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  1. I wish John Besh would have come back, his stint was disappointing and I love watching him!
  2. laurelm

    Easter Menus

    My husband is home for Easter the first time in 3 years, so I am making both a leg of lamb and ham, so he should be happy =) I am stuck on an additional veggie side, any ideas? Menu so far... Lamb with mint pesto Ham Mashed Potatoes, gravy Asparagus/Hollandiase Sauce (orange one and standard) Mini Strawberry Cheescakes I was thinking a strawberry spinach salad (it is one of his favs), but I do not want both the dessert and side dish with strawberries, and do not want to give up the dessert. Thank you!
  3. I am on my second month of Saveur, and so far I love it!! Thank you!
  4. <i> My understanding is that it's either a variety of, or a very very close relative of daikon. As a matter of fact I bought one recently and its taste and flavor were indistinguishable from daikon as far as I could tell. </i> This is what I am leaning towards after examining it closer ad with everyone's remarks, the texture seems more like daikon than a turnip... I should find out Thursday when I make it! I may try a raw piece soon, but I had fun looking online Thank you so much for all your feedback! Edited to fix my html...
  5. It isnt very long, but it is very wide and thick, it did not look like a normal daikon, or maybe I just never have seen them this size? Looks like a daikon on steroids, lol.
  6. Sent my husband to store for turnips for a soup and they were out, but he found what he said was called a korean turnip, I have never heard of it, but it is a large white root veggie. Can anyone help? Is it similar to a normal turnip, a radish, or...? I cannot find it on google. Thank you!!
  7. I get the hiccups, if food is very spicy. I thought it was normal, but I only have met one other person who does it. Mine are not violent or painful though.
  8. Thank you so much for all the advice. I did choose Saveur, and now am crushed that I will only receive a couple more Gourmets....So, i may be adding another one to my mix!
  9. I cannot eat my pizza delivery without it (and red pepper flakes)
  10. fooey, it is not a direct link per say, they are having $5 off magazine subscriptions if you order by September 30th, so Saveur is only $15, Bon Appetit, $10, etc.. It is automatically taken off when you order, no discount code needed. Also, do you have Freecycle in your area? I got years of Bon Appetit via Freecycle and since being a member, I have seen people giving away years of various magazines etc...It is worth getting on the mailing list for the opportunity. Another option are library sales- got years of Gourmet that way
  11. I looked at Fine Cooking but thought it was rather pricey for only 6 issues. I have never seen it myself, so hesitated ordering it due to price. I should probably do a Border's visit before deciding I suppose
  12. Amazon is having a sale on their magazine subscriptions, I receive Gourmet and Bon Appetit but would like to add another Food one. Saveur is what I am leaning towards, is it a good foodie mag? The reviews on Amazon are stellar. I had Food & Wine, but there was not enough focus on food & recipes for my taste. Thank you in advance for your opinions
  13. I can hardly stand waiting for John Besh's cookbook My New Orleans
  14. Very true, he is my favorite!
  15. I actually always say "appeared" as well, since we can never taste the food. (unfortunately) The final four show, those new orleans dishes looked delicious! I am guessing Carla will win fan favorite at the reunion show, everyone seems to love her. She bugged me so much in the beginning and then grew on me. This season was very lackluster, I am looking forward to Masters, anyone know when that starts?
  16. most disappointed I have been in the show since Ilan won...
  17. Thanks for all your help!! My husband and I went first to Krog Bar (owned by Rathbun) for some wine and two tapas. Then we went to Restaurant Eugene, and it was absolutely delicious. Our move date may be changed, so we may hit up one more place in Atlanta if we get a chance. After that I will be in Hawaii forum asking for help! Thank you!!
  18. I don't know about the Top Chef cookbook, but some of the recipes online (at least the ones I have done) have errors and some confusing directions. Yumm, but Tre's shrimp and white chedder grits- delicioso!! I do not think they test them too much before sticking on the website. Is the cookbook better?
  19. Oh no, I have no idea why, I LOVE tastespotting, sigh
  20. http://www.tvweek.com/news/2008/06/top_che...h_to_junior.php
  21. My husband and I are leaving the Atlanta area, and want to know if you had one last meal there, where would you go? I am overwhelmed by all the choices! We are looking for a nicer place, not a "good eats" quickie thing.
  22. The finale seemed short and I think the final dishes were not as impressive as the past seasons. But I am so glad Stephanie won, I felt so bad for Richard, Stephanie and Richard both consistently did so well, it was really their ball game. Richard's demeanor on the show, as well as Stephanie's, no matter who was voted Top Chef, will make them both go far, I dont think Richard is a loser in this at all. Lisa, I dont think it is an edit, all the chefs had pretty poor things to say about her and did not want to work with her. Editing cannot make your co workers dislike you. Or create that scowl that was always on her face, take some smile classes!! I thought judging was poor this season, Top chef should not be one meal that went well or one meal that misses, it should be consistent good food. If Lisa would have won, it would be because she made one good meal, and her bottom votes that were consistent throughout would have counted for nothing? They should go back to it being two in the finale.
  23. I do not understand it either. I am not afraid of heights, but I still would have no desire to do this!!
  24. laurelm

    Mint: Uses & Storage

    I love mint pesto, I use the recipe here as my base idea for the pesto: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/109391 so good with any lamb... Another tip I may have even read about here is taking individual mint leaves, dipping in chocolate and freezing them. Makes a great after dinner bite.
  25. That is weird, seeing as we all know how product placement/advertising "friendly" Top Chef is, so you would think they would always include the prizes, since they are from sponsers. Or maybe it is just the chef ones, they leave out, like spend a summer at my restaurant...
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