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  1. Thank you much Kerry , that really will help a lot, a friend of mine likes them a lot and order a lot of them for these holiday and I was dreading the pain in my wrists. Thank you so much!!
  2. About the mint meltaway, I have done them once with succes and the rest of the time they didnt turn , I dont have a marble slab so it takes forever to set the chocolate. Do you guys do them on the marble and if yes how long it takes to set the chocolate and if not what do you use?I use my counter top , not very handy,maybe its time to get me a marble slab :-P Thank you I did made them today and they turned fine , I am planning to enrob them in chocolate, but it took forever to set the chocolate and my hands really dont appreaciate that
  3. I do most of my chocolate order online, I live in Colorado and there isnt much available here .There are a lot of online sources for bulk chocolate. Books I would suggest something more basic or JeannePierre Wybauw Fine chocolates, Great experience, there are lots more books out there that are more for beginners and are more usefull than more in depth books, I believe Carol Bloom has few?Maybe someone that already have the book can picth in for suggestions. Another thing about making your own flavors, if you find a good recepie you like, just modify the flavor with one you want to make,Like using vanilla bean in your ganache etc. Good luck
  4. Last saturday I made this recipe for a party, it was very very good and quite easy to make ,I like the fact that you butter every 2 sheets and spread the nuts mixture in between , plus I think n=honey is a must and cinnamon and clover as well. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Baklava/Detail.aspx
  5. I cook mine at 235 ( in the recipe NightScotsman calls between 234 and 240 )
  6. I dont know how Mette did hers, but there are molds for those shapes as well ( hallow ) they actually are italian http://www.chocolat-chocolat.com/c329404p16890146.2.html like these ones
  7. I know that they use tonka bean in dessert and chocolate making in Italy as well ,maybe european are not aware of the toxic effect or the FDA has different standards?
  8. I dont know if they have it here in the USA, but in Italy we can buy liquorice roots .I would get some root and do an infusion with the cream ( then add the extra in milk after strain it ).I would probably use a good quality milk chocolate , maybe I will try white as well, El rey caoba for me :-)
  9. hummingbirdkiss, thank you so much, the smell is surely intoxicating , expecially paired with the smell of el rey milk chocolate ( just perfect for my taste ). The malted flavor is interesting , i do malted ganache and I aodre it ,I think I would try them :-P .I would use malt either incorporeted in the syrup or in the portion of the liquid.I will repost .Great idea , thank you patris
  10. Not Kerry , but everytime I made her nougat it turned perfect. Check this out http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=92495 This is the recipe I followed from Kerry , its a winner Thanks Kerry http://recipes.egullet.org/recipes/r1743.html
  11. The passion fruit marshmallow are very very good.The flavor is nice and not too subtle ,I am very pleased with them.
  12. I just made a batch of Passion fruit marshmallow, I add some Alize to the puree as well.I plan to cover them in El rey milk chocolate, since the combination of milk chocolate and passion fruit was so good in my chocolates ,why not in marshmallows?Will post results. For Lior , I am sorry about the goey mess.I dont have experience with that type of gelatin , but as others suggested I will try to increse the amount , also I think that the hand beater might not be strong enough to give you a nice result.Do a small batch with more gelatin and experiment with that.Good luck.
  13. I havent made these yet, but I was thinking of try them soo. http://www.marthastewart.com/portal/site/m...rsc=also_try_p6 I think you can easily subs the earl grey for the green tea.I found soo mnay cookies on her web site that I really want to try , the lime meltaway are next.
  14. I had the same experience when I tried the recipe form Greweling book, but he calls for a modified starch , that is hard to find , so i think that recipe doesnt work with regular corn starch.This one use corn starch as well ( no gelatine ) but the mixture of sugar and water boils before then you add the starch mixture , for very close to 2 hours , after that I left them in the pan ( regular 9by13 i think ) for more than 12 hours ,cut them and passed them in sugar/ starch and let them dry for 2 more days ( the recipe say 12 hours ) but I figure the more the better and it worked fine .I have to say that the mixture was firm and ready for cutting , just after few hours.
  15. Made orange flavored Turkish Delights.They came out perfect, perfect taste perfect texture.A friend of mine , brought me a bag of mix flavored turkish delights from Canada ,a while back , and I have to say this ones came pretty close in texture and probably better in flavor.Next I will make lemon, raspberry and dates /pistachios ones.Yummy.
  16. Hi there I can think of few things that would have that effect on you finish product.One would be that you chocolates is too warm ,or that you enviroment is too warm /humid and the chocolate takes too long to set so goes out of temper while setting ( this was my problem when trying to work in the middle of a very hot summer ).Maybe you need to extra polish the molds (depends what mold , I have noticed that my opaque ones , rarely give me any problem , while the clear ones can be tricky sometimes if I dont polish them well ). Good luck, let us know how its goes .
  17. Rob ,that looks very fun. There are specific recipes for piping marshmallow shapes.I think one is Martha Stewart one. One here http://allrecipes.com/HowTo/Making-Marshma...cks/Detail.aspx http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qn41...28/ai_n18761409
  18. I would suggest talking with both of them and have a more specific direction of what they actually want.Do they expressedly asked for a cake non cake ?If so they need to give you direction of what is allowed or they should be more informed on what their friends will be comfortable eating ( without feeling left out if there is something they cant eat ,no temptetions in few words ). Good luck.
  19. Awesome , great advice, I am looking foward to see your documentation on the business ( put some pics in it will ya ) Thank you again .And good luck.
  20. I dont know if this is my experience , but I cook and bake my entire life in Italy and we have beet sugar.I have notice that caramel etc. come out much better with american sugar ( cane, white ).In Italy I had hard time making dry caramel and sometimes caramel in general, but again this is might be my experience.But I really dont think that would make much difference.
  21. Good point, I think there is no cheating on that one
  22. Another idea could be to partially dip the tuille or caramel pieces ( very very thin like paper thin , though ) in very fluid chocolate coverture, the side that will touch the cake .
  23. I am wondering if making a dry caramel ,would help with humidity issues.Probably not much ,but I was thinking that might be something you can use to keep the caramel from sticking.
  24. There are several threads in this forum , on chocolate shelf life and pricing. You can do a little reserch ,I ll see if I can find some. Here's one http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=96879&hl= More http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=94070&hl= http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=68017&hl= http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=88240&hl= http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=73382&hl=
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