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  1. Speaking of Ad Hoc did anyone see the piece at Grub Street about the cookbook? The picture that is with it is terrific. Says a lot about Keller without saying a lot. http://nymag.com/daily/food/2009/06/an_ear...mas_keller.html
  2. *Sigh* the baked kibbeh reminds me so much of my late grandmother. She taught me how to do it once many years ago. I have been wanting to learn laban and labneh. Thanks Ellie, beautifully done.
  3. The Complete Robuchon. Amazon has it listed as being released November 4th. I picked up The Spice Bible by Jane Lawson. I really like it alot. There are some spices that I have heard of but never have actually used like galangal. Luckily there is a good Asian market right near me and I am hoping that it will be carried there. The recipes though are really good and there is always some history about each of the spices. Makes for good reading.
  4. YAY!!! Carol is at it again. She will be following up French Laundry at Home with Alinea!! Hang on to your tokes kids! This should be fun!! French Laundry at home does Alinea!
  5. Not sure if I will have the skills necessary to make anything out of it but yea I will, because it is going to be a beautiful book and at some point I hope to have the confidence to attempt a recipe.
  6. There are two cookbooks coming out later this year. Alinea of course is one everyone has been anticipating and The Complete Robuchon. They can be pre-ordered on Amazon now. These are really taking it to the next level.
  7. Food porn and knife porn all in one show, OMG! Now there is a culture that has almost perfected the art of food and eating. I think the Asian cultures, as a whole, invented the whole notion of what food and good eating are all about.
  8. Fast Food by Gordon Ramsay is really good and I just picked up The Spice Bible by Jane Lawson. It is really a good cookbook to have. Each section focuses on a spice and then there are some great recipes and you get a little of the history.Cooking with Jamie has some good stuff too. A really classy one that I love to use is A Return To Cooking. Eric Ripert and Michael Ruhlman did this one awhile back and I absolutely love it. As others have mentioned Bouchon and Happy in the Kitchen are two others you really cannot do without. If for anything, read the section about Chef Richard's "toy box" because there will be things in there that surprise you and the techniques he uses are really something.
  9. I am currently attemping a reservation at O Ya for Tuesday night. I figure why the hell not, ya only live once! LOL! ETA I have a reservation at O Ya on Tuesday at 7!!! I am really looking forward to this!! With that in mind I am going to have to find a reasonable, maybe Italian restaurant in the North End. I think the dinner at O Ya is going to be my extravagant expense for the short time I am there.
  10. I may be finding my way over there.... Thanks Chris, if you have any other suggestions let me know. I am going to try to get there on Monday when I arrive and then maybe Tuesday evening.
  11. Im going to be in Boston next week. Actually in Peabody for a work thing but I am going to spend some time in Boston. Looking for moderately priced, untouristy type food. I don't want super expensive, but something worth the value. I won't be with anyone, just dining by myself unless so egulleter wants to meet me and show me the untouristy side of Boston.
  12. I just discovered Gordon Ramsay's Fast Food He gives you instruction on what to have in the pantry, refrig and freezer and all the meals take no more than 45 minutes start to finish and they are really good! I have Alton Brown's I'm Just Here for the Food I got it as a gift and love it!
  13. I thought the food looked really good too. I liked the way he incorporated his children, you really got to see the real Aaron, not just the cook, but the family man too. I thought he did a really good job with the instructional stuff. Talked about grapeseed oil, when he first used it and really walked you through the dishes step by step. I need to go find out if the recipe for the broccoli raabe is on the Food Network website. I love broccoli raabe and I always am hunting for exciting things to do with it.
  14. I am eager to hear your thoughts Ce'nedra. I am thinking about the eggs as a next dish. Like I said, I like it because it is easy and quick enough to do after a long day at the office when the last thing you want to do is cook,especially with it being so hot right now. This keeps me motivated.
  15. So Aaron won. Wonder how long before we see him on the road.
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