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  1. Hello, I think most of us are using metal frames form different sources.I bought mine froma a metal shop ( I got some heavy alluminum bars that I put together) and I got one fram ( set frame ) from Tomric, plastic http://www.tomric.com/Section.aspx?cat=12&sec=31&cmd= I have seen Chris here that made his own frames and it looked like a pretty smart idea ( he is a brainy guy ), we might have to ask him how to make our own , probably cheaper.
  2. Yes yummy, yummy :-) One time I tryed to make something close to the take 5 ( I love that stuff by the way :-P ) hehe I cook the caramel too hard , they were kinda of an Hazard to eat, yours look wonderfull ( shipping? ) Alana welcome back how are you doing girl!!!!!
  3. It might be that the curdleing /separation of the ganache is due to the amount of fat in the ganache (see Greweling ) ,if your cream contain too much fat and you add butter as well , the separation might happen.Now for the cold , I dont know but here in Colorado its gets pretty cold and I usually work out of my basement that is very very cold ( meaning when I stay down there for too long I get a runny nose ) anyway, I dont have problem with my ganache becoming too hard , I mean it does hardned faster but still easy to handle.I am wondering , do you use tempered chocolate, or maybe what type of chocolate. Let us know how it goes.
  4. The problem is that I dont have a store so for now will be online and wholesale. The rule here I believe is that if you dont produce more than 10,000 units per year u dont need nutritional info on the label,only ingredients.All the small local products I have seen here dont have the nutrional facts on the label. The testing its expensive here as well,its one of those things you probably can go around somehow.
  5. Well , tomorrow I have another meeting with a guy that owns a business and actually rent his commercial kitchen.Hopefully I am lucky this time . I have aquestion for all the business owner out there , that feels like answer anyway :-P,when you sell to other stores as consigment ( not sure its spelled right )in practical is when you put your products out for sell in someone else store and they collect the sale taxes and give you a % of the profit.I have only asked one business so far and she get the 45% of your gross sale and pays on a monthly bases,she collects the sale taxes and you are responsible to keep your space stock etc. Do you have similar experience ? thank you
  6. Desiderio


    One thing I dont understand about Tomric,why do they have a surcarge for their imported molds ( all the poly are anyways!) and the other company that sell the same molds, dont?I actually save little bit on my molds , when I order them from Canada ( dr/ca or chocolat-chocolat),boh.
  7. I also think that the moisture is coming from your marshmallow. I haven't worked much with caramel but I've found that the hygroscopicity of marshmallows exposed to air will have an effect on food not even in direct contact with the candy. For example, the graham crackers in those tasty looking s'mores I've posted on p. 28 would have gotten unpleasantly mushy after about a day and a half if they had not been eaten right after the photo was taken. The caramel covered marshmallows I've seen (aside from yours) have all had the caramel completely covering the marshmallow, preventing it from pulling additional moisture from the air. Also, refrigerated storage in an airtight container may be a help in keeping water levels down. I'm not sure if my layman understanding of confections was helpful but good luck. ← Everything helps, thats why I adore this site Thank you I have also noticed that the caramel around the other marshmallows ,I saw, was thinker than mine indeed.I will keep experimenting :-P
  8. Very neat thread :-) I missed it completely Too much stuff around this is a 24/7 job
  9. I guess here in the USA it isnt as complicated .I come form Italy and there is a little bit challenging ( I dont think I would get my hand in it there anymore ).Here I feel its doable and with a really few investments expecially at the beginning , if you rent a commercial kitchen , this is what I am planning to do and I know many other chocolatier here do the same, its a good start and it spares you the intial expenses of a lab .
  10. Good point , thank you , I might try a thicker caramel layer and maybe spray the marshmallows with thin layer of cocoa butter ?:-P
  11. I have noticed that the caramel around my marshmallows, tends to melt after few days (3-4 days),it doesnt melt completely but become softer and squshi . I am trying a different caramel to see ,but I noticed also that the company or candy makers that manifacture these type of products , use a caramel that is more light colored and denser, i dont know but it doesnt melt or change . Any idea?
  12. I didnt know you were open for business yet, Congratulations! Has been a difficult process ?Any suggestion for someone that is trying to start now?Kitchen is an issue here and I cant afford my own lab at least I dont think so :-P
  13. Lior, I am sorry about the stress you had to go thru ,but the packaging is awesome and your production will have a great success
  14. Thank you so much for finding the time to take pics and describe your production!!! It put things to prospect.I really love those selmi's ,I have asked an italian friend chocolatier and he is using them as well and love them .
  15. Wow, that sounds like a lot of work! How much time did it take you to do a batch? ← Umm I didnt time it,that kinda stuff I do to relax on my days off between other things around the house ,so I go back and forth between experiments and doing a load of lundry , I am crazy like that , but I am extremely fast Probably too much work for a selling purpose at the moment ,thats why I need to find a more commercial way to do them, I was thinking ,I have a big sheet of plywood in the basement ( where i work with my chocolates) and If I can frame it , I could pour the caramel on it ( after I covered with parchment or something ) , that will require some time to practice on how much caramel will fit into the frame at the exact thickness, then I can score the shee of caramel and start place the marshmallow bars on each portion and roll roll roll,I will try soon I will let you know.
  16. I think that would work great. Probably better than the way I did it. I'm not completely happy with my caramel batch, I shouldn't have deducted the caramelized sugar from the total for the syrup and I was a little too heavy with the salt. As for subbing the syrup, I wouldn't be too worried (with the disclaimer that I'm no expert, just basing this on my experimenting). I subbed a blueberry syrup I made with wild blueberries, sugar and citric acid for all but 2 tbsp. of the corn syrup in the blueberry batch, I subbed honey for half the corn syrup in the mayan chocolate batch and I subbed honey for all of the corn syrup in the honey lemon batch. They all worked just fine. I didn't think of doing maple, which disappoints me a bit because it's one of my favorite flavors in the sweet world, and molasses would be cool too. I started out with the plan to avoid using extracts and oils but wound up using vanilla and rosewater. I did manage to stick with my plan to not add anything for color other than what I flavored them with so it's not a visually exciting array. ← Thank you, I will try then the way you did it , with the maple and the molasses.I love making marshmallows , they are so fun to play with
  17. Thank you ) I did some caramel ( salted ) and I pour it into a cookie sheet to cool down little bit. The I cut pieces nd put them onto a parchment paper and roll it with a rolling pin, when it gets little too cool I zip it into the microwave for couple of seconds. Then when its the right thickness I place a piece of marshmallow I cut the rectangle of caramel and roll the caramel around with the help of the parchament paper , while the caramel sheet is still warm, it sticks better , then trim the extra and cut the log into pieces, the marshmallow change shape little bit but springs back to the square shape right away.I should have take pics of the process , I will next time.
  18. That's an impressive amount of flavors I was thinking about te caramel flavor lately , actually more burnt sugar one.Do you think would work if I make some burnt sugar then I add some water to make liquid burnt sugar and use it to bloom the gelatine? I might have to try. Also would sub the corn syrup with molasses or maple syrup ,work?For Maple I would use maple syrup and natural maple flavor , but I am always worry to subs the corn syrup with other syrups.
  19. Thank you guys, I couldnt have done it without this thread and Egulleters help
  20. Second batch , to perfect the caramel rolling techinique, still need some work to find the fastes way to do this
  21. Chris those look amazing, I think they look just perfect, and I love your site :-)
  22. These are the one I tried with salted caramel sheets and vanilla marshmallows , to die for.You spread the caramel sheet with rolling pin and if it gets little bit too hard zipp it into the microwave for 2 seconds the keep rolling to a rectangle, cut the extra edges and place the marshmallow rectangle on it and roll , making sure the caramel adheres well to the marshmallow.
  23. It looks like that mold has only the front , uless there is the back as well on the same plate,or maybe are meant to be 2D and not 3D figure.
  24. Schneich, that would be great to see few pics of your lab, thank you so much :-)
  25. I like the idea of the custard/creme brulee filling,something different, I make chocolate pudding as filling, just evaporated milk and milk chocolate, comes out into a nice rich pudding perfect for fillings. A chocolate can never be too big though!!
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