! One of my favorite breakfasts of all time. I'm a huge fan of toasting steel-cut oats in a pan first, then cooking them up in a 50/50 ratio of water and milk. I top it of with a splash of milk (or half and half..) and brown sugar. Toasting the oats really brings out the nutty flavor. Another favorite of mine is "Scottish" style oatmeal, which is really more like porridge. Bob's Red Mill makes a good version. I love it with a splash of milk or half and half and a little brown sugar or maple syrup.
  15. I made another winner from this cookbook last night: the chicken with lemon, sage, rosemary and thyme. The alioli you rub under the skin imparts such a wonderful flavor. The recipe calls for thighs, but my grocery store was out of thights with the bones and skin, so I used a whole chicken cut into 8 pieces and it worked just fine!
  16. Lisa, your photos are lovely! Mmmmm, I can't wait to get started....
  17. Tried the Linzertorte tonight -- another success! The addition of cocoa powder adds another layer of complexity to the dough. We tore into it before I could grab a photo, but it turned out exactly like the photo in the book. Excellent recipe!
  18. I'm a little behind the curve and just bought this book. Has anyone had any more recent successes? Any advice on what I should try first?
  19. I, too, found the interior to be charming and really enjoyed my tartine (as well as a nibble of the one ordered by my SO). As for the apple almond tart we ordered...eh. Wasn't impressed. But I enjoyed the rest, including the acacia honey I bought to take home with me. I say give the place a chance. It's only been open a few days and probably still needs to work out a few kinks.
  20. DanaG

    Yogurt-making @ home

    I made a batch the other day using buffalo milk yogurt as a starter. MMMMMM!! Highly recommended. My best batch yet.
  21. I've always wanted to make this cake from Flo Braker's book. How did the cake taste overall??
  22. DanaG

    Yogurt-making @ home

    Home-made yogurt tends to be more liquid than the pectin-laden product you may be used to in stores, so I'd recommend pouring the whey out into a cup or bowl.Then, stir your whey-less yogurt and see if it's a desirable consistency. You can always pour some of the whey back into jar. It's hard to tell what you mean by "semi-substantial" without knowing volume or proportions. 2 T in 8 oz. jars? 1/4 of a cup? I've asked about using whey here at eG before and received good advice I've subsequently found elsewhere in books and online. Some folk collect it and use it in baking. (Just adjust the amount of water in a bread recipe, for example, when you add whey.) I may have heard whey is good for women whose days of PMS are numbered. As for long incubation time, no. Not to blame. If you read through this thread, you'll find most of us make yogurt without any special machines and find that if you leave your fully prepared yogurt out longer, it develops a stronger tangy flavor that some prefer. If anything, the yogurt should become more solid, no? Cf. comments about adding dried milk to the milk along w the starter. I was skeptical at first, but now make it a regular habit no matter what the fat content of the milk I'm heating. ← Thanks so much! This was very helpful. I probably had what looked like 1-2 TBS of whey after incubating for 9hrs or so. I may try some powdered milk next time; that may help.
  23. DanaG

    Yogurt-making @ home

    Hey all... I just had my first attempt at making yogurt, using my new Euro Cuisine YM100 yogurt maker... The jars are currently chilling in the refrigerator, but I have a question. I noticed a semi-substantial layer of whey sitting on the top. Would people recommend stirring this in, or straining it out? Any thoughts?? Thanks! ETA: Since it was my first time making yogurt, I think I can attribute the whey to an overly long incubation time. Is the stuff still edible??
  24. This breakfast is SOOOO up my alley. Looks delish!
  25. I am resurrecting this *very* old post because I haven't had a slice of Claire's delicious Lithuanian coffee cake since 2003, and I've had a major craving lately! I bought her cookbook years ago while I was still in college, but like other posters, the outcome was nothing close to what she sells in her restaurant (even the filling tastes different). Has anyone had better luck???
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