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  1. I would probably go for a simple french chocolate mousse ( there very few ingredients in it ) so the chocolate would come out very nicely. Maybe chocolate sorbet? A chocolate tart ( sweet pastry dough and a nice ganache or mousse in it ).
  2. Thank you for the link Kerry , this might be a great idea for the 4th of July barbeque party
  3. Hehe this remaind me one ( or more than one?) I asked my sister to help me with something while baking.One time I was making a sacher torte , I asked her to butter and flour the pans and pour the batter in .They cam out beautifully then I unmolded them Haha she didnt shake off the extra flour out of the pan so I had a nice big spot of flour on the bottom of my cakes .I think one time I was late for work and asked her to check the bread in the oven etc etc,Then realize she took it out yes but left the loaves in the pans so they got all nice and soggy . Wee then everybody gets mad when I say "I'll do it myself!"
  4. TO me it seems like to much liquid for the sugar.I use that kinda of formula to make caramel sauce But I guess it doesnt matter since you cook everything together after the first stage ( as long as you get to the temperature right?).Maybe the microclimate of the kitchen really influences the results.
  5. Hehe they came out ok ,I need to slow down when I do experiment , I am alwasy in hurry to see the end and then I am not satisfied with the result of my dipping LOL .Oh well
  6. That is simply too sweet ( I wish my hubby would come out with something like that ). Very very nice, thank you for posting the pics.
  7. Kerry , nice piece of gear!!!( where is the green face??? ) I am about to dip my passion fruit caramels.I am going to a restaurant and at the end of the month for our annyvarsary I have notice they have chocolates in their desserts tray and one of those is passion fruit caramels .I will definately try that and report . The caramels cut very easy and they smell very good ( I use some Alize as well).I will dip them in El Rey Irapa ( milk ) I think its the best combo for my taste.I will post the pic when I am done and had some feed back from my ghinnypigs
  8. You can check L'epicerie web site as well http://www.lepicerie.com/customer/boiron_purees.php#8
  9. Bekki, thank you for the tip! Looking at the Frasca website , I was happy to see they have a nice twist on the norther italian cusine.I am intrigued by the wine list and the chance to pair our meal with some good wine. I guess I will go for the Frasca then ,I aslo remebered that someone at work mentioned the Frasca to me ,asking me if I ever tryed and higly recomended. Thank you for your help and input
  10. I am ashame to say that I live 45 minuts from Denver and 30 minutes from Boulder and unfortunally i never go out for dinner ( time and life :-P ).Only excuse is that I am not from here Anyway at the end of June is our anniversary and I would like to treat my hubby to a fine dining experience .I was checking , la Frasca ,Fruition and Mizuna. I have seen la Frasca and Fruition are pretty popular and well reccomended ( even thought I dont do particolarly for north italian cusine and I am from Italy ). Any suggestion , I would like a nice atmosphere ,something special , we havent done anything in a long time and woul love to have the best experience.Maybe go to a show after or before , something nice Thank you
  11. Those look great! I found the spiral form much easier to use when I first started ( with round centers).Yours came out great no foot , so good job.Umm I havent touch a chocolate in probably 3 weeks
  12. Kerry , Yummy! How the passion fruit /mango caramels turned out? Tammy , yes the purses are very cute ,I ordered few boxes from them ( since they are very close to me ) to check them out.I was little disappointed cause , you have to assemble them and some of them arent functional and quite pricey.I ended up using the other purses from speciality box , I really love those ones.
  13. I have made those for Mother's day , I really love the flavor .The ganache stayed soft but could be cut with no problem. I have followed his tecnique for slabbed and piped ganache even with my own recipes and I have been very pleased with the results.My slabbed ganache is always soft and firm so easy to cut , but the texture is perfect.I think following his directions is crucial for the result.
  14. Thank you Kerry The background color is gold,is something that remainds me Native American colors ( since the Left Hand name was in Honor of Chief Niwot )http://www.lefthandbrewing.com/ ( under History)
  15. Tammy , you might want to try a different chocolate to pair the Frangelico, something not too strong ,since Frangelico is very subtle.Maybe a good white ( I am going to get some El rey for my next order ). Here some of Father's day chocolates, I thought I was done , but more orders cam in , so here they are. Mint marshmallow towers,Imperial stout (gold bronze and blue, this is an omage to a local brewery Left Hand ),Irish coffe creams ( coffe cup )Pecan sea salt caramel ( dipped ones) and Maple 9 maple leaf :-P. This were some of Mother's day boxes.
  16. Kerry to be honest when I make chocolate nougat I use your recipe, I add chocolate and it always turned perfect ( of course )I have notice that if I ground the chocolate instead melting it the texture is better.
  17. Thank you ( sorry for the deley ) I did froze the lemon poppy seed white cakes and they turned pretty nice , that cake stay moist even in the freezer.I am off to delivery the ton of food , fruit tarts and cakes I made for the graduation party, one thing learned , I will never accept again a task like this , while I have to work ,I am exusted
  18. What about some clarified butter ?I dont know how the consistency would be, I make some chocolates with clarified butter and chocolate in different proportion.
  19. I am going to make several things for a graduation party this Sunday. I work till saturday so the only time I have to make preparation is in the evening.Many things i need to make them fresh , but I can make some stuff ahead. I am making some lemon poppy seed cakes with raspberry filling ,I am using a white cake form baking illustrated .Now can I refrigerated the unfilled unfrosted cakes for a couple of days, so I can get myself some time? Thank you
  20. On the raspberry ganache, I know someone here ( I cant remebere the name, but I think is a chocolatier form Germany ) dont boil his fruit puree' at all.I never had any problem making rasberry ganache with raspberries I tryed both , boiling and not , using raspberry flavored liquor .I use organic dehydrated blueberry for my blueberry chocolates , they work great.
  21. Yummy !!I need to do some bread baking ( I have neglected my sourdough lateley ) Thank you Ann , I will post the recipe as soon as I get home.
  22. I have made them a while ago and they remaind me of a chocolate cake flavored caramel ,Very intense flavor.They tend to be stickier somehow( maybe depend on what you reprocess ).
  23. What about ordering directly form PcB creation , is in France and I have ordered transfer sheets from them from the USA and I paid ( shipping and exchange included ) half of what I paid here in the States for the same transfer sheets ( pcb creations ) Their service is outstanding .If I need transfer sheets I will always order them directly from the source. Here worth to look at . http://www.pcb-creation.fr/2k3/html_uk/gamme_6.htm
  24. Very interesting.I found myself experimenting with brownies on the weekends, trying to find a recipe I really like.But the chocolate usage its very interesting.I usually use bittersweet chocolate ,as I never have unsweetened chocolate handy. I might have to do some ordering here soon for different unsweetened chocolates and do a test ( ahhhhh more borwnies ) Thank you for reporting.
  25. No fudge expert here ( never made it , is not in my culture plus I dont like it ) but you could take a pick to Kerry candy class , where there is a fudge recipe as well , I belive you could midfied to be a chocolate one with Kerry help. Where's the link? http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showto...0entry1262270 Here , its very informative and lots of pics
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